Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 christmas wish list

dear santa,

2008 has been a wonderful yet thrilling year, a year full of its ups and downs. (details of which is within your knowledge). i must say i have been pretty nice. naughty is subjective so let's not go there, shall we? but really, i have been nice. ask the people around me, i'm sure they will agree with me. since i have been pretty nice, i won't ask for much. just one little thing...


all i need is lots and lots of this

because with that, i may get this,

if i get the above, i will become like this

if i have those above,

he will buy me this
(or at least pay for the down payment)
okay, i can buy myself...




see, i told you i don't want much. so santa, do you think you can fulfill this one little wish of mine? if you could, i would like to thank you in advance and i promise to be even more nicer next year.

thank you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

stalk me not

...unless you have a box of chocolates and/or a bouquet of roses with you.

i received a telephone call one evening in my office. i was probably in the ladies' room when the clerk picked up the phone. on the other end of the phone, a guy, supposedly Chinese, by the name of Yan (how ironic) asked if there is a lawyer driving a red CLK (ok obviously he said a red Kancil and not a red Cute Little Kancil) in that firm. the clerk asked who he was and he said he met the lawyer in Court (but he didn't say which Court) and he said that the lawyer gave him the number. he didn't know the lawyer's name but stressed on the fact that the lawyer drives a red CLK. luckily the clerk didn't immediately give away my name. instead she said that she's not sure if there's any lawyer driving a red CLK (acting as though the Firm is so big and there are many lawyers) and if there is, she will ask the lawyer to return his call (he left his number by the way).

when i returned from the ladies' room, the clerk told me about it and i couldn't help but wonder who is this 'Yan' fella. as far as i know, i didn't meet anyone in Court by that name and even if i do meet people, i would have probably given him/her my business card, which clearly stated my full name and my number. why on earth would he call me at my office number? why did i give the office number in the first place? for what reason is he calling me anyway? it couldn't be that black guy coz he wouldn't know what car i'm driving (i hope) and he hasn't called the office since i never entertained his call.

well it's either somebody's pulling a prank on me or somebody's stalking me, neither of which i'm fond of. it is more scary than flattered. it is more freaky than excited. you get what i mean? obviously i did not call this 'Yan' fella. and he hasn't called again. at least not for now. it kinda send some shivers down my spine though.

hmm...maybe i should change my car.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

weekend project part 15

i'm in no mood to blog lately. i have nothing much to complaint talk about anyway. well, actually there is something bugging me but it is not something i want to talk about in my blog. anyway, raya haji this year was ok. spent the day at an aunt's house for makan-makan and kenduri doa selamat. takkan nak datang dengan tangan kosong, right? it was raining on raya morning and i was so lazy to bake anything extravagant so i decided to bake a simple butter cake.
the ingredients-butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence, fresh milk and flour.

whip whip whip

bake bake bake

turn it upside down

voila~ ohh the smell of freshly baked butter cake on a rainy day~


Monday, December 01, 2008

weekend project part 14

the Parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on 251108 so last weekend, apart from taking them out for dinner, i specially made them a cheesecake. since it was a no bake cheesecake, it had to be chilled overnight. i whipped up the ingredients on Saturday evening and only ate the cake on Sunday.

the ingredients. a lemon is also needed but it was not in this picture.

the base of the cake-digestive biscuit, cinnamon powder, brown sugar and melted butter

the mixture-cream cheese, whipping cream, gelatin powder, lemon juice and castor sugar.

pour the mixture in a spring form pan and chill in the fridge overnight. cover with cling wrap.

once completely chilled, slowly but carefully remove the cake.

i still had some green writing gel left from my previous baking project. i wanted to write "30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY" on the cake but tak cukup so i wrote 30th and drew 2 hearts instead.

the base do get crumbly and the cake slightly wobbly after a while out of the fridge so it's best to be served chilled to get a smooth cut. i forgot to take the picture of the cake after it was cut though. maybe if i rajin, i'll post the pic of the sliced cake.


the cakes in all their glory