Thursday, July 28, 2011

buy 1 free 1

don't we all just love the sales and now that the Malaysia Mega Sale is back, it is very hard to resist the shopping malls, shops and of course, the slashed price tags. yesterday when i read the newspaper, i saw a Guardian advertisement selling Olay Total Effects products. it is a BUY 1 FREE 1 offer. luckily i am an Olay Total Effects user and even though i am not blessed with porcelain-like and flawless skin, my skin is not much of a problem to me. alhamdulillah. but hey trust me, i've had my fair share of pimples, acnes and whatnot especially during my younger days. anyway, i've been using numerous skincare products but i have yet to find one that really suits my skin whereby it does not make my skin oily or give me breakouts or other problems. yes i still have blackheads, whiteheads and open pores but at least i can cover them up with a good foundation powder. i occassionally get the acnes during 'that time of the month' though.
when Olay came up with Total Effects range, i decided to give it a try. i only used its foaming facial wash and the moisturiser. that is all. i did not even use a toner and i did not use any night time products either. at night i merely put on some johnsons baby powder on my face or sometimes i just leave it bare to let it breathe after a whole day of make up. alhamdulillah so far my skin is relatively OK. i guess the products agree with my skin and i am gonna stick to it for as long as i can and for as long as they are in production. they are not that expensive as compared to other brands and they are easily available.
back to the BUY 1 FREE 1 deal. i just could not miss such a deal so i stopped by Guardian at Solaris Mont Kiara after work yesterday and bought myself the moisturiser and the foaming facial wash. the best part is, the 'free 1' tag. good timing that my moisturiser and facial wash are almost finished anyway. and now that i have an extra, i can easily put 1 at my parents' place and 1 at my home. i don't have to bring my moisturiser to my parents' place every time i go back.
the price for the moisturiser is RM48.90 (for two) and the facial wash is priced at RM14.50 (for two). with these kind of bargains, i can now save money for my raya shopping yeay!

Monday, July 18, 2011

the toilet fiasco

On saturday, after i was done with my check up, Hubby & I went to The Gardens and Midvalley Megamall to shop. we still have tons of things to buy for the baby. the thing about shopping on a saturday is that you have to bring your own bag, unless you don't mind paying 20sen for a plastic bag. We went from Isetan to Robinson to Jusco and Metrojaya. not to mention the stops we made at other shops. anyway, i brought two reusable bags and we bought a 2 liter baby detergent and 2 tubs of baby wipes, among other things at Jusco. we put these two things together in a bag and boy were they heavy! poor hubby had to carry the bag all the way to The Gardens since we parked our car at The Gardens.
Anyway, i don't get the toilets at The Gardens. they have a so-called premier/exclusive toilet where you have to pay RM5 per entry. to me, this is totally ridiculous. even KLCC charged only RM2 for the premier toilets, right? But then, if you have either Isetan or Robinson card, you can enter for free. well, I have both so why am I complaining? I think most people by now already have either, if not both cards. so, I think the toilet has lost its exclusivity. almost everybody can enter. I gave one card to Hubby and I took the other. both of us can enter.
While I was waiting for Hubby, along came a mother with 3 children in tow. she was carrying her toddler son and two girls, probably aged 4-6 years old followed her. they looked like they were in a rush to go to the toilet. the elder girl was coughing badly and the mother was scolding her. the mother wanted to enter the toilet but then she stopped abruptly, perhaps upon seeing that she had to pay RM5 per entry. suddenly, the elder girl started to vomit. there and then. on the floor. the mother had no plastic whatsoever but the other girl was holding a Chilli's plastic bag, which I assumed they had tapau-ed some food. the elder girl kept on vomiting and the mother, probably out of frustration and panic, started to scold the girl and asked her to stop vomiting. I mean, how can you stop vomiting, right? the younger girl also then started to cough and whined at her mother, which added to her frustration so she told the younger girl to stand far away from them. the girl went and stood near the elevator when she also suddenly vomited. the mother seemed helpless and people were looking (yours truly included). when the younger girl vomited, she then walked to her mother, only to vomit some more, leaving a trail of vomit behind her. poor thing. the mother then simply pull up the elder daughter's dress and wiped her off.
while all this chaos were happening, there are about 2-3 toilet staffs who were at the entrance of the toilet. they were busy talking to themselves, oblivious to what was happening in front of them. in my opinion, they should be more alert and perhaps give an exception to the mother and 3 kids to enter the toilet. if I were the mother, I'd be in difficult situation too. imagine there are four of you and imagine having to pay RM20 for a toilet fee. that is simply outrageous. but then again, if it was an emergency, what the heck, right? the staffs could have been more sympathetic and just let them in and probably just charge the mother. or at least they should offer her a plastic or the garbage can or some tissue paper. the mother could have just taken the Chilli's plastic bag and let the kids vomit in there too. too bad for the food, at least you don't make a mess there. to think of it, i could have done the same too. the least i can do is offer the mother some tissue papers but i did not. instead, i became the typical Malaysian who just 'watch & stare'. my bad. i felt sorry for the mother. i really do. i imagined myself if i were in her shoes. i hope i will never have to face such a situation.
i didn't know how the whole thing ended because by then, Hubby had already came out of the toilet. serves the toilet staffs right for not helping that they have to clean the floor.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a telephone call

