Tuesday, January 27, 2009

weekday project for that special someone

when you love someone, you would go all out for that person. you would want to do your very best for that person. but what if that person is far away from you? when there is love, nothing can stop you. so what better way to express your love than to make some home-baked cookies? however, as much as you want to bake from scratch as it means a whole lot more, sometimes you just don't have the time. so this comes to the rescue. hey, it's the thought that counts, remember? as long as it is made with love, it will turn out great and that person will definitely love it and appreciate you for doing it.

when it is done, cool it on a rack and put it in a nice air-tight container and give it to that special someone.
oh by the way, who is that special someone you may ask? it is none other than my beloved sister who is all the way in Cambridge. i got you there, didn't i?
sis, these cookies are made specially for you. i know you have yummy Millie's cookies (and other yummy cookies tsk tsk) over there but i bet you sure missed my home-baked cookies, no? =P i hope you loved it.
now now...who is lucky enough to get my next batch of baked goodies?

Friday, January 23, 2009


i haven't been updating this blog since my last post. i don't exactly know why of late i've been neglecting My CrAp ShEEt. either i'm being plain lazy or i just couldn't be bothered to write or perhaps i don't feel like complaining about stuffs in here. trust me, there are aplenty. and it is so unlike me not to trash things out in here. i didn't even write anything about my birthday. things have been weird of late. too many complicated issues to deal with. *sigh* but then the lappy is back at its cranky mode again.

oh well...now now where are those chocolates?

Friday, January 09, 2009

morning traffic

there was this two policemen this morning at the Jalan Semarak junction, near Menara Celcom, manning the traffic. i was running late to Court and at the traffic light one policeman was waving frantically signaling the cars to go so i hit the gas but then just as i was about to pass the traffic light, the other policeman raised his hand asking the cars to stop. what the hell! i had to hit the emergency brake. i almost speed through but i couldn't. damn you policemen! make up your bloody minds (if you have any in the first place). i couldn't help but mumble something and i saw them laughing. bloody hell.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

the new year is here

but the countdown has just begun....
the countdown to a brand new year
the countdown to a brand new life
with a new prospect-be it personal, career, love
which will bring a brand new set of challenges, trials and tribulations
joy and happiness
tears and sorrows
ups and downs
the roller coaster ride has just begun...

ughhh...and i never go on roller coasters to begin with.