Tuesday, September 30, 2008

eid is here

Dear My CrAp ShEEt readers,

terimalah pantun empat kerat ini. i reka sendiri ok! =P



what to you think? ok or not my pantun? hehe. ok la tu. how else can it be, right? yang penting ianya ikhlas dari hati dan bukannya ditiru daripada mana-mana forwarded sms. but this is the pantun that i've been sending out to people-lah. so people, enjoy your raya, enjoy the good foods, enjoy the suasana, enjoy enjoy dan enjoy lagi. =) kepada siapa2 yang tak sambut raya, enjoy the holidays, enjoy the clear traffic (siap boleh golek2 atas jalan lagi kalau nak haha) and enjoy the raya programmes on TV.

to Sis,
we missed having you, missed the kekecohan masak2 di dapur, miss raya-ing with you boohoo. but you are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. love you lots!

Friday, September 26, 2008

weeeeee~ it's friday!


that's probably how i looked like for the past few days. boy am i glad that today is the last day of working woot woot!

how would you feel if you were the only lady dining with a group of men, say around 10 of 'em? and then you arrived 'fashionably late' and all of them were already there when you arrived. uh huh. so if you can't beat them, join them, right? that was exactly what happened to me yesterday where i had a berbuka puasa with some clients, all the way in Shah Alam. the drive to Shah Alam was hellish as getting to NKVE itself was an adventure. at one point i wondered what's left of my pahala puasa. tsk tsk. i secretly wish a magical creature of some sort would transform my CLK into a flying machine or something. so i left the office at about 4.45 p.m. and was still at Pekeliling at 5.45 p.m. gaaaaah! when i finally entered NKVE (thank God for Smart Tag) i tried to pecut but a CLK can only pecut so much and many cars zoom past by me as if they were the only ones wanting to berbuka puasa. pfft. i thought there's no way am i gonna be able to make it on time for berbuka but luckily i did.
so was the spread worth it? definitely! heck, they better be, after the torturous journey i had earlier. they have sushi, salad, salmon, oyster, sup daging rusa, spaghetti, roast lamb, segala macam nasi and lauk, fried koay teow, chicken rice, laksa, mee sup, ikan bakar, bubur lambuk, popiah, satay etc. desserts was nice too and definitely better than JW Marriot. unfortunately i didn't eat that much. kena la control cun jaga personaliti, no?

Monday, September 22, 2008

raya project part 1

nowadays, waking up for sahur and work has become a real pain in the ass challenge. pressing the snooze button on my hand phone has become a skill that i have mastered recently. sometimes, no, everyday i wish the night is longer. *sigh* anyway since raya is coming real soon (how fast time flies my oh my) i feel that raya wouldn't be complete without me making some cookies of my own. so i googled and yahooed for some recipes to try out and i found this. so i mangat2 went to Carrefour and bought the ingredients. initially i wanted to buy the instant chocolate chip cookie mix but it was out of stock so i had no choice but to bake from scratch. after berbuka, i took out my baking utensils, called The Maid to help me out and i managed to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. it is very simple and easy yet it involves a lot of work. i don't think i'm really good at baking cookies as it takes a whole lot of patience, which is not my strongest virtue, unfortunately. it requires a lot of time and effort as you need to put the cookie dough one by one on the baking tray, wait for one batch to bake and then put in another and this process is repeated several times until all cookie dough is done. same goes with baking cuppies. i think i prefer baking a whole cake as you whip the whole thing, pour the batter, bake and voila.

the cookie dough

told ya it was tedious. this was before they were baked.

this is fresh from the oven. see how much it has expand in size.

i swear to you my house smells like Famous Amos.

The Maid helping me out with the cookie dough.

so now i'm done with one cookie and i plan to make another one or two, depending on my mood. the cookies turned out ok. i'm not gonna say they turn out great because they are so leper and lebar. no matter how i bulat-bulatkan them, they still end up flat. but then taste-wise, sedap gila! well obviously i'm gonna say it's sedap gila since i baked them. haha. so now i'm thinking of making some cornflakes cookies but somehow rather i feel that it's a bit too boring since everybody's making cornflakes cookies. see lah what wonders i can find on the net. any suggestions?

Friday, September 19, 2008

oh Friday!

i've always loved Friday but somehow rather today is an exception. the reasons being:

  • Bad traffic-I blame the DBKL and police. Tengahari buta pun nak tahan lori ke? Tengahari buta pun nak buat road works ke? In Jalan Tun Razak no less.
  • Super sleepy-I blame no one but myself for staying up late watching Click on HBO even though I’ve seen it before and then continue watching The Hills on DVD.
  • Raya songs on the radio-makes one feel so in raya mood thus so lazy to go to the office do anything.
  • Hot weather.
  • Puasa.
  • It's Friday.

