Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ASTRO under fire

Recently there has been a lot of outcry about ASTRO. The issues are, among others, the increase in its monthly fees and also bad services. Being the only satellite TV in Malaysia, ASTRO has been dominating the service because there are no other competitors. I am glad that the ministry and the parliament has been talking about the ASTRO issue and several NGOs are also boycotting and asking the public to boycott ASTRO. It’s about time, huh? Hubby and I did not subscribe to ASTRO at our house. We did have a plan to do so but to date, we have yet to sign up. This is simply because the more we live without ASTRO, the more we don’t see the need to have it.
At night, we would watch whatever is available on channels 1, 2, 3, NTV7, 8TV and TV9. I must say that these channels have quite a wide selection of watchable programs. For example, when I got home from work, I would watch Upin Ipin on TV9 and currently TV9 is playing Tazmania cartoon. I was an avid fan of the famous TV series on TV3, Nora Elena and I was glued to it. Now that it has ended, I did not follow the new series, Dewa Cinta as I don’t fancy the casts and the synopsis does not appeal much to me. At night, we would watch news and sometimes we would watch Nanny 911, Chris Angel magic show thingy or Amazing Race: China Rush on NTV7. AS for 8TV, I must say that I quite like the programs that they have to offer. On Monday nights, I would be glued to Pretty Little Liars and on Tuesdays, I love to watch Hellcats and Desperate Housewives. On Wednesday, I don’t like to watch Showdown 2011 so we would tune in to TV2 for its movie. 8TV plays movies on Thursday nights now. Alternatively, if we do not have anything interesting to watch, Hubby would go out and get some DVDs.
However, I must admit that I do miss watching Kimora Life In The Fab Lane, The Kardashians, Courtney & Chloe Take Miami, Giullana & Bill, E! News (all these are rancangan tak membina minda, as per my dad but I don’t care), those yummy cooking shows on AFC, travel shows on TLC, the sitcoms on Star World and the occasional movies on HBO and STAR MOVIES plus some cartoons on Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickleodeon.
To think of it, having ASTRO is a matter of choice, really. If you want it, subscribe to it. If you feel that their services are not up to par, then by all means, do not subscribe to it. It is simple. Nobody forces you to sign up anyway. But then again, ASTRO, being a service provider must also ensure that their services are justified with what people are paying. I notice that they keep on repeating the shows over and over again and every time it rains (sometimes it doesn't even rain), service will be interrupted. ASTRO also always has this new channels to subscribe and what not, which I think is ridiculous. Why do we need to pay more just to see a particular show?
So now if I want to watch ASTRO, I can always go back to my parents' house. I don't know how long Hubby and I can live without ASTRO but for now, we are doing just fine. Perhaps if ASTRO improves their services at a minimal rate, we will consider signing up.

Monday, June 20, 2011

just saying...

