Monday, October 01, 2007

and then there were three...

my ever dearest one and only sis has finally realized her dreams to pursue her PhD. (weehooo a doctor in the making) in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Cambridge University, UK. congratulations sis. am so proud and happy beyond words for you. am so gonna miss you. now that you're thousands of miles away,
  • who's gonna go taiwan-noodling with me?
  • who's gonna buy me the occasional choccies?
  • who's gonna sms me asking whether i'll be breaking fast at home or not?
  • who's gonna rebut2 work shirts with me?
  • who's gonna share handbags with me?
  • who's gonna rebut the internet modem with me?
  • who;s gonna watch ANTM and My Super Sweet 16 with me?
  • who's gonna 'accidentally' open the bathroom door when i'm inside?
  • with whom am i gonna bitch gossip about that girl, that guy, you-know-who, him, her, the girl who's you-know-what, that chick, that blog, that woman, that makcik, the s0-called-whatever etc etc?
  • who's gonna go raya-shopping with me this year?
  • who's gonna buy me and mummy matching kaftans for raya this year?
  • who's gonna slave in the kitchen with me and mummy the day before raya?
boohoo~ on the bright side other hand, i get free, easy and unlimited access to your room now *evil laugh* i get to use your necklaces, earrings, handbags, shirts, tops (since you didn't bring most of 'em there) and what not. i also get to watch your wonderful collection of dvds and i don't have to bother to return 'em to your room lalalala... what else eh? hmm...oh consider yourself lucky that we don't have the same shoe size. if not, habisla your the time you come back, it will all be haus, if not kopak already. heheh...
anyway sis, i wish you all the best. take good care of yourself. we'll definitely see you soon, real soon okay? *hugs*


~Sis~ said... missing you like hell already! so awww la ur entry n the slideshow...huuuuu...anyway, yeah, lets just look on the bright side...pray for me as u n the family will always be in mine...take care going n getting back from work, drive ur red baby safely - reduce the 'gangsterness' on the road, remember me whenever u go shopping or taiwan noodling or watching astro or internet-ing...yeah, you can have unlimited access to my room now, as long as you take care of my stuffs...hmm no kaftans this year from me but hey, y dont u post me one? heheh. gossips still on okay, YM ada maa...oh, the slaving in the kitchen part, hmm i expect to receive some nice home-baked cookies and maybe rendangs and whatnots for raya...muahaha. i challenge u! yep, im pretty sure u n mummy are already setting dates on when to come, oh dear the place is wonderful, too many temptations (read:shopping & dining) along my daily walk to and from the dept. haihh. its quite a walk (which i would never do in malaysia) to school but hey, by August next year *hinthint* i'll be oh-so-slim and fit. that, if i can fight all the temptations laa. haha. oh well, this is not like a comment anymore, i might as well start my own blog! hmm..i'll think about it. cewahh. so okay sis, i wanna hear good news from you regarding ur chambering/long-call/practising/employment whatever ya. when u secured all that already, buy yourself a return ticket to London and we'll have the best time ever before you start being all boring and black&white ya! hahaha. i love you sis! muahhhh!

Izyan Darling said...

tsk tsk...ok sis, i will remember ur pesanans and all. huhuhu...will definitely keep u updated on stuffs etc. me baking some cookies but who's gonna drool at 'em now that ur not here? =`( at last, ur doing some exercise (more like have to) but if dah ada temptations along the way, i wonder...more like grow one or two sizes bigger ada! muahahaha. take care there. *hugs*