Monday, May 30, 2011

trip to Melaka

I went to Melaka High Court last Thursday.

The trip to Melaka was not as adventurous as the previous trip to Muar simply because the Melaka Court Complex is situated along the main road from Ayer Keroh and it is easily located.

The drive was OK but I felt sleepy as I left the house at 615am. When I reached Melaka, it was raining. Luckily I reached the Court Complex early so I managed to park inside the Court compound. The parking is the senget type so less ‘work’ for me. My case was finished at almost 11 and since I only had a very light breakfast, I was hungry and decided to go and have something to eat. Dah alang2 berada di Melaka, haruslah ronda2 kejap kan? Opposite the Court is Melaka Mall.
There’s Parkson Grand and an ‘Extreme Warehouse Sale’ was going on so I just have to check it out. Unfortunately nothing fancies me. There are not much choice of food outlets either so I went to Jusco instead, which is located beside the Court.
I had brunch at the food court and then tershopping a bit at Jusco. The sale was on so what the heck, right? I eventually left Melaka at 2pm and on the way back, with a full tummy, I felt very sleepy to the point that I could barely open my eyes so I stopped by at the Seremban R&R and slept in the car.
At first I thought of taking a 15 minute nap but when the alarm went off, I snoozed it that I eventually slept for about 45 minutes. Within that 45 minute nap, I think I dreamt a few times. I dreamt that I almost crash into another car that I was awaken by the dream only to find my car nicely parked there. Pffft.
I then made my move at almost 4pm and eventually reached KL. However, instead of going home straight, I had to go to the office to collect a file due for Friday. Good thing that I took that nap. The saying ‘Biar lambat asalkan selamat’ definitely applies here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

trip to Muar

I was assigned to attend Muar High Court for a mention on 19 May 2011. I told hubby about this and told him that I may have to use his car. There’s no way I’m gonna drive my ‘CLK’ all the way to Muar, right? So he went and sent his car for servicing and did the alignment. The car is due for a service anyway so it’s a good thing jugaklah that I had to go to Muar. I have been driving my CLK since my uni days and it’s a manual car. This may sound weird but I am not used to driving an automatic car. My CLK is very small and compact and it is very easy to drive and maneuver so driving a slightly bigger car, an automatic car is a challenge for me. I’ve no choice but to bring hubby’s car and the night before was the 1st time ever that I drove his car. We went to the petrol station to fill the gas and it was already at night and drizzling. Not a good way to start driving something you are not familiar with. Yakin tak yakin, I have to drive it the next day so what the heck!
I left the house at 6am on Thursday and I drove slowly and carefully all the way to Muar. Upon reaching Muar, I had a hard time locating the Court complex. My dear friend Sara has kindly drawn a map for me, which she scanned and emailed to me the day before. Check out her map below. Aren't they cute?

For some reason, I must have missed one junction or landmark that I just couldn’t find the Court. It was already 8.30am and I started to panic. I stopped at Shell and asked for directions but none of the workers, who are all girls managed to give me a direction. I moved on. At the same time, I tried to call the Court to inform them that I am on my way and to ask them to stand down the matter. Since the mention is before a judge, I am scared that the judge might strike off my file. The Court people, as usual, were not helpful. Of course my call was transferred one too many times and when I said that I would like to stand down the matter, the person on the other line said “jurubahasa dah masuk mahkamah dah. Dalam mahkamah takde telefon. Takpelah awak datang je lah. Takpe..” WTF!! I asked “Boleh tak sampaikan pesanan saya pada jurubahasa sebab saya tengah cari bangunan mahkamah ni.” She said, “Takpe, awak datang je. InsyaAllah sampai lah tu kejap lagi.” Sabar je lah…
I stopped by at Caltex and asked an apek who was filling his gas for direction. I was desperate at that time and he was the 1st person that I saw so I just asked him. The apek gave me directions but then a pakcik on his bike overheard our conversation and asked me where I wanted to go. He also gave me directions but I guess my face looked like I’ve no idea what they were talking about that the pakcik then said, “Takpelah, awak ikut pakcik. Pakcik tunjukkan jalan.” Woohooo!!

The pakcik on the motorbike. Dalam pada kelam kabut, panic & tak sure jalan, sempat lagi nak ambik gambar!

So I followed the pakcik behind his motorbike and eventually I managed to reach the Court complex. I couldn’t thank the pakcik enough and said to him, “Allah saja lah balas jasa pakcik. Terima kasih banyak2 ye pakcik!!” He asked me where I was from and when I said KL, he smiled and left. Phew.

The Muar Court Complex is a new building and apparently the Courts have moved there since July last year. Quite a nice building. Siap ada taman dalam bangunan tu lengkap dengan label nama pokok segala. KL Court pun takde pokok2 macam ni.
After I was done with my case before this particular cenge judge, i took a breather and had a drink at the cafeteria and had a really lousy karipap with hardly any inti, mostly bawang bleugh~

Dah alang2 sampai Muar, haruslah ronda pekan Muar, kan? Even though it is a small town, I am sure Muar has something to offer.

Wetex Parade. I think this is the only shopping mall in Muar. Not bad. I had my lunch at a Teppanyaki restaurant here and I even bought some stuffs at The Store and its one and only maternity boutique. Hehehe.

Muar town in all its glory.

After lunch, I drove back to KL, trying very hard to stay awake on the road. A very difficult task, I must say. I managed to reach home at about 6ish and then terpengsan2 tidur kepenatan. Seriously, I think Muar needs an airport. Jauh OK!

Monday, May 16, 2011

a little get together

Last Saturday, Hubby and I had our first guests to our humble little abode. Our guests are none other than my really good friends. We were having a potluck cum gathering cum housewarming cum Iza's pre-wedding celebration of some sort. It was a small scale and simple celebration but most importantly, it was with the right company.

As the host & hostess, we cooked spaghetti bolognese and made ice lemon tea. Sara & bf Azwan brought roast beef and lamb chop, complete with mint sauce and black pepper sauce. simply delicious! they also brought a bucket of KFC.

Iza brought 2 dozens of Big Apple donuts. just look at those yummy donuts!!

Since we did not have enough plates, we decided to use paper plates and I just had to choose a fancy one. At least it's not the boring plain white ones, right?

Next in line, InsyaAllah. :)

Susan's husband could not join us so she came by herself.

Hubby enjoying the KFC. Boy was he super excited upon seeing the KFC that they brought.

Eating and gossiping!

Susan made this lovely carrot cupcakes with cream cheese topping especially for Iza. She even brought the candles.

Unfortunately Aimi could not join us due to some urgent family matters. If not, it would have been complete. :(

The celebrated couple. Iza's fiance only joined us later at night as he had to work earlier. What's important is that he made the effort to come and join us. Besides, we still have tonnes of foods left.

It was a simple yet intimate get together. Even though our house is not that complete yet (we haven't even framed our wedding pictures!) and we barely have enough plates to cater to every one, we surely enjoyed each other's company and the lovely foods that each of us brought. Hubby was also very sporting and accommodating that he even 'ran' to Ikea that very morning to get some stools and other stuffs so that my friends have a place to sit in and to make the house more like a home.

I shall now count to the days for my bestie to tie the knot and we will definitely have more get togethers in the future.