this morning i received a phone call from an unknown number. i picked up the phone and it was a guy from or was it *pregger brain alert* i think it was from he asked whether he can ask me a question and record it. i asked what it's about. he said that Vanessa (i think it's from because if i am not mistaken, this morning i heard Vanessa Chong (is she Vince's sister, the one who won Amazing Race Asia?) on anyway, to cut the story short, the guy (i still can't remember his name) said that they just wanna ask me what is my ideal & perfect holiday. i was like, uh ok but in my mind i thought, did i win something? please tell me i've won a contest or a holiday of some sort haha. to his question, i answered that my ideal holiday would be an all-expense paid trip to a destination of my choice. however the guy said, "no, what i mean is what would your ideal holiday be? is it sightseeing or lazing by the beach or shopping?" oh i see. but my answer is my answer lah, right? he said he will pass the phone to Vanessa and he asked me give my answer and elaborate. whatever.
so Vanessa asked me the same question to which i answered something like this, "my ideal holiday is sightseeing because i have paid so much for the trip so i would like to make use of it as much as i can and i want to see and go to places. i may not return to the place again so i want to visit as many places as i can. i don't want to spend the whole day in my hotel room or by the beach. i want to explore the place and go shopping, of course." then Vanessa said, "thank you so much. we appreciate your time and have a good day." that it? then it occurred to me that it is probably a 'test' for Vanessa because she's probably new to being a radio dj? i don't know. but how and why did they pick my number? and at least explain lah why they're doing it, right? luckily i was in a good mood this morning that i just played along and cooperated with them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


i think it has been a while since i last talked about foods in my blog. now that Ramadhan is just around the corner, surely people will start looking for nice places to break fast. i am looking forward to the fasting month but i don't know whether i will be fasting or not. it will all depend on my condition, whether larat or not. looking at the court diary, there won't be many court cases in August so i guess most days will be spent in the office. if i larat, i will fast but we shall see how. of course i wish i could fast the whole month of Ramadhan. tak payah penat nak ganti nanti, kan?

anyway, hubby & i went to a place called Citrus. it is located at 2nd floor, Bangsar Village 2. hubby learned of this place from his friend and he wanted to try it out. so we went there last Friday, the night before the Bersih rally, before heading back to my parents' place.

it has a nice and cozy ambiance. the place is rather small but just nice enough for a quiet dining experience. not too many people like Delicious but it may be different on other nights or lunch hour. and it could also due to the Bersih rally.

hubby ate the lamb briyani as his friend told him that the briyani here is delicious. it was indeed delicious.

