Friday, May 30, 2008

attention ladies

dear lady drivers ladies,

if you happen to be very lucky to drive your boyfriend's/your dad's/your sugardad's/your husband's a huge ass car, i suggest you drive with style. by style i mean drive confidently and look good driving it. what's the point of driving a huge ass car with excellent engine with god knows how many horse power whatever when you drive at 60 kmph in the highways? and please do not put the seat at a straight 90 degree angle. and it does not help that your seat is as near as possible to the steering wheel. if you are not confident or brave enough to drive the huge ass car, i suggest you drive a cute little car like mine. please, your boyfriend's/your dad's/your sugardad's/your husband's car the huge ass car is not made of some fragile glass that you need to drive at a snail's pace. come on! langsung takde style lah! one more thing, if you don't know how to drive an automatic car, by all means drive a manual car because you keep on braking every five seconds and i seriously wish that either we are on the bump-bump car track or i'm driving a monster truck so that i could hit you and smash you real hard from the back.

this is just a piece of 'friendly' advise from one lady to another. thank you.

yours truly,
unlady-like driver who is not lucky enough (yet) to drive a huge ass car

Monday, May 26, 2008

weekend project part 7

There was this pizza recipe in saturday's nst so i thought of trying my hands at making one, or two. At first i thought of making the dough myself but it would be so much hassle and i wasn't really in a rajin mode so this came to the rescue.

The thing about pizzas is that the possibilities are endless so you can put anything and everything your heart desires and you can put as generously as you want. So i top some smoked beef pepperoni, button mushrooms and mozarella cheese on one crust while i top another with sliced smoked chicken, button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, minced meat and mozarella cheese.



i didn't take a picture of the first pizza after it was cooked because it was a bit on the hangus garing side. the stupid recipe said to set the temperature at its highest, which is 250 degrees centigrade for 12-15 minutes. mana x hangus my pizza! as for the second pizza, i turned down the temperature a bit and it turned out just the way it should be except that it was a bit soggy because the oyster mushrooms produce water. hmmpphh.

note to self:
1. buy a proper pizza pan for future pizza-making sessions (as you can see, i used a dulang for the second pizza hahaha)
2. buy a pizza cutter
3. never put oyster mushrooms on pizzas. i thought i saw Jamie Oliver use oyster mushrooms on his pizza. or was it shitake mushroom?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

excuse me...

when people approach one person and asks for direction, the person must answer politely and with a sweet smile. but what are the odds that people approach you and ask for direction all the time when there are other people around? this happens to me most, if not everytime i go to court. don't take me wrong. it's not that i don't like people approaching me or it's not that i'm too good to answer them or give them directions but it happens all the time that it makes me think, "do i look like a muka kaunter pertanyaan?" huhuhuh~ i told a friend about this and he said that those people are trying to approach me as in nak mengorat or konon-konon nak kenal. funny what he said because most of the people who asked me were the defendants and most of them are either a pakcik or a makcik or someone who is old enough to be my dad. i mean, if some putera raja or hans isaac/tony eusoff/anuar zain yang approach, berbaloi la jugak, kan? hahaha~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend project part 6

the lil bro has been bugging me to bake a carrot cake and since we didn't get the chance to celebrate Mother's Day last week, i decided to bake one this weekend. besides, it's a long weekend. so off i went to Cold Storage in Great Eastern Mall and i almost spent an hour there just by looking and browsing at the oh-so-many imported stuffs. i even drool at belek-belek the many types of cheese they have on sale. oh don't get me started on the cookies, chocolates and cake stuffs they have. *drool*






*don't mind the uneven surface. it will be covered with cream cheese




are you drooling already? hehe~ maybe i will post a picture of the cake when it's cut. or maybe not. anyway, have a great weekend to all and happy wesak day to those celebrating it. in the meantime, let's not forget about those unfortunate people in Myanmar and China. may God bless them.