Definitely not a good combination.

This afternoon as I was driving back from Shah Alam, traffic at Federal Highway was as usual. Congested for no bloody reason. There was this Nestle ice-cream truck and even though I overtook it a few times, I still end up behind the bontot of it. There were no pictures of ice-cream on the lorry however I cannot help but imagine what’s inside it. *sigh* Even if there were ice cubes or ice tubes inside it, I imagine them being blended into chocolate smoothie or shaved into ais kacang or cendol.

And then I imagined myself having a nice bowl of chocolate ice-cram drizzled in warm chocolate sauce or caramel sauce, sprinkled with nuts and cookie bits…heck, on a hot day, an ais krim potong pulut hitam also sounds nice.

The pictures below have nothing to do with today btw. I am just torturing you readers myself for no apparent reason.

look at those poor, tiny marshmallows. they were soaked and drenched in chocolate sauce. i wonder who's to blame for that? =D

what do you think of these? are you drooling already? i sure am!

now the spread at JW Marriot today better be good...

Monday, September 15, 2008

weekend project part 14

Half of last Saturday was spent at the workshop, getting my *CLK serviced and what not. Obviously I had to drag Lil Bro along, after I almost break down his room door coz waking him up is a task on its own. pfft. I knew I should've sent it for servicing earlier because the longer I wait, the more damages there were. Imagine that I had to change my tires, all four of em! tsk. The old ones are already bengkak and botak licin and the mechanics told me that if I drive fast, they could explode. But then how fast can a CLK go, right? Right? No wonder the steering wheel feels different lately. When the tires are changed, the brake pads need to be changed as well as apparently the old ones are already worn out. And then there's the air filter thingy, spark plug thingamajiggy, this oil, that oil and one thing leads to another pfft and before I know it, it cost me a whopping 619 bucks. Phew. That is a lot for a CLK. I mean, it's not even a real CLK! Unless of course if they were mencekik me even though I’m a loyal customer. I tried to bargain here and there, batted some eyelashes and gave my cutest smile ever but it didn’t work. Damn it. Speaking of mechanics, I was wondering, how hard is their work anyway? Some of the Malay mechanics were not fasting that day and they openly smoke and drink (milo ais, sirap bandung and orange juice pulak tu!) in front of us, tanpa rasa segan silu. Well, I wasn't fasting as well but I did not drink in public (even though McD is just across the road and I can literally hear chocolate sundae calling my name). Oh well, who am I to judge, right? and....one of them also had the cheek to ask for my phone number! I mean puuhhleezzz.
By the way, the road tax is expiring end of this month so insurance and road tax need to be renewed asap. By asap I mean before raya so that I could claim my RM625 rebate to cover the whole thing could go jalan-jalan berhari raya. Now the CLK feels like brand new, what with new 'shoes' , brake pad and all. So who wants to go on a ride with me? haha.
and so my dream(s) of driving a mini and/or vw beetle shall remain a dream. for now...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sneak peek

here is a sneak peek at what The Bride and Groom wore at the hotel reception. kindly take note that her ever so long veil tak berapa nampak in this picture. but sooooo cantik, kan??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tag 2

i've been tagged by Zati and Hid to do "15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself" but i'm gonna have to put it on hold at the mo' simply because i couldn't think of 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself. as of now, i can only think of two. and then there's Kak Farah who also tagged me. but then i've also been tagged by Azim and i had to do it first because if i don't, he said he's gonna cubit my pipi! jahat, kan?

5 tabiat buruk anda time sekolah…

  • buat homework last minit.
  • tiru homework orang lain, especially untuk subjek matematik and prinsip akaun. in my defence, i'm never good with numbers and my accounts are never balanced that's why i tiru haha.
  • tunduk atau buat2 tak tau bila cikgu tanya soalan dengan harapan tak kena soal atau panggil tapi selalunya kena jugak sebab cikgu tu nampak the lame tactic.
  • suka keluar lama2 sebab ketua kelas selalu kena pergi sana sini so by the time balik kelas, dah nak habis masa.
  • selalu berharap cikgu tu tak datang/pergi kursus/MC/masuk lambat.

3 favourite subject anda… kenapa?
1. BM sebab senang
2. English because it's fun
3. P.E sebab boleh main2

3 subjek yang anda tidak suka… kenapa?
1. Matematik sebab i suck at numbers. like really suck.
2. Prinsip Akaun sebab akaun tak pernah balance!
3. Sejarah sebab penat la nak ingat semua.

