Monday, March 29, 2010

my hand phone nightmare part 2

It’s been ages since I last watch a movie. As far as I remember, the last movie that I watched was Tooth fairy, the one where I won tickets from I normally go back at 8ish to 9ish on weekdays so it is impossible to catch a movie after work. Weekends would normally be filled with weddings and such (and sometimes work). So last Friday, I kinda left work early, at 745pm (yes that is considered very early for me) and I immediately thought of watching a movie. I checked TGV and GSC’s websites. I wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D but it was either fully booked or the seats are too near to the screen so I booked and paid online (for the first time) the cutest movie ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ in 3D. A certain someone has been really nice to me all week and he deserves a movie treat. Therefore I booked the movie online.

That certain someone had a meeting at Old Town White Coffee in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng so I parked my car there and got into his car. We then went to KLCC and had a light dinner at Dome when I realized that my hand phone is not in my handbag. I searched every pocket, every compartment but it was not there. My bf tried to call my phone but we didn’t hear it ringing. I thought that I left it in his car so he went and checked. Moments later, he came back to Dome and said that the hand phone was nowhere to be found. So I figured that I must have left it in my car. We wanted to leave but we have already ordered. Movie starts at 930 and food only arrived at 9pm.

I thought of leaving it at that but I know I won’t be able to enjoy the movie not knowing where my phone is. I might have left it on the dashboard. Or I might have left it on the passenger seat. It could also be in the plastic bag where I put my water bottles in. What if someone saw my phone and decided to break in my car and steal it? The light on the phone could be blinking because there was a missed call. After balancing all the probabilities, we decided to go and check. But there’s no way we can afford to miss the movie because it has already been paid. So we ate quickly and went to Old Town White Coffee. And there it was, sitting nicely on the passenger seat. And come to think of it, nobody would notice the phone there anyway, even with the blinking light. Heck, who’s gonna peek into a *CLK anyway? Not that I am expecting any calls or texts. He was with me anyway. Tak pasal2 kelam kabut.

So we went back to KLCC and made our way to the cinema. The movie has started. Yes, when you are late, that’s when they don’t play many commercials. Pffftt. And to make matters worse, we sat at the wrong seats pulak tu and had to change when the other people came in and ask, “Are you sitting at the correct seats?” Bikin malu je. Nasib baik gelap. And nasib baik pakai cermin mata 3D.

And oh, tak pasal2, we had to pay parking twice. Padan muka diri sendiri.

Btw, the movie is super-cute. You should watch it. Now i feel like having a dragon as pet. Does anyone know where to get one?

In case you're wondering, I am still using my trusty ol' Sony Ericsson. Surprisingly, it is OK now. perhaps it merajuk for a while, I don't know.

*Cute Little Kancil

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010


this is a ciku tree in front of our house.

when there is a fruit tree, there will be fruit-eating animals/rodents. at night, you can see bats flying near the ciku tree and stole the fruits. during the day, you can see squirrels and other types of rodents which i am not familiar with climbing the ciku tree. being a rodent, they steal the fruits. that's ok with us because how much ciku can we eat anyway. it is, after all, their food as well. but sometimes, these rodents would enter the house, the kitchen especially and stole or eat the fruits in the kitchen and sometimes on the dining table. sometimes the maid keeps bananas and papayas in the kitchen for them to ripe. we have no idea how these rodents managed to trace the fruits and ate them. they don't normally eat the whole fruit, they would take a bite or two, before being chased away by the maid. so dad set up a trap under the ciku tree. and guess who got trapped?

this is not a squirrel. it has a long nose and a long tail.

poor little thing. tu lah, siapa suruh masuk rumah? makan ciku di luar dah lah. kan dah kena tangkap!

kesian pulak bila tengok...

look at those eyes...the nose is red because it tried to escape therefore bumped its nose on the trap. it almost bled. kesiannnnn...

wanna know what dad did to this poor little creature? no, of course he did not kill it! i would protest if he did!! mum and dad took the little creature to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and released it there. yes, they went all the way to Titiwangsa. mum said "kalau lepaskan dekat2 sini, nanti dia datang balik." mum said one time she released the rodent, the rodent looked at her before scurrying away. and then another time, one rodent looked like it was in a daze (maybe pening from the car ride kot) and kinda hesitated before scurrying away to a nearby tree. for your information, this is the 5th rodent that we've caught and released in Titiwangsa.

Monday, March 15, 2010

weekend project part 21

My very first attempt at making egg tarts. I got the recipe and borrowed the molds from my colleague. The whole process was quite tedious as you have to make the pastry first, bake it, let it cool and then only pour in the egg custard and bake again. The molds are very small therefore it took quite a while to fill each tiny mold with the pastry. It is also very hard to estimate the thickness of the pastry.

Poke the pastry with a fork before you bake it so that it does not puff up.

Somehow rather it didn't look as pretty as before it was baked.

Ingredients for the egg custard.

Pour the egg custard into the pastry and bake again.


Don't forget to brush some butter into the mold so that the tart can be easily removed when it is done baking.

