Wednesday, December 17, 2014

3 NIKE Look Ideas

Those who know me knows very well that I am not an outdoor-sy or sporty kinda girl. I mean, if I were, I won't be this flabulous, right? Yes, you read that right. It is FLABULOUS and it is not a typo. So of course I don't have a proper sports shoes. I mean, why would I buy it if I know I won't be wearing them? I am however in search of a good and comfortable shoes that can be worn with basically anything. I am going on a holiday at the end of the month and since I have an infant to carry and a 3 year old to chase around, I need good shoes. The first criteria of the shoes that I'm looking for is it has to be flat. No way I'm wearing high heels or platforms for travel. The second criteria is casual. It has to be able to match my outfits. The third criteria is the comfort factor while the fourth criteria is the price, which has to be affordable. Oh the shoes must be tahan lasak as well.

You see, women may have a lot of ideas on how to style footwear such as high heels, flip flops and flats with their outfits but sport shoes will probably make women pause for a while to think. One of the famous sport shoe brand for women to perk up their wardrobe is NIKE. Nike is a fashion brand known around the world that produces stylish sportswear and sport shoes based on the latest trends. Women who want to bring a new aura into their personal style should definitely opt for a complete look from head-to-toe from Nike sports collection. There are 3 various ways a woman can mix match their Nike sports attire or shoes. 

The first Nike look ideas for women to try out are to match are perfect for the ladies who want to work out in style. Whether at the gym, a jog around the park or even doing yoga at home, wear Nike yoga pants, sports bra and a plain basic tee for a stylish yet comfortable workout session. 
OK I am not really working out but I believe a lot of walking, pushing the stroller, chasing after a 3 year old and carrying an infant plus breastfeeding amounts to a good workout and I can burn a lot of calories. I can totally see myself dressing up like the above picture but instead of working out, I will be lounging on my couch with a bar of chocolates. 

The second look is to wear a pair of Nike sport shoes with a tank top and hoodie sweater. This look is perfect for women who aim to portray a boyish and edgy appearance on a casual day out. Impress the guys with your remarkable taste in fashion and stand out from the rest as you walk down the streets. ‘Just Do It’ (like Nike’s slogan) with attitude and walk in confidence everywhere you go.

I am not a boyish kinda of girl nor am I edgy. I am more of a simple and practical kinda woman. This is what having kids do to you. You sacrifice your style for comfort. Yes, comfort and practicality comes first especially when you are breastfeeding.

The third look is suitable for the ladies who want to maintain their feminine look while having a sporty side. Match a nice pair of Nike sports shoe with an A-flare dress to a lunch date or a weekend with your girlfriends. Mix up your look and accessorize it with bangles or a cap for an improved trendy fashion appearance. 
OK I think I can pull off this look. I never thought that you can wear sports shoes with casual clothes yet still look pretty. I always opted for normal flats or ballerina pumps but some of them don't provide proper support and by midday, I will end up with sore and tired feet. When you go on holiday, you will be doing a lot of walking and will only retire at the end of the day so you will be on your feet all day long. So a good pair of shoes is utmost important.

Interested ladies who cannot wait to spice up their wardrobe with a more trendy choice of apparels and shoes can check out ZALORA Nike online for women collection. I know where I'm gonna click now. ;)