Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bleugh! part 8

  • as of monday, 1st October, the tv channles on astro have changed from two digits to three digits. i don't see the point/reason/rational of doing such thing because it's not like they're improving the system or upgrading the services anyway. bila hujan, takde jugak siaran! anyway i find the new channel numbers ridiculous. the arrangements are a total mess, kelam kabut, huru hara. and being someone who suck at anything and everything that involve numbers, i know it's gonna take me some time to memorize the channel numbers. for the first time, i have the astro tv guide right in front of me because i had to refer to the channel numbers everytime i wanna change channel.
  • i know i am not alone on this one because everyone i know loathe and hate big time the new KFC ad. it is simply ugly, annoying, menggelikan and everything else but good. what's with, everything? everytime i see that ad, i almost throw up and it really turn me off of kfc. seriously.
  • i know we are living in a melting pot society yadayadayada but why, just why do people who don't fast have to eat at the time we are about to break fast? you won't die if you don't have your dinner at 7 sharp, would you? when we are busy looking for a place to eat, finding good seats and all, that's when you have to sit there and eat and taking your own sweet time to finish your meal. or that's when you want to join in the queue. sanggup tu!! so much for being sensitive, huh?
  • i know there are no signs in an elevator saying "shh" or "quiet please" but i don't get how some people can be so ignorant and talk ever so loudly be it among themselves or on the phone. most of the time we will all be cramped in that tiny space and the last thing i want to do is listen to your conversation and damage my eardrums when you break into laughter or shout into your phone probably because the person on the other line can't even hear you because there's hardly any reception in the first place. and don't get me started with the smell of their breaths. i know it's fasting month but what about those who don't fast?

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