Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a twist of luck

just when I thought I was lucky, Lady Luck twisted my luck a bit. I was supposed to watch the premiere of X-Men last night when my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to watch Mahsuri instead because he just received free tickets from his aunt at the very last minute. oh man, what are the odds? both shows are for free and both are on the same night. *sigh* why can't it be on different nights? oh well, one can't always have the best of both worlds, right? After some thinking, I chose to watch Mahsuri over X-Men. The reasons being:
  1. X-Men can be watched some other time whereas Mahsuri ends tomorrow night.
  2. There's always DVD for X-Men.
  3. Another reason for us to go out perhaps to watch X-Men?
  4. X-Men is free seating while Mahsuri is numbered seats.
  5. Istana Budaya is very much nearer to my house than One Utama.
so yeah, I said YES. and then it hit me, rugilah the X-Men passes. I asked my officemates if they wanted the tickets but they passed. thank God for the live feed on Facebook, I made an offer to see if anyone is interested. within seconds, i received responds and a friend wanted the tickets so I gave it to him. phew~ at least the tickets didn't go to waste.

oh well, I may not be so lucky in love but at least I'm lucky in other areas. the best part is, I get to choose who I share the goodies with, who I go to the events with and who I invited to accompany me. after all, it's the company that matters. if you have the right company, a boring event will be just as fun, and vice versa. I believe the more you give, the more you receive so I shall give to the deserving ones.

and I thank Lady Luck for the twist of luck.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lady Luck, please keep on smiling

Sometimes luck comes a-knocking on my door and it comes in various forms. I may not be the luckiest person on earth but I can say that I am pretty lucky, though in certain areas, I do need all the luck in the world. What I notice is that being lucky is seasonal in my case. When the luck strikes, it strikes like nobody’s business. When there’s no luck, I have a series of bad luck/unfortunate events.

It’s been a while since I last won anything from a contest. I did enter a few contests here and there but I didn’t win. Until recently, I won a Dutch Lady bath towel, passes to see Alexa (an Indonesian band) perform at Zouk Club and passes to Redfm's Love Classifieds party at Luna Bar. On the day of the party, I had to pick my Bestie at Subang Parade so I parked my car by the roadside. Who would have known that Skuad Era Avanza was there as well, right in front of me. I didn't even know it was them until one of the guys came to my car and asked me to come down to collect the goodies. I said to him that I will only come down when my friend is here. There were about 10 guys and who knows, they might bundle me up and put me in the trunk of their car! Better safe than sorry, right? Even though it was in broad daylight, I dare not take any chances. A few minutes later, the guy came to my car again and said that they were leaving soon so it's best if I go and collect the goodies. I was lazy to get out of the car so I said, "Ala, bagi je lah barang-barang tu." They know they had to give it out anyway so they gave me a bottle of 7Up Revive and two passes to catch the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. How cool is that? Now I get to watch the movie for free, and a day earlier before it hits the cinema. When my friend came, she wanted to take pics with them so we went and they gave us more canned drinks and a tumbler.

A few days ago a friend told me that she saw my name in May's issue of CLEO. My name is one of the consolation prize winners for one of CLEO's contests held in March. Today, i received an email stating that I scored two passes to the Capital Dance Anthem at Red Square.

I can't believe myself either. Told ya that when it strikes, it strikes like nobody's business. All I can say is Alhamdulillah. Now i'm just waiting for the day to announce that I have won a house and/or some really cold hard cash. Really. I can't wait for the day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lipan oh lipan

How often do you dream of something in your sleep? When and if you do, how often do you actually remember about your dream? I often have dreamless sleeps but sometimes I do have weird dreams. I hardly have a pleasant dream. Or perhaps, I did but I don't remember it. The thing is, of late I have been dreaming about lipan. It creeps and scares the hell out of me and it doesn't help that sometimes I bump into them. One time a huge one appeared out of nowhere while I was taking my bath so I grabbed the towel and frantically looked for the aerosol. When you needed one, that’s when you couldn’t find it, or you don’t see it because you were too menggelabah to see it. At the end, I called my maid. I didn't dare kill it because it was huge! And it moved so fast that I’m scared that it will climb on my leg. *shivers* And then another time a teeny weenie baby lipan appeared out of nowhere. I grabbed the pail and hit and squash it dead. lantakla kalau baldi tu pecah, yang penting lipan tu mati. Seriously, what are the odds? Why do they have to come to me?

And it doesn’t help that I even dream about them. Is there some kind of hidden meaning behind the dream or perhaps I got too carried away? Whatever the reason may be, it is not a pleasant feeling. *sigh*