You have to estimate the thickness of the pastry or else you won't be able to taste the custard that much and you will end up with more pastry than custard.

Friday, March 12, 2010


have you ever had a dream so bad or scary that you woke up in the middle of your sleep? it happened to me twice recently. i dreamt about ghosts. it was really scary that i woke up gasping and my heart was beating furiously. and it was hard for me to go back to sleep after that.

one time i dreamt about a little girl who was bugging me in my sleep. it's like she doesn't allow me to sleep. and the worst part is, she sang Lady Gaga's Bad Romance to me. you know the part "rah rah ra ah ah...roma roma ma.." and from then on, i hated that song. i used to love that song, especially the "rah rah" part but not after i had that dream. every time i listen to that song, i'm reminded of my dream and it is not a pleasant one.

another time, i dreamt about a ghost who transformed into normal people and this ghost was trying to possess someone and we (there were a few other people in that dream) tried to kill it. when we thought that it has been killed or returned to its place, it's actually not. what we sent to that place was something else instead. so the ghost is still free. and then in one scene, we were at a garden and we said that whoever walks in the garden next is the ghost. then a little girl riding a tricycle came in. we thought that it couldn't be her but lo and behold, behind her was a small boy, who was the ghost. so i grabbed the boy by his neck and slammed him to the ground with the hope that i would kill him. he has this expression-less face. then we sent the boy to this place, which looks like a school. we thought that we have succeeded but i decided to stay on just to make sure that the boy entered the elevator. i hid behind a huge pillar and true enough, the boy did not go into the elevator but instead he changed into a female ghost who laughed hysterically. and i woke up because of her laugh.

i know my storyline may not make sense but the thing about dreams are that no matter how clear you have it in your mind, somehow rather it is very difficult to actually describe the place and the scene. this is more or less what i remember of my dreams. strangely enough, i still remember it till today because i always forgot what i dreamt about the night before, even though i know i had a dream. *sigh*

because of these dreams, i had sleepless nights. sleepless nights equal to cranky mornings. why can't i have sweet dreams with pretty things in it? or at least a cute ghost like Casper?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

lunchtime woes

Lunchtime is probably the most awaited time during working hours, besides balik time of course. OK so lunchtime is the most awaited time for the first half of the day. After lunch, balik time is what working people look forward to. I normally have my Herbalife shake (yes I am on a diet, sort of) for lunch but sometimes I would go out to lunch with my colleague(s) or with my bf.
What I don’t like about going out to lunch is that the one hour goes by ever so quickly (makanan pun tak sempat hadam). That one hour is the most precious time of the day where I get to do just whatever I want to. I could just switch off my light, close AND lock the door and sleep or I could play online games or catch up on other things online. It is the only time that I don’t get bothered by anyone, except for the office cleaner and the occasional ‘busy bee’ who would ask me to sign something during lunch. WTF?
Anyway, there are quite a number of restaurants and cafes in my office building which means there are plenty to choose from. There’s the food court, Secret Recipe, mamak shop, Iranian restaurant, Korean restaurant. You name it they have it. Almost. However what I don’t like about these restaurants is that they have very poor ventilation system. Try going to any of these restaurants and you’ll end up smelling like a kedai makan. I kid you not. The smell of the food, the cooking, the cigarette smoke will stick to your shirt, your hair and your whole body. And trust me, it is not a pleasant smell at all. It is no use to spray perfume after wards because in my opinion, it will only make the smell worse, regardless of what perfume you use. So there goes my sweet smell, there goes my wangi hair and there goes the smell of my perfume.
And to think that you have half the day to go through with that smell and what if you have a date after work? Hmphhh…what a turn off for your date, don’t you think?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

trip to the zoo

The last time i went to the zoo was many years back. so during the recent CNY hols, i paid another visit to the zoo. it was fun. since it was a school holiday, the zoo was packed with kids, families and tourists alike.

Before that, breakfast at Melawati. Nothing beats a plate of freshly cooked nasi lemak in the morning.

If you're lazy to walk (like me), you can take the tram.

The tram stops at a few stations and you can get down and walk about. It is quite big and it is tiring so wearing proper shoes really help.

Bart the sea lion. The only animal show at the zoo. There are other animals performing as well. Not that interesting but okay-lah.

Malayan Sun-bear

Feeding the giraffes was so much fun. You can buy the leaves for RM3 to feed them.

It was hot as hell so this fan (which I got from a wedding I think) really comes in handy.

Flamingos and storks at the pond

Some birds at the aviary


Fishes in the aquarium

Rhino's ass

I didn't feed the elephants because I figured that they must be full from all the feedings.



When it is too hot, stop by for a nice & cold drink at the stalls.

Since you cannot get close enough to the bears, there's always the A&W Bear. This was at A&W Wangsa Walk Mall, btw. There is no A&W in the zoo.

A&W Root Beer & Float never fails to satisfy, especially on a sunny day.

Btw, we bumped into someone who later asked my bf "kau buat apa pergi zoo? kau bukan ada anak-anak pun." like, duh. Who says that the zoo is only for kids and families?