i had the beef burger and it was very nice! the beef patty was thick and juicy and the beef patty is well seasoned. i didn't even put tomato ketchup on my burger because the burger tasted nice as it is.

we were stuffed but i could not resist the desserts and i ordered a slice of red velvet cake to takeaway. i brought home and had the cake while watching dvd. i even gave mum & dad a taste. mum loved it but dad, not so much of a cake person, said 'eeeksss!' when he looked at the colour of the cake. he took one small bite though. the cake was soft, fluffy & spongy, unlike some red velvet cakes that i have tried where the cake is very padat. however, you can't hardly taste the cream cheese. the icing was more buttery than cheesy but it is definitely to die for.
i would give this restaurant a 7/10 as we were satisfied with the food. pricing was just like any other cafe. my burger costs less than RM20 so it's not too expensive considering the location of the restaurant. we will definitely go back and this time, i want to try other desserts.
if you happen to be at Bangsar Village 2, go check it out.

i am one happy customer. *burp*

Thursday, July 07, 2011

the number 7

Today is 07.07.2011.

I got married exactly 7 months ago, which is on 07.01.2011.

And ironically, today marks another milestone in my pregnancy whereby according to the pregnancy ticker, today I am 28 weeks pregnant, which means today I officially entered the 3rd trimester, or 7 months in gestation.

This means I have more or less 3 months to go before the Estimated/Expected Date of Delivery (EDD).

The EDD may or may not be accurate since I did not remember the first date of my last menses. Well, I was busy and stressed out preparing for my wedding back then in December 2010 and to be honest, I never kept track of my menstrual dates. As long as it comes visiting every month, I am fine with it. At least it is regular. Allah willing, I conceived right after I got married, which at first came in as a bit of a surprise to both me and Hubby but we welcomed this gift with open hearts. Since I did not remember the exact date of the first day of my last menstrual, the EDD was made based on the size of the foetus at the 1st check-up. It could be accurate, it could be not. After all, it is just an estimation.

Anyway where the hell did time go? Time is flying by so fast. It feels like we just got married and now here we are 7 months along. And yes, I am nervous as hell. Btw, go and google if you want to know how the EDD is calculated.

Friday, July 01, 2011

the show must go on

I was down with fever and flu last week and got an MC. My temperature was quite high so after Court, I immediately went to one of the clinics at Solaris Mont Kiara and took an MC. Due to the fever and flu, my nose was runny and stuffy all the time that I can barely sleep, especially at night. That, plus a severe case of coughing too. It was terrible but I was lucky that Hubby was always on my side and he even cooked chicken soup for me and made fresh orange juice for me. however, since I got the fever and flu, I kinda lost my appetite in food. I just don't feel like eating anything and foods just turn me off. I know that I have to eat but I just can't swallow any type of food that it is worrying me. I cooked rice porridge and only managed to eat a few spoonfuls only. However, as of now, I have slowly gained my appetite back and I hope it will stay.
Even though I was down with fever, I already got two tickets to see the Magical Musical, A West End Production at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre on 22 June 2011. I won the tickets from AllMalaysiaInfo and I had to collect the tickets from The Star Office. So in the midst of not feeling too well, I just couldn't let go of the show, could I? After all, they are free!

tickets had to be collected from The Star Office

the tickets. price: RM0.00=awesome.

the show

showtime printed on the tickets were 7pm. i thought, come on, 7pm show on a weekday? went home from work, got ready in a jiffy and rushed to Sunway Lagoon. there was a buggy waiting to take us to the Amphitheatre.

by the time we reached, it was about 740pm and the show has already started. we were told that it started at 7.30pm.

i guess we did not miss much.

the show was interesting but to be honest, it was nothing to shout about. there were a lot of empty seats probably because it's a wednesday.

go watch if you are a fan of West End musical.

after the show, which ended at about 930pm, we waited for a train ride back to the main entrance.

choo choo train