Tuesday, April 24, 2012

that whole week

*warning: lengthy post ahead
There are times when things just don’t turn out right or you feel like the whole world is against you. Like it or not, we have to face it as it is part of being a human. Last week was a hectic week for me.  On Monday morning, I had to attend a matter in the KL Industrial Court at 8.30a.m but due to the closure of Dataran Merdeka for the Agong’s coronation celebration, traffic was bad and I had to park at the basement of Dataran Merdeka. As I was climbing up the stairs, a man came down the stairs and went to the wall and peed. I was like WHAT THE EFF?? To top it off, he farted a loud disgusting fart while peeing against the wall. I immediately felt nauseous and I quickly make my way up. What a way to start the week, huh?
Tuesday was another hectic day where I had to rush from Shah Alam to Putrajaya. I had to buy McD on the way to Putrajaya for lunch and had it in the car, while pumping. One of the things I hate about going to Putrajaya is that I always find it hard to find the exit to the MEX Highway. I would either lose my way or couldn’t find it at all that most of the time I ended up using the PLUS Highway. By the time I reach KL, it was already started to jam.
On Wednesday, I went to Shah Alam again and on the way back, my car started to act up. Actually my car has been showing signs of problem since the week before where it was jerky at times and it has little or no pick up especially going upwards. On Wednesday morning, I informed my hubby to be on standby in case my car has a problem. Lo and behold, as I was making my way to the NKVE, somewhere near Section 13, the car became jerky again so I stopped by Giant and decided to have breakfast. After I was done and about to leave, my car could not start. I then tried and tried some more and when it does start, it died a few minutes later. I then called hubby and he said he will be on his way. He then asked me to call Kurnia Insurance to inform them. I called Kurnia and they said they will be sending a tow truck my way. I waited for hubby and the tow truck and it was almost 12pm. The tow truck then called me and asked me to inform the security guard that the tow truck is coming in to the parking lot. I had to search for the security guard and when I found him, we waited at my car. Eventually, the tow truck came and hubby also came but when I tried to start my car, hey ho, it can start!! Pfffft. It didn’t even die after a few minutes. The tow truck guy then checked on it and advised us to go to the nearest workshop. So off we went to a workshop in Old Klang Road where hubby always gets his car serviced. I drove my car behind hubby’s car and we made it to Old Klang Road. While my car was being serviced, we went to Bangsar & Wangsa Maju as hubby needed to collect some documents from his client. By the time we reached Old Klang Road again, it was already raining cats and dogs and traffic has started to build up. I left Old Klang Road at almost 5pm. Earlier I had informed my office and my boss about my car and my staff informed me that I have to attend a case in Muar the next day. My colleague then texted me and told me that boss wanted to brief me on the Muar file. I have no idea how to get out of Old Klang Road back to Hartamas and I must have took the wrong turn or missed a turn that I ended up at Sunway and traffic was at a standstill. There were two things on my mind, Babycakes and Boss. I need to pick Babycakes up from the nursery. Hubby stayed on at the workshop to service his car too, while we’re at it. I was still stuck at Sunway and it was almost 630pm. I informed hubby and he said he’s already in Kiara area. Wtf? How come he’s already in Kiara while I left earlier and was still nowhere near Damansara/Hartamas/Kiara area. I informed my boss my whereabouts and told him not to wait for me but instead write the instructions on the file and I’ll collect it later. I eventually reached office at 730pm while hubby went to pick Babycakes. Phew~ Boss was still in the office so he briefed me about the Muar case. I went home and hubby was in the kitchen cooking chicken soup while Babycakes was in her high chair near the kitchen. The moment I opened the door, the first thing I saw was Babycakes who gave me the brightest smile ever and she batted her hands and moved her legs in excitement. Automatically all my tiredness went out the door. What a joy to be home, to see her face and to have the smell of chicken soup coming from the kitchen. I was tired and hungry that after nursing Babycakes, I took a nice bath and dinner was already served. Babycakes and I hit the sack at 11pm but I think I fell asleep first.
The next morning, I woke up at 5am coz I planned to leave for Muar by 6. This time, hubby couldn’t follow me as he has a meeting to attend so since I’ll be driving on my own, my newly serviced CLK no less, I might as well hit the road early. I left an extra bottle of milk for Babycakes in case she needed her milk before going to the nursery. I drove about 80-100kph max but it was quite a drive because it rained very heavily on some areas while it drizzled on other areas. I had to be extra careful. It did not help that I was still feeling sleepy. I reached Muar and stopped at a petrol station to go to the toilet and bought myself a can of coffee with kacip Fatimah some more. When I reached the Muar Court Complex, it was raining cats and dogs. I soaked my shoes and drenched the lower parts of my pants as I made my way to the building. My matter was initially to be heard by the Registrar but for whatever reason she was not in a good mood I guess that she transferred my file before the judge. Pffft. I eventually left the Court Complex at almost 11am and it was still raining then. I have no idea where to have breakfast so I thought of going to Giant as I know there’s nothing much at Wetex Parade. To my disappointment, there was no food court or kopitiam in Giant except for KFC and Rasamas. I left Giant and found Uncle Joe’s kopitiam at the Laman Maharani area so I had toast, eggs and coffee. I then made my way back as I did not want to get stuck in traffic once I reach KL. The drive back was OK as it was cloudy but cars, buses and lorries overtook me so many times. They drove really fast that my car feels like flying!  I then stopped at Senawang R&R to pump milk for Babycakes. Good thing I brought my cooler bag with me but the ice packs have started to melt. I stopped for about 45minutes or so and I turned off my engine while pumping. There was a sign that advises cars to turn off the engine as it pollutes the environment and is also a health hazard. I willingly obliged but I sweat buckets while pumping! Oh well, at least I get to burn extra calories while pumping because it feels like sauna. I did not stop for lunch as I was still full so I drove back to KL and eventually reach home at almost 4pm. I wanted to nap but at the same time I felt hungry so I reheated the leftover chicken soup from the previous night and boiled some spiral pasta. I then had my late lunch and then I started to pump again. By the time I was done eating and pumping, it was already 5pm. I wanted to sleep, I wanted to bathe and I need to pick Babycakes before it rains as the sky was getting dark. I quickly took a bath and rushed to her nursery. As much as I wanted to sleep, she kept me awake as I need to play and entertain her. At the end of the day, I did not get my sleep until almost 12am.
Luckily Friday was spent at the office. Phew.
Of course this post is lengthy. It summarizes a week’s worth of activity.

