Wednesday, May 26, 2010

there is always a first for everything

guess what? i just had my first online shopping experience a few weeks back. i was always skeptical about buying online, especially when it comes to clothing. i've heard and read stories about terrible online shopping experiences. anyway, even though most blogshops provide detailed measurements, somehow rather i cannot bring myself to rely on them because the cutting may differ from one clothes to another. i know my size (though i wish i could be slimmer and smaller), i know my body type. i may fit size M for brand A while for brand B size XL (gaaaaahhhh!!) may fit me nicely. it differs, really. besides, the pictures on the blogshops may look nice but wait till you see the real thing. another reason is because i don't get to touch & feel the materials.

btw, i recently came across some cool blogshops and the first item that i bought online are these.

check out the bump!

a few weeks later, i bought this, from the same blogshop.

you don't expect me to put a pic of me tweezing now, do you? LOL. the second time my parcel came, they even included a free gift which is a cute hat-feather hair clip because i am a repeat customer.

i have never thought of buying clothes online but as i was browsing through the blogshops and after reading other bloggers' stories about online shopping and what not, i decided to give it a try but unless and until i have received my order, i shall not blog about it. in the meantime, i shall wait. it should arrive in 2-3 freaking weeks time. lalalala~~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

weekend project part 23

my mum knows that i love to bake and try new recipes when i'm in the mood so whenever she comes across recipes in the newspaper, she would cut it for me and give it to me. i kept some which i find interesting and which i intend to try and discard those which i find otherwise. one day she gave me a recipe for cotton cheesecake. i have never tried baking cotton cheesecake before. initially i wanted to bake it on mother's day but i had an overdose of cheesecake at my aunt's house so i kiv-ed baking the cotton cheesecake. i have already bought the ingredients the week before and the cream cheese won't last long so i had to do it last weekend. instead of using the recipe that my mum gave me, i googled and found another recipe, which is more detailed & easier to follow. i am always worried but at the same time excited whenever i try a new recipe because i don't know whether it will turn out ok or not. it is a risk that i have to take.

since the cake is baked in a spring-form pan and in a water bath, i have to cover the pan with foil so that the water do not seep into the cake.

surprisingly the heat in my microwave oven is even thus a perfect brown all over. i was happy upon seeing this.

then i became nervous when removing the cake from the pan because i'm scared that it might stick.

alhamdulillah my cake turned out awesome! i'm not going to say it turned out perfect though because the bottom part is a bit wet.

however, the texture is light, airy and cottony enough, true to its name.

mum said it's delicious. boyfy said it's 'cemerlang'. lil bro packed the cake for his gf. it is definitely a YES!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eating out

When you go to a restaurant or a café or a mamak or an eatery, the first thing you would do after finding a table is to call for the waiter or waitress. Sometimes, the waiter or waitress can be really attentive and helpful that they come to your table the moment you sit and immediately offered you the menu. Sometimes, you would have to call for them and they would take their own sweet time to come to your table. Sometimes, you have to ask for the menu. (duhh!) But certain places like roadside stalls do not have menus, which is totally understandable.

Speaking of menus, it really disgusts me when I see a dirty, sticky, smelly, koyak2 and lunyai2 menu. Some restaurants laminated their menu and the lamination is peeled off and dirty gooey thing got stuck in between. Ughhh you get the idea. I don’t know how to describe it. So unhygienic, right?

Speaking of menus, some restaurants have a long list of menu with pages and pages of choices, complete with pictures and descriptions. They looked so tempting but do not expect the real thing to look just as good, thus the disclaimer on some menus. But what about those without disclaimers?

With regard to choices, it annoyed the hell out of me (and I bet millions other people too) when 9 out of 10 items on the menu are not available. If one or two items that you ordered are not available, it is still acceptable but what if most things that you wanted, are not available?

An incident happened last Sunday at Baskin Robbins Jaya Jusco Setiawangsa. I ordered a blueberry something something with bananas as the topping, as shown in the picture. Then I was told that they just realized that they have run out of bananas. And to think it’s a Sunday, and it was only 3pm. And it was Mother’s Day. Obviously a lot of people would come to the shop and buy, no?

Another incident happened last night at Restoran Ali Maju, Setiawangsa. I ordered chapati and it was unavailable. I ordered lassi, also unavailable. I ordered appam, also unavailable. How do you think I feel?

Normally when this happens, I would take a deep breath and ask the waiter or waitress, “What is available?” Saves me the hassle, the heartache and the time from going through the menu.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the alarm is ringing

i don't know about you but i really hate the sound of my alarm in the morning. i use my handphone as my alarm. i do not use a clock because chances are, whenever it rings/buzz, i will most likely throw it across the room or smash it on the floor. now that wouldn't be good. that means i'm gonna have to buy a new clock everyday.
but there are times where i feel like throwing my handphone though. most of the time i would hit the snooze button 3-4 times. sometimes i would hide it under the pillows. but the vibrations annoyed me too. haha. i am currently using the song 'Do You Know Where You're Going To' by J.Lo as my alarm. it is a nice and soothing sound but it still annoys the hell out of me, especially after some time. i need to change to other song/sound but i don't have a song/sound that is not annoying, not noisy, doesn't give me a heart attack in the morning and most importantly, one that would wake me up without cursing myself for not going to bed earlier the night.
any suggestions? what song/sound do you wake up to?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

slapped with a summons. again.

Look what came in the mail.

Damn it.

I guess I have no choice but to pay the freakin’ RM110.00, do I? If i do not pay on or before 7th May 2010, they will blacklist my name. Great.

The offence was way back in 2007. And I thought they have forgotten about my summons.

See, they don't even have my nombor cukai jalan (isn't it stated on the road tax? i don't know) and they don't even specify the jenis kenderaan. duhhh. that's why i needed the proof last time. Remember this post?

Oh s***. There goes my RM110.00. Serves me right. I should have paid when they gave the discount. Tu lah, banyak soal lagi. But still!! They have no proof what!! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!