Monday, May 12, 2008

tribute to mummy

due to some idiotic internet connection back home, i was not able to post this earlier but i believe it is never too late to wish my beloved mummy and all mummies, mummies-to-be, new mummies out there A VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. without you mummy, i won't be standing where i am today. thank you for everything. yes, we may have our differences, our arguments and whatnot but what's a mother-daughter relationship like without one, no? i love you with all my life. *hugs*kisses*

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tag 1

The Rules :
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog.

  1. I’m a contest junkie. I love entering contests, be it in the newspapers, magazines, online and also radio contests. It started out after SPM when I entered this one contest in Youth2 (a newspaper pullout in NST for teens) where I won two tickets to see the Disney movie The Emperor’s New Groove. And the rest, they say is history. To date I have won perfumes (Burberry Brit for Men, Body Shop and Armani Night for Him & for Her), movie passes, cosmetics, shampoos, CDs, t-shirts, movie merchandise, a limited edition Swatch watch, Osim thermometer, Munchy’s hamper and lunch with celebrity impersonator, tickets to The Sound of Music and Fame the Musical, some cash, food vouchers, entry passes, Maybelline makeover and a return ticket to Bangkok. The best thing that I have won so far was my *CLK. Last week I called in Red 104.9 and won a goodie bag of some sort for mother’s day. Now that I’ve won a car, I want a bigger car but Lady Luck chose not to smile on me for the CIMB Dream, Deposit and Drive Contest or the Petronas Super Car Craze. I already see myself driving away with the real CLK and/or the Mini Cooper. But it would be awesome to win a house too or some huge sum of cash, don’t you think?
  2. I am the most impatient person I know and it is definitely something that I am not proud of. I will never win MTV’s boiling point, that’s for sure. If there was a patience-booster pill of some sort in the market, I’ll run to the store and be the first to buy.
  3. I hardly take rice. The only times that I take rice is probably during the weekends, when the parents are around. But I don’t know why I’m still like this. Oh, I think it’s the sinful stuffs that I take along the way hahaha.
  4. I love watching cartoons. Until today, I still watch cartoons. I think I’m the only one in the house who watches Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. I also love animated movies. It’s my must-see kind of movie.
  5. I can be happy just by smelling freshly baked bread, freshly brewed coffee and Famous Amos. I’m happy just by looking at cakes, chocolates, donuts, buns and other desserts on display.
  6. Since I don’t have any pets anymore, I can spend hours in a pet shop looking, ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the cute pets (iguanas, lizards, reptiles, spiders, crabs and the like not included).
  7. I would tegur any cat I see, be it stray cats, cats at the kedai mamak, cats in the longkang, cats inside someone else’s gate. Basically I would say “meow” to any cat I see, with the hope that they would respond and come to me. Speaking of cats, there was this fluffy orange cat that makes our house as his own. He sleeps on dad’s car or bike (this, memang cari nahas because dad just couldn’t stand the sight of the cat), sits on the fence looking cute and regal at the same time as if he is one of the lights and drinks from the fish pot. Since he is super cute and fluffy, I would quietly try to call him and umpan him with the hope that he would be all manja and come to me but no luck. Instead he would run away. Mentang2 la comel and gebu!
  8. I'm a sucker for horoscopes. I love reading them. The problem is, I only like what I read if it says something good or something that really kena. If it says something interesting but it didn't happen, I'd go "penipu! takde pun" or "tak jadi pun" hahaha. But I don't totally believe them. I'm just reading it for fun.
so there. the eight not-so-random-anymore things about me. I hereby tag...
1. Eyzzah
2. Cik Angah Lee
3. Azim Pele Pele
4. LittleHid
5. Cikin Bonitadiosa
6. Ida Tway Blade
7. Len Bukan Nama Sebenar
8. Cikgu Yuz

If rajin, buat la ye. If not, kindly ignore.

*Cute Little Kancil