  1. I hate the roads in Hartamas, Dutamas and Solaris area. The roads are an uneven mess with holes, patches, roadworks, constant digging and patching and the list goes on. I tried to evade as many holes as possible but at the same time I have to be aware of the traffic. I won't be surprised if one day my car engine just dropped in one of those nasty holes! (touch wood)
  2. Re: FB. Is it necessary to tag oneself on one's own photos? If i upload the photos, in my profile, in my album, why should I tag myself on my own pics, right? Just wondering...
  3. Motorbikes think that the traffic lights don't apply to them. So does the cyclists.
  4. Taxis and buses stop wherever, whenever they want. Especially taxis. I know driving a taxi is your source of income but do you mind being a bit more courteous on the road? Just because you see someone stopping you, doesn't mean you can stop without considering the other road users.
  5. Signals/car indicators are not necessary to most, if not all people. I think they see it as a mere accessory. Why bother using it, right? After all, it is 'your father's road'!
  6. I hate going to the Shah Alam Court Complex because parking is always a problem. The guard would stand at the gate and his hand would signal 'no parking' and would not allow us to go up the hill. At least let us go and check and if there are no parking, obviously we'll park elsewhere. Most of the time I would end up parking very far and I would lose my breath when i walk up the stairs. The next time I go to the Shah Alam Court, I am so gonna use the 'I am pregnant' excuse with the hope that he would allow me to go up. I know exercise is good at this point but imagine having to walk up the stairs with file(s) or your briefcase.
  7. I think that parking tokens should be banned. I prefer tickets anytime. They can always use recyclable papers to produce the tickets. Tokens are easily misplaced. Not that I've lost my parking token before (touch wood) but I just find that keeping a parking token is more difficult than a ticket.
  8. Buying a baby stroller is like buying a car. There are tons of brands and models in the market with different specifications and style and of course, varying prices. Practicality comes first but at the same time one needs to think about the price, function, durability etc.
  9. Why is it that the traffic lights in KL are always faulty/not working especially after a heavy downpour? This just goes to show how poor the maintenance/quality of the traffic lights are.
  10. I have ants issue at home. And here I thought that condos don't have ants. I was wrong. The ants are small and red in colour. At least they are odourless. What frustrates me most is that the ants always went into the water jug and the water kettle. What the eff? I would totally understand if they go to the biscuit tin or the sugar jar, which, btw, are tightly closed, but plain drinking water?? Both hubby & I have checked and made sure that no jars are not tightly closed, no packets of foods or whatever left untied, no food crumbs (duh, we are not kids) whatsoever but the ants keep coming back and we have no idea what exactly that they are into that they are driving us up the wall!
  11. Online shopping is addictive. Once you start, it is hard to stop. I buy stuffs and I would get it delivered to the office and I like it when I come in from Court, a parcel is already waiting for me. It feels like Christmas.
  12. I notice that people who have the foursquare app of the check-in app would only 'check-in' at 'cool' places like some bar or posh cafe. Never have I seen a check-in at some mamak restaurant or at Giant/Tesco/Carrefour and the like. Not even McDonald's. Well, at least not that I noticed anyway.
  13. Re: FB. I hate it when people tagged me on pictures of stuffs they sell. I know it is a way of promoting their goods but I just don't like it. I'm sorry.
  14. I hate contests where the results are determined based on how many 'likes' you have. I think it is unfair. I still prefer the old school way where a panel of judges will decide on the winner.
That is all that I feel like getting out of my chest. For now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


i encountered rudeness at its best today. i wanted to buy some fresh cut fruits at MBG fresh fruits and there were two other persons buying as well so naturally there was sort of a line formed. i went to the back of the line. when the guy in front of me was purchasing his fruits, along came a woman and waited beside him, wanting to buy fruits as well. there was an auntie behind me and then joined by a few others, who naturally went in line. the woman simply cut the line and proceeded to buy her fruits. i can't help but said, 'excuse me, there's a line here. you should queue.' to which she rudely replied, 'i didn't see any line so there's nothing i can do.' WHAT THE EFF?? i said to her, 'you can't simply cut a line ok!' then she nonchalantly replied, 'there's nothing i can do,' without even a bit of guilt or sorry in her face or tone. i then said, 'whatever!' she then paid her fruits and left. i then turned to the auntie behind me who shook her head in disbelief and she said, 'so rude!' i said, 'yeah. who does she think she is?' the auntie then said 'she didn't even say sorry huh?'
i wish i have said more to that woman. why on earth didn't i scold her or at least give her a piece of my mind? this is so not me. what the hell happened to me? i wish that her fruits were really sour or at least busuk, just like her heart. she's lucky that i did not create a scene there. hmppphhh.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hello, i miss you

fresh oysters

wearing pencil skirts to work

wearing high heels


raw sushi

medium-well steaks


a peaceful sleep without having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee


not having to run to the toilet every other hour or every half hour or so

drinking real coffee, not decaf

but of course, nothing beats the feeling that i get everytime the baby kicks.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

