Thursday, December 20, 2012

a day of pampering

See the letter above? Check out the date. Yes, I won this contest back in May this year. I entered the contest much earlier. What did I win?

This package is worth RM480. It includes a welcome tea, 90 minutes full body relaxing massage, exfoliating full body scrub, warmy steambath, detoxifying foot spa and a nourishing milk bath.

The spa is located at Menara Standard Chartered, Jalan Sultan Ismail. It is right smack in the middle of KL. I took leave on Friday to utilize the voucher because it expires on 31 December 2012. If I don't redeem, what a waste it will be. Upon entering, I was greeted by the staffs and they gave me a welcome tea. Then one lady took me to the consultation room to explain to me the package that I won. There are several types of massages i.e. sensual, Japanese, traditional and Swedish. I am not one who frequents spas and massages so much and my pain threshold is really not high so I opted for a relaxing massage that does not have a strong pressure on my body. The lady explained to me that some people whose bodies are not used to massages may experience body ache the day after if the pressure is too strong. She suggested I take Swedish massage. I was also served with another cup of tea during consultation.
After consultation, I proceeded to do my detoxifying foot spa. What they did was soak my feet in hot water for about 20 minutes and put a small cup of salt in the water. That's it. I don't know how that can help to detoxify but whatever. They didn't even scrub or massage my feet. :(
Again, I was served with another cup of tea. By the time I was done with the foot spa, I had the urge to go to the toilet to pee. >.<
Then an Indonesian masseuse led me to the massage room where I was required to change into the disposable G-string and was asked to lie down for the massage. The massage was good, she asked me every now and then, whether the pressure is ok or too strong. After the massage, she scrubbed my whole body with some sea salt. After the scrub, I went to have a warm steambath for about 20 minutes. After that, the lady asked me to shower. I thought I was gonna dip in a milk bath but nope. All I did was shower with johnson&johnson milk bath. -_- I guess that is their equivalent of a milk bath. After showering, I went back to the room to dress up and a cup of tea was waiting for me. 
Then the staff called me into the consultation room again, also with another cup of tea. She started asking me my experience and of course she started promoting their packages. I had to say no simply because I don't want to commit myself. The location itself is inconvenient to me as it is right smack in the middle of KL so you can imagine how expensive parking will be. Plus, as much as I love doing spas and massages, I don't see the need to sign up. I don't want to pamper my body so much as people said, including the masseuse herself that once your body is so used to massages, it will become manja and always wants to be massaged. I don't know how true it is but mind you, it is not cheap. I politely said no and walked out of the spa feeling energized, refreshed, skin as smooth as a baby's butt and wanting to pee.
I left the building and went shopping at H&M. I ended up buying 3 outfits for Babycakes and one for me. I was itching to go to other shops but it was a Friday and I don't want to get caught up with the traffic madness on a Friday evening so I left at 3ish. Went to tapau some food, went home and watched a dvd before I picked Babycakes from the nursery.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Milk supply for Babycakes

OK I can upload photos again. Actually this has happened once before and after a while, I was able to upload photos without having to upgrade the storage. Now it is happening again. Perhaps it was a technical glitch on blogger? I don't know but I am happy that I can now upload photos.
One time I received an sms asking me to reply a YES/NO question to stand a chance to win a milk supply from Wyeth. I don't normally reply to such sms-es but that day I did. I have forgotten about it until I received a telephone call from a representative from Wyeth telling me that I have won a two months supply of S26 PE Gold. Their letter came not long after.

I had to collect the milk myself at Jaya 33 so on 12 December 2012, after attending Court in Shah Alam, I went to Jaya 33 to collect the milk.
Jaya 33 parking is horrible. Most parking are reserved for tenants and the visitors parking were full too. I had to make so many rounds to find a spot. In the end, I parked illegally because I was sick of looking for parking. My car is small to fit in anywhere anyway. By illegal I meant not in a proper parking lot. Wyeth's office is on level 12 and it can only be accessed by those with access card so I had to register at the concierge and the lady used her access card to allow me to go up. However, instead of level 12, she pushed level 13 so I had to come down again, tell her and then only she pushed the right floor. The security measures are really strict.
This is what I won for Babycakes.
So far Babycakes is not a picky eater, alhamdulillah. She eats basically everything, even without having any teeth. She just recently popped her lower and upper teeth, past 1 year of age. I hope she will like the milk and I hope once the milk is finished, she won't mind switching back to Ducth Lady or Dugro. She's been drinking Dutch Lady since she turned one and she seems fine. I don't see the need to switch to other brands of milk. However, it is her rezeki to get a carton of S26 PE Gold.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

it's full

My blog storage system is full so I am unable to post anymore pics unless I upgrade and purchase the storage. Would I pay to post pics? Don't think so. What bout you guys who post tons of pics on your blog? Did you run out of space? 
A blog post is not interesting without a picture or several pictures, right? For now what I am going to do is upload my pics on photobucket and provide a link to the album or the pics in my blog post. If you are interested to see the pics, feel free to click the link. If not, no need to click. Simple as that. Of course I will make the blog album on my photobucket open to public.
Till my next post.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Winning ain't easy

Oh dear, December is here! December is a special month because it is hubby's birthday. It also means we will be closing in on the new year, which means our wedding anniversary is also near. We are almost 2 years young, insyaAllah.

Anyway I am still very much a contest junkie. However i haven't been joining, let alone winning stuffs lately, which is a bummer. I am an avid RHBonline user and they are currently having a contest called Italia Mania. The weekly prizes are 5 x RM100, the monthly prize is 3 x Trip to Italy for 2 and the grand prize are 5 x Vespa GTS300. The contest period is from 16 October 2012-31 December 2012. I honestly think the monthly prize is way better than the grand prize, don't you agree? I am so pissed off with RHB at the moment because I can't enter the contest. For whatever reason, the reference number I entered is not valid. I called for assistance and they too seem a bit oblivious with the t&c and they weren't able to solve my problems. They asked me to try again tomorrow. GRRRRR. This reduces my chance at winning. Sigh.

Speaking of winning, I recently won a bottle of SKII Miracle Water from Bella NTV7. Isn't that awesome? I was required to collect the prize at Media Prima but I got my lil bro to collect it for me. I can't wait to try the miracle water and see if it truly is a miracle. My skin now is OK, not flawless definitely but OK. It does get oily towards the end of the day and I do get the monthly zit before or during that time of the month but other than that, alhamdulillah my skin is OK. I only use Olay's facial wash and Olay Total Effects. I don't use a toner, I don't use a nightcream, I don't use any serum, I don't use any whitening products so I hope this miracle water will help enhance and boost my skin's condition. And I hope my skin won't be too pampered with it so much so that it will no longer accept Olay. But then if it really does wonders, I might consider using it in the long run.

The Miracle Water. P/s: This is not my desk. This is lil bro's desk. He sent me this pic after he collected the prize.