Monday, April 26, 2010

fly kite part 2

i finally get to fly a kite last weekend and boy i tell you it was so much fun! it was a perfect day to fly kites as it was windy but the sky was dark so we made use of the wind before it started to rain.

kite seller at the entrance.

kites in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns.

of all beautiful & colourful kites, he had to choose the batman kite lah kan?
batman pun batman lah, janji boleh terbang.
lama2 main, lenguh jugak tengkuk sebab asyik pandang atas.

that's our batman!

our string is not long enough. we wanted our batman to go higher and higher!

since there are so many people flying kites, you have to be careful not to get your kite entangled with other people's kite. or else, leceh!

those little specs you see in the sky are kites.

batman down!!

then it rained so everybody ran to their cars.

dah penat main, makan time!

Friday, April 23, 2010

sweet red thing

do you know what these red thingies are?

they look like the precious red rubies, don't they?

they also look like the artificial red rubies (the ones you can find in desserts), don't they?

they also look a bit like pomegranate seeds, don't they?

but what are they, really?

they are actually jelly bits.

they are cherry flavoured jelly bits.

which can be found in this bar of chocolate.

this is Cadbury's Dairy Milk Black Forest chocolate bar.

those cherry flavoured jelly bits are in the chocolate itself, together with biscuit pieces.

but why on earth are those jelly bits on that piece of tissue paper, you may ask.

it is simply because i don't quite like it.

the reasons being:
  • they are a bit too sweet to my liking
  • they are chewy and they stick to my teeth
  • there are just too many of them
unlike the biscuit pieces, which adds crunch to the chocolate, which i love to bits.

so when i eat the chocolate, i would leave out the jelly bits.

i may only eat a few of them.

if i don't like it, why did i buy the chocolate in the first place?

trust me, i will never buy Cadbury's Dairy Milk Black Forest.

but i will definitely not say no if someone gives me this chocolate.

i can never say no to chocolates.

besides, rezeki jangan ditolak.

and it's the sweet thought that counts.

i can always pick out the jelly bits, can't i?

Monday, April 19, 2010

fly kite

in my previous post, i mentioned that we did burn some calories after eating those rich, creamy and sweet bubur, didn't i? what exactly did we do? we went to a place where you can fly kite, literally. it is situated in Kepong.

huge crowd on a weekend

viewing tower- sampai atas, semput.

amazing view from the top

this girl brought her bunny and let it run free on the field. i honestly don't think it's a good idea because the bunny looked terrified with lots of people around and a lot of kids (including myself) wanted to touch the bunny. poor little bunny must be scared to death.

i didn't wear proper jogging shoes but luckily my sandals are comfy.

we didn't fly a kite that day but we will definitely do so in the near future. it looks so much fun. so i did burn some calories by walking. mind you, the park is huge!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

monkeying around

if you are bored on weekends and are too lazy to go cannot go jogging because of rain, i would suggest you to go monkey-watching. it's fun, it's free and it's located at Taman T.A.R, Ampang, further up from Tamarind Springs. that was exactly what i did last Sunday. honestly, i wanted to go jogging at Lake Gardens but the moment i changed into my jogging outfit, it started to drizzle. so boyfy and i decided to go have coffee instead. amazing how our plan deviated from calorie-burning to calorie-adding activity. but to our surprise, when we went out, the rain miraculously stopped. since we were going for coffee, i changed my outfit. i wouldn't wanna be wearing my sneakers and track pants, would i? so unflattering, ok? anyway we then went to Taman T.A.R and watched some monkeys fooling around and some even went in action, if you know what i mean. ;)

pics are a bit shaky because the monkeys were running here and there.

there are quite a lot of people there. the person (i'm not quite sure if it's a male or female) in the black & white striped shirt brought mangoes for the monkeys. how kind, kan? next time i go there, i'm gonna bring some ground nuts.

Later on, we had *'jump stab', bubur kacang and bubur jagung. heaven~

*lompat tikam

btw, after having the rich, sweet and creamy bubur, we actually did burn some calories but i shall leave that for the next post.

Monday, April 05, 2010

weekend project part 22

When i wanted to make egg tart, I couldn't find the small molds so i ended up buying a set of pie-molds which comes in three different sizes. I have never used it until last weekend. I always wondered, what could I possibly make in those molds? I have to put it to use or else rugi lah beli. I googled for a pie-recipe and stumbled upon a recipe for Tuna Quiche. It looks interesting. Actually I wanted to make it 2 weekends ago but I don't have all the ingredients. Last Friday, I bought the ingredients and started making it on Saturday afternoon. Making the crust is a bit leceh because I have to roll it out and fit it in the mold.

I used the biggest mold, which is 10-inch in size I think. The crust was just nice, not too thick and not too thin. And i even have some dough left, which i kept in the freezer for future use.

These are the ingredients for the filling. It includes salt & pepper. I also added some button mushrooms, even though it was not stated in the recipe.

I kinda overlooked the recipe. It stated to mix the tuna, cheese & spring onions in a bowl, then fill in the pie-crust. The milk & eggs should be mixed separately and then poured over the cheese & tuna mixture. But what the heck. Same difference, right?

The crust must be baked beforehand so as not to have soggy crust.

Pour in the mixture and bake until golden brown.

The heat in my microwave oven is not even, thus the extra brown part at the edge.

After the quiche is slightly cool, remove from the mold.

Cut the quiche with a sharp knife.

Serve while it is still hot.

I find my quiche to be slightly salty, probably because i put in too much cheese. Next time I shall reduce the amount of salt. If you find the quiche a bit too rich to your liking, you can eat with chilli sauce. Next time, I'm gonna try chicken & mushroom quiche pulak since it is so laku. :) Or maybe I'll try something sweet pulak.