Wednesday, April 17, 2013

some things are beyond our control

Life, as it is, is very unpredictable. So does the morning traffic. One morning you can reach Shah Alam in 40 minutes, the next morning you can be stuck in traffic for 2 hours.
It happened to me yesterday morning. As usual, I left house at 745-750am when I have to attend case(s) in Shah Alam Court. I use the KNVE to get to Shah Alam and would exit at the Subang toll, enter Federal Highway and straight on to Shah Alam. Traffic after the Subang toll (near Glomac) is crazy and congested but yesterday, the congestion started from Bukit Lanjan. From afar I can see a lot of cars and from there on, it was a bumper to bumper crawl. It was 820am and judging the traffic, I knew I would be late so I immediately called my opponent counsel's office and asked for the counsel's phone number. I  got the number and called but it went straight to voice mail so i left a voice mail. I also sent a text message to him to inform him to stand down the matter for me as I am going to be late. I told him to stand down to 930am.
It turned out that there was an accident at KM15 near Dataran Prima and a lorry overturned or something. The radio keeps on updating the traffic condition but it didn't improve at all. Normally the stretch from Damansara to Subang is always congested (for no bloody reason) but traffic is always crawling so it was still bearable but yesterday's traffic was horrendous!
By the time I exited Subang toll, it was 930am so again I sent a text to my opponent counsel and informed him that I will be in Court in 20mins. You can imagine how fast I drove after I exited the toll. But then again, how fast can my 'CLK' go anyway. Sigh. 
I was lucky my tummy behaved yesterday morning or else I'd be really stressed and sweating trying to hold on. However, when I reached Court, I went straight to the toilet because by that time, I was thisclose to peeing and shitting in my pants. -___- It was just my day that the elevator to the main building was faulty so I had to climb 3 floors up and by the time I reached the courtroom, I was sweating and panting like a fat pig.  That was close to 10am my friends. 
My opponent counsel smiled at me and I apologized profusely for making him wait. But then again, it was beyond my control. When I went in to see the Judge, again I apologized profusely and explained to her why I was late. 
There are just some things in life that is just beyond our care and control and I am glad that my opponent counsel did not make a big fuss about it. I know some people would. And the Judge too was OK. If you were in my shoes, or if you were in the other people's shoes, I hope you will understand or at least try to understand. Yesterday it happened to me. Tomorrow it could happen to you.
And please people, drive safely because your driving affects other people on the road. I can't imagine how many people were late to work yesterday. And today's radio reported that there was an overturned or  stalled lorry at Federal Highway, in front of the KWSP building. I am glad I don't have to go to Shah Alam today.

Monday, April 08, 2013

nothing is safe anymore

Not even an umbrella, an old sorry-looking free umbrella for that matter.
Whenever it rains, I would leave my umbrella at the basement where I parked my car at our home. I would leave my umbrella opened and put it behind my car for it to dry. The next day, I would simply fold it and put it back into my car. I've done this several times. It saves me from the hassle of carrying a wet umbrella together with Babycakes, my handbag, her backpack, her food bag and my other bag up to the house. FYI I carried Babycakes into the elevator and I would only let her walk once we reach our floor simply because I don't want her to run/walk away and I'd have to  chase her and all, which is very tiring and difficult when I have tons of stuffs to carry.
Anyway, two weeks ago, I did the same for my umbrella. It was safe all along so I thought, why not? But the very next day, I couldn't find my umbrella. I was so pissed off. Who in the world would want to steal an old, sorry-looking umbrella? It's obvious the umbrella belongs to me as I leave it at the back of my car. Gosh seriously? Obviously the animal person who stole it stays in the building. Or it could be one of the security guards. So much for being security guards huh? If I ever see anyone using it, I will approach that person and ask. But if I do not, to whoever that stole my umbrella, i wish you get struck by lightning may you be blown away by the wind. I am not kidding. It may be 'just an umbrella' so why the need to steal it? The animal person was lucky it didn't rain until I get my hands on a new umbrella. And because of that, I had to get a new umbrella. I bought one at Daiso for only RM5. It's transparent with pink and orange polka dots on it but it's a bit small. Oh well it will do. For now.

Curse you, umbrella thief!

 If I had bought this umbrella in Sydney and somebody steals it, I would definitely cry my eyes out!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I miss you

Oh dear I have abandoned my blog for so long! I miss my blog, I miss updating my blog, I miss writing but I have been so busy since I got back from my holiday recently. I will probably share some of my holiday pics here soon, Insyaallah.