Wednesday, June 27, 2012

silver with gold

today marks Babycakes' 9th month birthday, alhamdulillah. this little pumpkin of mine is very vocal and noisy, she knows what she wants,  she knows how to smile, she knows how to show her excitement, she knows how to clap her hands when we say "clap clap, clap your hands", she knows how to wave goodbye when we say "bye-bye" or "ta-ta-bye" (even though sometimes she gets confused with waving goodbye and clapping her hands where she would wave when we say clap, she would clap when we say bye bye), she can make a lot of sounds with her little mouth, she loves to make "aaaaaah" sound and then cupping her mouth with her hand repeatedly that she made a "ah-bwaaa-aah-bwaaa' kind of sound, she can stand with support, she can scream a loud scream, she can feed herself, she can pull the bib off her chest, she can poke my eyes, peel my lips, pry open my mouth, slap my face and body, squeeze my boob, pinch and bite my nips, pull my hair and the list goes on. if you see a bald spot on my head, it's probably because she pulled my hair.

i've been breastfeeding her for 9 solid months to date, alhamdulillah. this means i now have silver boobies with golden nips! oh yeahhhh!!! i deserve a cupcake! or two!

oh dear three more months until her 1st birthday!! i shall put on my thinking cap and start planning. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

human obstacle

putting Babycakes to sleep at night is like declaring world war. she would either cry or she would be most active when it comes to bedtime. i know that she was tired and sleepy but she just refused to sleep. when we are on the bed, that is when she wants to practice her skills and show off to Mummy. she would stand, crawl, roll and do every other thing possible. 

seriously, i feel like a human wipeout obstacle.

this would go on for about an hour or more and in the end, i fell asleep myself, only to wake up later and realized that there are 1001 other things to do. therefore i would try to steal some time whenever i can to pack her bag or thawing her milk or cleaning up her dining area etc. on some good nights, she would fall asleep very easily but on most nights, it's mummy the human obstacle.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

it's a girl!

duhh it's obvious my Babycakes is a girl, isn't it? having a baby girl brings a whole new meaning of cuteness altogether. everything looks cute on her. no, make that super cute. everything looks adorable. she can never look weird in a mismatched outfit (not that i've ever mismatched her clothes, mind you). what i meant by 'mismatched' is having her wear for example a orange top with a green pants and yellow headband. hmmm to think of it, she doesn't have an orange top, a green pants and a yellow headband. maybe i should get one for her (alasan). anyway you get my point, right? but then again, isn't colour-blocking the current hot fashion trend? or has it passed? i am no fashionista myself and i don't do colour-blocking whatever so i wouldn't know. that being said, it does not mean that you can dress your baby in any way you like. to you, she is the most adorable, cutest looking baby on the block but to others, she may look like a little clown. lol.
anyway, speaking of dressing up a baby, being a girl, Babycakes has tons and tons of clothes. first there are the daily clothes and pants that she wears at the nursery and then there's the weekend clothes where she wears only on weekends. they're too cute to be worn at the nursery (and Mummy might not see her in it) yet they are not really suitable to be worn outside to the malls or majlis and the like. 
i've always loved the colour pink so it is a good thing that my baby is a girl. as much as i try to vary the colours of her clothes, the colour pink dominates her wardrobe i think. on father's day, initially i wanted to treat hubby to a nice dinner somewhere but on saturday evening, hubby suddenly said, "jom pergi Genting!" i was like, huh, genting as in genting highlands? that was at 6pm. he said yes. KL has been so hot and hazy yada3, it's so near yada3 so off we went.
so i put Babycakes in a long sleeved plain dusty pink romper with a plain pink legging with hearts on it. just before we left the front door, her royal highness decided to poop. and she pooped a huge poop while sitting in the bumbo seat thus her poop rides up her back and stained her clothes and legging. how convenient. i had to clean her and change her altogether. this time i put her in a pink t-shirt with white polka dots and a white legging with pink polka dots and a huge pink flower on her little bum. when we arrived at genting, i put her on her hooded navy blue sweater with red and white soft shoes to cover her tiny toes. as i was pushing her stroller and entered one of the shops, a group of Thai ladies (or shemale- I can't tell for sure because they are so pretty yet the beauty wasn't natural, i don't know. too much make up perhaps?) saw Babycakes and started to admire at her and ogling at her. they were speaking in Thai and they even touched her hands. then one of them said "[Thai words] handsome [Thai words]" i was like, uh huh. i couldn't be bothered to correct them though as i was hungry at that time and kinda malas nak layan.
we then had dinner at Hotel Highlands coffee house (food was so-so) and I opened Babycakes' sweater zip because i wanted to put on her bib to feed her. her pink t-shirt was obviously showing.  a chinese family near our table was admiring Babycakes from afar and saying how cute she was because she was seated beside me, not on the baby chair and she was feeding herself the biscuits. then hubby carried Babycakes and brought her over to the table to say hello to the family. then the chinese lady said "so cute ah...dah besar sure hensem worr." hubby corrected her and said, "ini baby girl lah" to which she replied "ohh girl ah? sure cantik besar nanti"
my question now is, does Babycakes look like a boy? just because she's wearing a navy blue sweater, does that make her a boy or look like a boy? isn't it enough that i've pink stuffs all over her? so much for being non-stereotypical huh?  but if you ask me, i'd chose a girlier sweater for her actually but we bought this particular sweater from Baby Poney last year simply because they were on sale and it was buy 1 free 1 for the price of rm69. rugilah if tak beli. her other sweater is red but it's one size bigger so it's kept for use in the future.  so shall we stick to the blue is for boy whereas pink is for girl then?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