mixed feelings of a future FTM

I couldn't be more thankful to Allah for this gift. Yes, I got pregnant straight away after marriage and I am thankful to know that I am able to conceive and Alhamdulillah I've passed the 20 weeks mark, which means I am halfway through my pregnancy.
Of course I am excited and happy about it. However, the anxiety and nervousness of becoming a mother has definitely set in. I always read online on parenting, pregnancy etc and recently bought some parenting magazines to equip myself with as much knowledge as I can but sometimes, the more I read, the more I discover about new things and the more I discover about new things, the more nervous I became. Recently I read an article in Parenthood magazine about how to prevent high fever in infants/babies and my mind started wandering. All the "what ifs" came to my mind. I also started thinking:
  • How will my baby look like?
  • Is my baby healthy and doing fine in my tummy?
  • Am i taking enough nutritional foods?
  • Will I be able to take care of my baby?
  • How is my life gonna be when the baby arrives?
  • Am I gonna have a normal birth?
  • How will I juggle work and my new life?
  • What if my baby falls sick the night before I have to attend court the next morning, especially for a hearing or a trial?
  • What if I am required to go outstation and spend the night there?
My oh my. The list of things that worry me is endless. As at the last check up, we weren't able to tell the baby's sex just yet. He/she refused to cooperate. In fact he/she decided to cross his/her legs! You are only 19 weeks old (at that time) and you already have a mind of your own, huh? *babab* I am eager and anxious to know the baby's sex because to date, I have only bought a pack of 7-piece bodysuits for my baby, in red & white combo. I'm already in my 5th month and I haven't prepared a thing for my baby. *sigh* I feel like a bad mummy-to-be. Weekends have been packed with activities and family matters that I don't have the time to shop for my baby. Ok now I'm worried again.
  • When am I gonna buy the baby's stuffs? I know the list is endless!
  • Where do I begin?
  • What should I get first? Clothes? How many? Feeding tools? Traveling system?
  • What brand(s) should I get?
Since I don't know whether it's gonna be a boy or a girl, I don't know what/how to buy. People told me to buy neutral coloured clothes to be safe i.e. green, yellow, white but if my baby is a girl, of course I want to get most stuffs in pink and if it's a boy, blue, of course.
And then there's the part where I am having a hard time looking for maternity work clothes, especially white shirts to wear to court. I am at the point where I can't fit my normal clothes yet I am not big enough to pull of maternity clothes. I look big and frumpy in one. Casual clothes are not an issue since there are a lot of clothes that can accommodate the growing belly (even though sometimes I feel my baby bump looks small, which also raises a worry in me). I went to maternity boutiques but i couldn't find any white shirt that is proper for court. Found only one at Modern Mum and it was the last piece available. Yes, I took it. I've no choice. I've started wearing maternity pants though. They are super comfy but I still have trouble finding suitable formal work clothes. I may not attend Court everyday so I need proper work clothes i.e. shirts. I bought one in white with blue stripes but I haven't stared wearing it simply because I will look big in it.
Btw I have finally felt the baby's movement and it feels weird at first but it is definitely a miracle. Before I could feel the movement, I always wondered how it's gonna be like. I know different pregnancies grow at a different rate and FTMs may feel the kicks a little bit later but I was eager to know how it's like. Now that the baby is kicking and moving, I know that it's growing inside there.
Oh well, I know millions of women have gone through this way before me and I'm sure (and I hope) that my anxiety is normal. There's always a first for everything, right? I know I shouldn't be worrying that much but sometimes I can't help it. I'm glad that my husband is very supportive and he has been very patient in dealing with my crankiness, mood swings and all that jazz. But sometimes he's the one who likes to 'petik gitar' so too badlah. One of the good thing about being pregnant is that you can always say that it's the hormones haha. And in my case, I tell my hubby that it's either the pregnancy or it's you who's making me cranky.
But of course, I love him anyway and I love him with all my heart. No one else could love me and treat me the way he does and I am forever thankful for that.

*FTM=First Time Mom