Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it happened again

i'm bored. i can't update my blog as often as before. the reason being my smart-ass supposedly IT guy lil brother forgot, or rather did not pull out the modem plug and on one not so fine day, the lightning struck and sambar the modem and it went kaput. and padan muka him he also did not pull out the plug of his laptop so his laptop is also now kaput. luckily they are still under warranty. but then it'll take about 2-3 bloody weeks to get it back. so now i can only go online when i'm in the office, in the morning or during lunchtime and when the cats are not in, which is very seldom nowadays. bummer. told lil bro to always cabut the plug but of course he never listened. he said "dah tutup suis pe!" right. this is not the first time this is happening. some people just never learn, do they? so now we would all menyangap at night. but lil bro still has his pc and ps to play games. so he's happy. lucky we have astro. and i have to make sure the maid to cabut the plug whenever it's not in use.

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