Menarik pada kamu???
of course i would say everything. you can puke if you want.

Kamu paling suka?
makan coklat.

Anda tidak boleh hidup tanpa?
tidur yang cukup sebab nanti saya cranky and tak pasal2 orang keliling jadi mangsa.

setiap malam sebelum tidur, siapa yang anda hubungi?
sesiapa yang bertuah. you can puke again.

tag 5 org rakan anda…



Kak Farah



Ok here comes Part 2 of Tag 2 (jenuh i fikir semata-mata tak nak kena cubit pipi punya pasal!)

What is the most important things in your life?
if i say love, i would sound too corny but if i say money, i would sound too materialistic since money can't buy love, happiness, health etc. both are equally important but i'd say money.

What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
dettol soap, air badak cap kaki tiga and strepsils from Guardian; laundry basket, teapot, alarm clock and spaghetti container from IKEA.

Where do you wish to get married?
by the beach or in a garden but that would be impossible so to be logic i'd say at home and also a grand ballroom.

How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
i have no idea.

Are you in love?
i believe i am.

Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
IKEA's food hall.

Name the latest book that you bought?
i don't buy books.

Do you prefer your mother or father?
depends on the situation.

Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
i've always wanted to meet Hans Isaac. and then there's Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar but he's engaged haha. Anuar Zain, i've met him. internationally, i'd like to meet Enrique Iglesias and the Il Divo guys to sing to me, Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain to cook for me.

Christina or Bill Gates & Why?
Bill Gates so that i can ask him to sign a blank cheque for me.

Do you do your own laundry?
only the undies.

The most exciting place you want to go?
i want to go to Greece, New York and Las Vegas, among others.

Hugs or kisses
either, as one will lead to another.

8 things I am passionate about?
Chocolates X 8

8 things I say too often
Ngantuk X 8 (no wonder i'm always mengantuk!)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

Gantung by Melly Goeslaw
Casablanca by Bertie Higgins
Labels or Love by Fergie
And I Love You So by Victor Wong
Cuts Like A Knife by Rockwell
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Dangerous by Kardinal Offishall and Akon
Low by Flo Rida

so there Azim, i've done it so there's no way you're gonna cubit my pipi!

Monday, September 08, 2008

so long, farewell

The Sis has left for Cambridge on Friday, 5th Sept 2008 at 2340hrs tsk tsk. How fast time flies, huh? tak puas bergirly session with her boohoo. initially i wanted to order her some farewell cuppies (i already had the designs in mind-airplane, rainbow, books, the writing "BYE-BYE WE'LL MISS YOU" and so on) but the one that i used to order is not available for Friday while some are too far to order and collect. however, i managed to squeeze some time to 'run' to The Curve to buy some cuppies from this.

The almond flakes has fallen to the side because the cuppies were left in my car for a while and the icing melted, i guess. But why didn't the other cuppies get affected?

Initially there were 6 in a box but i gave two pieces to my aunt and cousin.

After berbuka, we left for KLIA to send The Sis off. This is her, saying bye-bye to her hubby.

Awww...he'll see you in 2 weeks, yeah?

Excuse the hands behind. Believe it or not, they belong to The Father and The Big Brother.

Yet another attempt by The Big Brother to ruin our pic. The Father has apparently lost interest, thank God.

Off she went...

Down the escalator she goes...

With her purple (and pink??) bag in tow...



And she's gone...

See you soon!

Friday, September 05, 2008

weekend project part 13

i was wondering whether i should post this entry or not since it is fasting month and all but then i figured that if i don't post this now, it'll be basi by the time i do it so takpelah, ye? it's not like it's gonna menggugat your keimanan whatsoever. but if it does, i apologize. i made this last weekend because The Sister wanted a cake but i was too lazy to go out and buy the ingredients because it was raining and all there was not enough ingredients to bake from scratch so i dug into the kitchen cabinet and i found this, which was bought a few weeks earlier.

The ingredients-3 eggs, 1 1/4 cup of water, 1/2 cup vegetable oil and the mixture.

Whip it all up. Thank God for technology. Sometimes I wonder how do people in the yesteryear used to make cakes and cookies without the electric beater? kudos to them!


After. I think I might have over-baked it a bit that it merekah.

The end product. The cake per se is nice, soft and fluffy but it would be yummier if it is smothered with chocolate topping.

Note to self: Always have baking ingredients ready.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a dedication

Dear all,