Friday, September 02, 2016

Homemade Beef Sausage and Meatballs

Last night hubby came back with three packets of minced beef. I just finished cooking dinner and was getting lazy to do anything after dinner but I don't want to freeze-thaw-refreeze the minced beef. So after dinner, I got down to business and decided to make beef sausages and meatballs.
In one of my posts earlier, I made chicken sausages using minced chicken. So this time the only difference is that I'm using minced beef. The ingredients are basically the same and I didn't measure the amount of ingredients used. The only difference is I added chopped onions into the beef mixture. 
This is how the sausages look like when I shaped them into sausages. Using the parchment paper made it so easy and this mixture doesn't stick to your hands so you can actually just roll and shape them even without the papers. However, they may stick together when you stack and steam them so it's best to use the parchment papers.
I steamed the sausages, just like I did with my chicken sausages. This is to ensure that the beef is thoroughly cooked so the next time you want to eat, you just have to pan fry them with a little oil to brown and crisp them.
Since the mixture is quite a lot (I think it came to almost a kilo of minced beef), I made some meatballs out of them as well. I don't want to turn all of them into sausages. For the meatballs, I did not steam them because I plan to cook them either with my spaghetti sauce or to be added into soups. So these meatballs went straight to the freezer. 
These are the sausages after they were steamed. I removed the parchment papers and let them cool before I freeze them. Clearly there are all kinds of shapes and sizes but who cares, right? This morning I fried a few pieces for my kids. I tried one piece and it is delicious. It's just like burger actually. I am pretty sure you can use the same mixture to make burger patties. 
So there you go. Your kids can have sausages everyday if they want to because these are homemade and most importantly, zero preservatives.