Tuesday, February 24, 2009

cherish the love

With the passing of my senior back in UiTM, Ahmad Zulkamal a.k.a Zack on 21 February 2009, at a tender young age, it made me realise that anything can happen to anyone, anytime. I don't personally know arwah but he's my senior and the boyfriend of Veeky (Susan's best friend) therefore we always bump into each other in the faculty and we would occasionally say hi and smile to each other. When I received the news from Susan on Saturday evening, I was utterly shocked. I guess Allah loves him more. All we can do is say our prayers for arwah.

Life is indeed full of surprises and life is too short to be wasted. Therefore, cherish the people around you for you will never know what will happen to them, to yourself and when will be the last time you see them. Appreciate the people around you and live life to the fullest.

To Zack, may you rest in peace.
To Veeky, be strong. There's a silver lining behind every cloud.

a nightly battle

i have been having sleepless nights. every night when i turn off the lights, i will hear the annoying sound of mosquitoes ringing in my ears. the weird thing is, before i turn off the lights, there was no mosquitoes at all. but the moment i hit the bed, they magically appear out of nowhere. WTF? i closed my windows early so where the hell did they come from? it is bloody annoying. what is most annoying is that they always berlegar-legar around the face area and then when you tried to smack them, you ended up smacking your face, which becomes more annoying. no amount of sprays or vape mats can kill them. damn it. i ended up pening because of the smell. and when one does not get enough sleep, one becomes cranky. and when one is cranky, one gets easily annoyed. when one gets annoyed, one becomes pissed off and the chain continues...all because of the annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes.

Monday, February 09, 2009

weekend project part 16

i found a recipe for caramel cake here. honestly, i didn't know that caramel cake is actually kek gula hangus (duuh, i know!). the recipe is simple, the ingredients are minimal so i thought that i wanted to give it a try. i thought that it will turn out yellowish like creme caramel, only in cake form. what was i thinking, huh?
the ingredients

the batter, ready to be baked

after it was turned upside down

dah kena potong

the cake

my first attempt and it turned out ok. well, this is how kek gula hangus is supposed to look like, right? it has those 'sarang' and when i look at it closely, i become geli as in goosebumps. crazy, huh? but it looks like beehive pun ada. but when looked at closely, geli pulak. taste-wise, tasted like kek gula hangus lah. =)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

oh woman

i just have to share this piece of quote which i received in my email. i don't know who came up with this quote but i loved it, don't you?

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So if you give her a piece of crap, be prepared to receive a ton of shit."