Monday, October 01, 2007

what were they thinking?

when i read this story i couldn't help but wonder, how can anyone be so stupid and dumb and trusty? if the girl alone, i can probably understand what with her being naive and all but the mother??? seriously. how can a mother allow her daughter to follow a man, a foreign man no less, to a foreign country? how can she trust that the man is going to give her 22 year-old daughter a job, in japan, for crying out loud? and to let him pay for the trip there? the trip was supposed to be for only three days. what kind of a job is that? and he packed her clothes for her? he didn't even give her the keys to her luggage. gosh. can't the mother sense that something fishy is going on? now the girl is in hot soup. a really really hot soup. and who is to blame? i'd say the mother! what say you?


souled_oUt said...

yes..ppl can be damn bingai sometimes.. like in this case..

babe, i've been trying a few times to send u the songs thru email but failed la.. on 2nd thot, i bought the cd sbb rasa guilty pulak.. the songs are really nice and worth buying.. hehe

Izyan Darling said...

pelik,kan the story? why eh u cannot email me d songs? =( if u ada ym, maybe u can send thru ym. easier i think. ala x payah nak rasa guilty. heheh...blasah je. sapa suruh dorang jual mahal sgt? ahaks~