Thursday, October 04, 2007


before we know it, Ramadhan is almost coming to an end. but how come i hardly see any raya decorations in the shopping complexes and hotels? where are the hanging ketupats and bulan sabits and bintangs? where are the typical rumah kampung setting? sometimes it just don't feel like raya if not for the lagu raya yang berkumandang. much for being a multi-racial country, melting pot society and what not.
anyway i got myself a nice baju kurung songket at sungai wang today. the thing about going shopping with your boyfriend i.e. a man, the typical hot-blooded, testosterone fueled male is that you can never get a decent and satisfying answer. when i showed him one baju and asked, 'cantik kan?' he answered, 'cantik.' i showed him another and said, 'cantik kan kaler ni, sweet/lembut sangat!' and he'll reply, 'a'ah.' when i was choosing the baju songket, there were four colours; blue, light orange, lavender and yellowish/grayish. i took the yellowish/grayish and showed it to him. i think it looked kinda dull. so i asked him, 'ok ke kaler ni? macam dull tak?' and he'd say, 'ok je.' then i showed him the lavender baju, 'yang ni cantik sangat, kan? tapi yang ni size S' duh, of course i won't fit into a size S! his reply was, 'ok jugak.' (with an obvious i'm bored - sleepy - tired - i - might - as - well - give - the - safest - answer - can - we - get - it - over - and - done - with - look plastered on his face) haih...apparently, everything looked ok to him. i can't get a decent answer, let alone an opinion. heck, i can't even get him to answer more than 5 words! too bad sis isn't here. i sure need some girl-opinion. *sigh* and mum won't be here this weekend too. i was thinking of getting another baju because this year we are not tempah-ing any baju since we won't be going to the palace anymore boohoo~ but by the looks of it, i'm gonna have to rely on my own conscience.
so, have you done your raya-shopping? a word of caution: if you plan to do your last minute shopping this weekend like i do, be prepared to get stuck in traffic; face the difficulties of finding a parking spot; long queues at the cashier, in fact, long queues everywhere; packed eateries; screaming, running, wailing monchichis and monchinis; lost kids; selfish Malaysians; dirty and smelly toilets bleugh etc etc. let us all try to keep our composure. right. who am i to tell you to keep cool when i myself sure that i cannot stand it. hey, at least i'm prepared! confirm habis pahala puasa! heheh~


Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

yeah skarang mmg trend baju songket eh.. gile aa tgk all the bajus.. huhu.. can't seem to get enuff of em..

Izyan Darling said...

cantik, kan? so klasik. ala2 perempuan melayu sejati bila pakai. *perasan*

~Sis~ said...

hey babe, aww u miss having me around, ey? if not, sure we can go shopping tak ingat dunia punya! haihh. pls dont remind me about that! oh, i checked out Next, M&S, Topshop, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse..but nothing fancies me. haha. I guess I still need my raya shopping dose with all those gorgeous kebayas & kurungs hanging around. huaaaaa...guess what i'll be needing for raya are dull & boring winter jackets! bleugh!

p/s-got buy 1 for me or not? story je, miss je buat apa! hmpphh!