matchy matchy

half a year is almost gone OMG. it's June already? tick...tock...tick...tock...
this means raya is about 2 months+ away! oh oh! i haven't ganti last year's puasa. i was pregnant last year and i missed X number of days of puasa last year. Gaaaah!
Speaking of raya, I am sure most people have sent their materials to the tailors by now. I haven't! In fact, I haven't even decided what colour to be this year's theme colour. The other day my mum suggested a aprticular colour. Hubby already has a baju melayu in that colour so he's safe. Pfft. This means I need to find a baju for me and Babycakes. Shopping, yeayyy! This year being the 1st raya as a Mummy, of course I am super excited. Babycakes will be 11months during raya so it'll be fun to dress her up and she may be walking by then. Or at least scrambling. I can imagine her in pretty gowns and cutesy baju kurung. Would you believe me that Babycakes already has not one but TWO pairs of baju kurung already? Yes, I already bought them for her. One was bought in April and another one I bought in May. Crazy huh? Puasa is not even here yet but she already has her baju. And one of the baju kurung has lots and lots of maniks on it, I kid you not. But they're cheap so I HAD to buy it. Come puasa time, the price will surely double, I betcha! Kalah Mummy nanti. But the two baju kurungs are not that particular colour. I want to have a matchy-matchy baju kurung with her to be worn on the 1st day of raya but no tailors are gonna accept it now. *knocks on head* I have a pair of kain which I asked my SIL to buy in Bandung but looks like the kain will have to be kept for raya haji or some other occasion. It's not even that colour anyway. 
The issue now is, where can I find a matching baju kurung for me and Babycakes? I want us to wear the same baju! As for the 2nd and 3rd and subsequent days of raya, we will be wearing matching colours. This means I now need to find another one to match her manik2 baju kurung because I already found (and bought) one to match her other baju kurung so at least I'm safe there. It's better to buy early because prices will soar come puasa time. I even left my card at the boutique so that they can inform me once the mummy & baby baju has arrived. I hope they're pretty and 1st raya-worthy. And I hope the prices are within my budget. just doesn't sound right, does it? Mummy has to match Babycakes' baju, and not the other way round? It's pretty clear who's the boss now huh?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

two for one

we only have one child (for now) yet we have two car seats and two strollers. the car seats are a must as we needed one in each car as hubby would be sending her off in the morning while i would be the one picking her up in the evening. thankfully Babycakes doesn't mind sitting all alone at the back, in her own little seat. if it's a long journey, she can easily doze off.
and then there's the stroller. we recently bought an umbrella stroller for her so that i have one in my car. all along her stroller is in hubby's car so if i were to take her out somewhere, it would be a bit leceh without one. if it's a short trip to the supermarket, i can easily put her in the trolley seat and do my shopping. she really loves trolley rides and she loves 'eating' the trolley even more. so to distract her from 'eating' the trolley and all the germs that come with it, i would push the trolley while running and making funny sounds, much to her delight. she would give me a belly laugh but at the same time, i get weird stares from other shoppers. haha. but they would smile too when they look at how happy Babycakes is.
i have a sling to carry her but since she's becoming more active, she wouldn't sit still. she would arch her back wanting to see the world so it's really difficult at times. last friday i went to Toys R Us with her and saw a few umbrella strollers and they are really cheap. they are lightweight, easy to fold and most importantly, they can fit into my tiny car. so i told hubby to get one and on saturday, we bought Babycakes a brand new stroller, yeay! it's a simple umbrella stroller and it has a special price for starmembers so i told hubby, let's take it! there were two colours-red and navy and of course we chose red. it matches my car and her car seat. awesome. Babycakes loved her new stroller that she fell asleep on it after that. a new stroller requires a hanging toy so we bought her a taggies toy as well just because. haha.
as much as i am tempted to buy the fancier strollers, i refrained myself as the other stroller will still be her main stroller anyway. why should we pay so much for something that we hardly use? the one that we bought fits all the purposes and it is just as good as any other stroller. i don't want to be pushing a huge bulky stroller especially when i'm alone with her and i don't want to spend so much time struggling to fold and keep the stroller in the car especially with so many cases of car park kidnapping recently.
now that we have a stroller in my car, we can go anywhere we want, with or without hubby. :D