Wednesday, December 29, 2010

final shoe story

Ok, i promise this will be my last shoe story. well at least with regards to wedding shoes, that is. Since the earlier pink shoes did not really match my pink dress, I just have to find another pink shoes. On Christmas Eve, before attending the office Christmas Eve dinner at Serena Brasserie at Nikko Hotel, I made a 'quick' visit at KLCC. Luckily the Boss allowed us to leave at 5pm that day and dinner will only start at 7.30pm so what the heck. No way am I gonna stay at the office, right? I might as well go shopping. Besides, I have RM20 Isetan voucher which will expire on 31st December 2010.
I went to Isetan and i browsed through the shoe section but I couldn't find any. I was frustrated. I belek2 headbands, I belek2 necklaces, earrings, hair pins and whatnot. Well, what can you get with RM20 anyway, right? I almost bought a headband with the RM20 voucher but headbands and other things are my least concern at the moment.
I went to the shoe section again and browsed again for the umpteenth time. Suddenly a pair of Pedal Works pink shoes caught my eyes. How come I did not notice them earlier? It's because they were placed at the top rack and I am not that tall anyway. No wonder I missed them the first time. I tried them on and I asked for size 5. Woohooo they have size 5! And it's not the last pair. They have not one but two pairs left in size 5. pheww~~ persistence and patience paid off.

presenting THE shoes.

OK it may not look that pink in the pic but trust me, this is the closest to soft pink that I can get.

should i add some bling bling? or should i just leave it as it is?

I have my old brooches that I bought for my purple shoes. Since the pink shoes has no place or a loop of some sort to pin the brooch, I pinned it on a transparent white ribbon as shown in the above picture.

I tied it on the shoes. You can't hardly see the ribbon, right?

I'll trim the ribbon accordingly, if I decide to have the bling bling on.

So I guess the shoe hunt is officially over. The price was RM99.00. Of course, this one has no discount whatsoever pffffttt. No special discount for Isetan cardmember, no less, nothing. Luckily I have my RM20 voucher so I paid RM79.00 for the shoes.

Like I don't already have enough shoes, I saw this pair at Vincci Midvalley last weekend. It was on sale. 50% discount from RM75.00. how not to buy?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

yet another shoe story

i thought i have found the perfect white and pink shoes. not really. ok the white shoes, yes. the pink, not really. i found a nice pink shoes at a really good price at a shop named Elo in Subang Parade.

luck was on my side as they were on sale and hey, buy 2 shoes and get 1 shoes for free!! you gotta be kidding me. i just have to try the shoes. they have a few white shoes. i was lucky that they have my size.

there was a white peep toe shoes and i hoped that they have my size and they did. phew~

nothing fancy but it's pretty, yes? should i or should i not add some blingbling or perhaps a flower corsage?

then i saw a pink shoes. and yes, they have it in my size too!

i just have to buy them. however, the shade of pink is not exactly the shade of pink that i wanted. *sigh* when i tried the shoes on with my dress, it's contrasting but somehow it doesn't really match. pfffft. i may need to find another pink shoes.

this is what i chose for the third pair. somehow i'm reminded of Katy Perry when i look at this shoes. perhaps due to the crazy colour combination. funky, ey?

i walked out of the shop happy. i bought three pairs of shoes at one go. i am not a shoeholic nor am i a shopaholic but i'd be stupid crazy to not buy the shoes. if you are wondering the prices of the shoes, they are dirt cheap and i am not kidding. they are on sale, the prices have been slashed by 50%. believe it or not, i bought all three pairs at only RM108. if that is not worth it, i don't know what is.

i only paid for RM59+RM49. the other RM49 is free.


ok now i'm back on the hunt for another shade of pink. i regretted not buying Charles & Keith's ("C&K") pink shoes (and clutch) when they had the promotion in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness (if you've been to C&K sometime in Nov-mid Dec, you may have noticed it). the promotion is priced at RM199 for a gorgeous soft pink shoes with a matching clutch or small purse. *knocked on head for not buying it earlier* i went to C&K Empire and the promotion has already ended. they have the last pair i.e the display pair and it's already stained. the shoes now costs RM59.90. i asked the salesgirl to check at other C&K outlets and C&K at Fahrenheit, Bukit Bintang has one, in my size. but of course, it is the last pair and it's slightly dirty. tsk.

damn it. oh dear pink shoes, where for art thou? grrrrr...who would have thought finding a freaking pair of shoes could be THIS difficult???

Friday, December 17, 2010

hotel stay for RM1?

It is really worth it to listen, wait and call when the cue to call is up, especially when the prize is as good as a free 2D/1N stay at a luxurious hotel. Earlier this month, in conjunction with Eastin Hotel's 1st Anniversary held a contest exclusively for's listeners. All you have to do is call in when you hear the cue to call and answer a simple question about Eastin Hotel in general.
Everytime i hear the cue, I frantically tried to call in but to no avail. Sometimes my calls were unanswered but most times, the call did not go through as the line was busy. I was frustrated because I think that the prize is totally worth it. Winners get to stay for 2D/1N at Eastin Hotel Penang in a deluxe room worth RM550++ at a mere RM1! If that is not worth it, I don't know what is. I didn't know that they run the contest for 2 weeks if I am not mistaken. I thought I've lost my chance but the following week, I heard the cue to call so I just HAVE to try again.
Then one day, I heard the cue and immediately called in. I already put the irtelephone number on standby. My heart pounded heavily as I heard the ringing tone. I was excited & nervous. After a few rings, I thought that they were not going to pick up my call but then the DJ picked up. PHEW~~
All I had to do was answer this question:

" is the website for Eastin Hotel. True or false?"

I answered TRUE and I won.

I have received the voucher in the mail last week and I am glad to see that the validity period is until February 2011 and there are no other terms apart from reservation must be made 3 days before check in, subject to availability, of course. Luckily they didn't say that it is only applicable on weekdays, not applicable on weekends or public holidays.
I can so go on a short honeymoon in Penang!
Now, let's find other interesting contests to enter.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

too much to handle

i have a lot of things on my mind. i need lots and lots of chocolates and desserts to keep me sane. be careful not to cross my path at this very crucial time. in other words, DON'T PUSH IT. your cooperation is much appreciated. thank you very much.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

hunting mode

time is ticking tick...tock...tick...tock...
where the hell can i find gorgeous bridal shoes like these?

image from here

image from here

image from here
image from here

image from here

there are thousands and thousands of pictures of gorgeous bridal shoes online it makes me go crazy. will there be another trip to ampang park? trip. right. as if it's so damn far away from home. ampang park is just 5 minutes away from my house and 5 minutes away from my office, with no traffic that is. the worst part is ampang park closes very early as compared to other malls. the shops will start closing at 8.30pm and by 9pm most will be closed. pffftt. speaking of ampang park, i need to find a ready made baju to attend a wedding next week. i'm on a really tight budget here but the simplest and plain-est ready made baju kurung will cost no less than RM180 or RM200. kalau nasib baik, ada lah yang bagi diskaun sikit. read: sikit can i get a nice looking ready made baju kurung at RM150 or less? is it possible? *sigh*
back to the shoes, will there be another DIY shoes this time? we shall see how. i wish santa claus can bring me these shoes...and some cash. a lot of cash.