Friday, April 06, 2012

request denied

gone are the days where i approve total strangers on facebook. yes, i used to approve random friend requests back then. well, if i hadn't done that, i wouldn't have met my then boyfriend now husband, would i? i know it is a social networking site so if you only approve people you know, how are you supposed to expand your social circle, right? that was my justification back then.
but now, if i have random friend requests, i would simply hit the Not Now button. and most, if not all, i would also answer No when prompted with the question 'Do you know this person outside facebook?'.
what i meant by random are:
  1. those who have no mutual friend(s) at all.
  2. those who have a number of mutual friends but the mutual friends are friends that i don't even know (the people that i approved randomly back then).
  3. those without a profile picture.
  4. those without a proper profile picture e.g picture of a cartoon character, flower, animal, logo, football player, car, bikes, babies (not theirs), celebrities, models, scenery. well, you get the picture. no pun intended.
  5. those with weird names e.g names combined with the name of a celebrity or someone they idolize or plainly use the name of a celebrity (seriously?? how old are you?).
  6. those with annoying names that the moment you see their request, you feel like punching them in the face e.g Terlupa Nama, No Komen, Stroberi Manis, Kupu-kupu Malam, Teh Tarik, Cinta Pari-pari, Aku Anak [si polan] etc.

there are also some requests which are still pending. they are:

  1. the ones whom i don't know but have mutual friends whom i know. just because we have mutual friends doesn't mean i know you and you can simply add me.
  2. the ones whom i think i know but i'm not sure i know. for example, they supposedly are from the same school or uni with me but i don't know them or i'm not sure it's really them because either they don't have a profile picture, a proper profile picture, they put the picture of their kid(s) etc.
  3. the ones who use their kid(s) names as their name. or combine their names with their kids/husband's names but i think i know them probably from uni or school but i'm not sure.
  4. shops or business pages. i may have or may have not purchased from you but that doesn't mean i want to be your friend. i may have inquired about a product or two from you but that doesn't mean i want to keep updated with your latest products. and just because i 'liked' your page, doesn't mean i want to be tagged in your pictures of kain, toys, shoes or baby clothes. i will find you if i want to.

that is all for now.