Sunday, February 24, 2008

plus, minus

what i am about to tell you might come as a surprise so brave yourself for the shock of your life. ok, i'm exaggerating a bit but you might not believe it when i say that i played futsal! yes, i did and it was my first time at kicking the ball and damn it felt good. i know futsal has been here for ages but last Friday was actually the first time ever that i played. well, i have to start somewhere, right? so when a dear friend of mine, Diyana asked me if i wanted to join her and her officemates for a game, i thought, why not? besides, i really need the workout anyway. so off we went to a God forsaken place in Bukit Jalil because that's the only court that is available. it was a long drive because traffic was f***ed up on Friday evening but it didn't really bother me since i was so mangat2 to play. in case you felt a tremor on Friday, that was probably me running up and down the court. hahaha. correct me if i'm wrong but they call it court, don't they? i can't remember when was the last time i had a good workout sweat like an oink oink but i think the reason why i pancit (besides lack of or no stamina) is because most of the time we were screaming and giggling. you know lah girls, takut kena bola la, takut jatuh la. we didn't really play by the rules but it was fun and i get to meet a bunch of new people. all in all i think i managed to burn a few hundred calories.
but when i got home, i ate rice with rendang ayam boohoooooo~ so happen the maid cooked rendang ayam for dinner and i couldn't resist. and then i also had this, courtesy of Diyana.

today, i made this for tea since a few relatives are coming over.

so i've lost a few hundred calories but added a few thousands more. pfft.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

meet ms.cranky

the lappy is ok (for now). it seems that everytime i blog, i'd mention about my lappy. how pathetic. i asked my supposedly IT lil bro and he knew nuts about it. and apparently none of his friends knew about it. i texted him saying, "takkan sekor sorang pun tak tau? ni lah dia bakal graduan IT. hampeh!" hmphh. so i asked big bro, who also took IT and he said that buying laptops is all about luck. "ikut nasib la kalau so happen dapat barang x baik." duhhh. hello. i don't pay thousands for a lappy and hope that Lady Luck smiles at me and says that mine's a barang baik! ok, dad paid for it actually. but the point here is, how is this even possible when the lappy is only 1 year plus. of course it decided to get all cranky after the warranty has expired.
so i went to Low Yat today to survey the price to repair a what i call a cranky lappy (because of how it's reacting). however i didn't bring my lappy along since i went straight after office. i asked one shop and the guy told me it would cost me around 500-750 freakin' bucks. gaaaahhhh! and then i went to another shop and the guy told me it will cost me about 1 freakin' thousand bucks or more. double gaaaahhhhh! i seriously think they were trying to cheat me. then i went to a third shop and the guy was surprisingly kind enough to tell me to try to go to Acer Service Center in Berjaya Times Square. off i went and there was this promotion thingy going on downstairs in the concourse area and there was an Acer booth. i told boyfy that we should try and ask the people there first, just in case. unfortunately they're not sure about it and told me to bring my lappy. i asked them if the Service Center is still open but he said that if he's not mistaken, it only opens during office hours. s***. i mean who the hell would go there during office hours, right? seriously. wouldn't it be easier if Service Centers open until 8 or 9pm at least? don't tell me that i have to take a freakin' day off just to get my lappy checked (and later be told to pay a thousand bucks to repair it?) i seriously think it defeats the purpose of having a Service Center in the first place. of course i didn't go to Berjaya Times Square. however, i will check the opening hours, just to be sure.
after much baby-talk, persuasion and pujuk2, my lappy miraculously come alive. i guess it's scared that i might send it for repair/servicing or something. i know it sounds ridiculously insane but it sure worked, didn't it?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

pictures-part 2

The lappy is at it again. It was ok for a couple of days, and then went kaput again yesterday. Pathetic. Anyway another slide show has been created. Right. As if you wanna see my pictures anyway. However, I’d like to warn you that most, if not all of the pics are pictures of me, thank you very much. The reasons being:

  1. I think I looked cute lalala. Perasan, you say? Who cares? It’s My CrAp ShEEt! Besides, I know some people someone who thinks I’m cute. *blush* ok you can barf now.
  2. I may need the green light from my siblings to put their pics because knowing them, especially lil’ bro, he may not approve certain pics as he may not look handsome or macho or he may senyum x macho or his muka berkilat etc.

Ok picture time!

Friday, February 15, 2008

pictures-part 1

i finally managed to create a slideshow of my recent trip to London as attached. these pics were taken using one camera. if time permits, i'll create another slideshow from the other camera over the weekend, provided that the lappy AND the internet connection is ok. i'm wishing, hoping, praying and keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that my lappy will be ok because yesterday the screen was ok. was it because love is in the air? i doubt it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


dear lovers lovebirds,

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. may you find happiness with your loved ones and may your love be blessed always. to singles, may Cupid's arrow hit you today and may you find your one true love. you deserve the best and that person is somewhere out there waiting for you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


my love-hate relationship with London.

  1. I love the beautiful country but I hate the bloody cold weather. I don’t know how it’s like in spring, summer or autumn though because everytime I go there, it’s winter time because apparently that’s the only time of the year that all of us are free to go.
  2. I love shopping in London but i hate the fact that the shops close as early as 5pm. How boring.
  3. I love shopping in London because i can easily get shirts and pants my size. a plus point is that it makes me feel a teeny bit small because there's always bigger sizes available. =D
  4. I love the shops and the sale but I hate the fact that we have to multiply our currency by a whopping 6.5-7 times! No doubt that the stuffs there are relatively low priced but if you multiply it to RM, it equals to just about the same, if not more.
  5. I love to go to their supermarkets because there are a lot of processed and frozen foods that just sounds so yummy and easy to prepare. I know it’s not healthy but wouldn’t it be great to just go to a supermarket and grab something to eat or on the way back you buy something, pop it in the oven for a minute or two and voila, a complete meal is ready in just the blink of an eye. Unfortunately it’s not halal. Unlike our foods, kena tumis beria, santan segala. so leceh!
  6. I love the complicated and many underground lines and the names of each of the station but i hate it when i have to walk so far just to change to the next line and when the station have no escalator.
  7. I love the way the drivers respect pedestrians. They actually stopped at zebra lines. Unlike here in KL, even when the light is green for people to cross, motorists ignored it, especially motorbikes. To make matters worst, I have to make sure that the vehicles are at a complete stop before i dare to cross the road. Over there in the UK, they will stop at zebra lines, even when there's no traffic light.

despite my love-hate relationship, i will be back for the fifth, sixth, seventh time lalala. revisiting the places bring back fond memories. unfortunately i cannot post the pics here just yet because i'm having some problem with my lappy. i think the lcd screen has gone kaput. tsk. will have to send it to low yat to get it checked, which means more money. it doesn't help that i have a hole in my pocket thanks to shopping like crazy in London. *sigh* what a timing huh.