Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Day We Joined A Fashion Show

When I was about 8 months pregnant with babypie, I entered a 'Fashion Show' with babycakes. The fashion show was organized by Isetan KLCC. I was informed of the event by a friend so I thought, let's give it a try. It was actually a fashion show for kids but mothers are welcomed to join too and can walk the runway with their kid. The theme was polka dots but babycakes doesn't really have a polka dot shirt or dress except for this denim dress with floral and polka dots all over, which was given by my colleague.

 When we reached Isetan, we registered ourselves and babycakes were given a number.

Here the kids were given some coaching by a staff but babycakes was more interested in the playground. There is also an area where the kids were getting their makeup done but since babycakes was too busy playing and the queue for the make up was quite long, I decided to pass. After all, why spoil an innocent kid's natural beauty and cuteness with makeup, right?

For mothers who registered, we were given a shirt to wear, sponsored by Mum's Club. I decided to go with something simple and I chose this button down navy blue shirt to match with babycakes' dress. There were some light refreshments as well.

It was quite difficult to get babycakes to sit still while waiting for our turn. We were number 15 so it took quite a while to wait. Soon when it comes to our turn, we walked and rocked the runway. Babycakes was sporting and was so comfortable that she smiled all the way and also waved to the audience.

I believe my presence helped boost her confidence as I am pretty sure she won't walk the runway on her own. At the end of the show, there were no winners but each participant were given a goodies bag consisting of a Frozen notebook and some stationary. Each participant were made to pick a hairband or hairclip and also a pair of pyjamas. It is a good way to boost a child's confidence and to make her comfortable being in a crowd. Kudos to us, babycakes! It was a fun experience for both of us.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Bear With Me

I have so many stories to share but either I have no time to write them or when I do, I'd be too lazy or would have forgotten what to write. Therefore, I shall list down the things I intend to share, in no particular order:
  • Our trip to Perth in May 2014
  • Babycakes' Frozen themed birthday party
  • The birth story of Mohamad Isaac Rizal a.k.a Babypie
  • Our family holiday to Melbourne and Sydney on New Year's Eve
  • How my life changed now that I have an infant and a toddler
  • The day Babycakes and I joined a pageant competition at Isetan KLCC
  • The day I took Babycakes for a casting at a modelling agency
  • Some of the baked goods that I made
 These are some of the things that I remember as of now. I will slowly write them, Insyaallah. Stay tuned!