Thursday, January 31, 2008

smart planning

dear KL-ites,

Selamat Menyambut Hari Wilayah. told ya it's good to be in KL. ;P

anyway, since Friday is a holiday, I shall be leaving for London for the fourth time, mind you, tonight at 0030hrs. I won't be around until 9Feb.08. Took 3 days leave for next week and I get a whopping 10 days. they say absence makes the heart grow fonder so i'm pretty sure 10 days is long enough for those people that special someone to miss me. i may or may not go online there, when i'm in sis's place but why would i want to sit in front of the lappy when there's so much shopping sightseeing to do, right? i hope, no i know that the bloody cold weather won't dampen my spirit to go shopping sightseeing. i managed to get a relatively low exchange rate so i hope that the few pounds that i have can stretch a looong way. so sis, see ya in Heathrow tomorrow yeah?

To all chinese and to those who celebrate Chinese New Year,

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you. have a prosperous year ahead. may the year of the Rat bring all the good things to you.

adios people....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the thing that makes your day

i received a surprise today. and it was a very very lovely and sweet surprise. my bestie Iza sent me a bouquet of roses for my birthday and valentine. this afternoon, the office bell rang and the person at the door said that she wanted to see me. i was surprised as there's no way that a client wants to see me. i wondered, who the hell could it be. when the clerk opened the door, i saw a lady with a bouquet of flowers in her hand and my clerk showed her to me and she handed me the flowers. i read the card attached to it and saw my bestie's name. as if la ada 'secret admirer' nak hantar kan? in my dreams la. hahaha. anyway, i was speechless! how thoughtful of her to have done such thing, considering her being in JB. *tears of joy* i wanted to call her there and then but i know that if i call her, i wouldn't be able to contain myself from shrieking in delight and screaming her name over the phone. besides, it's fun to see the 'wondering' looks from the staffs. hahahaha. later on i called her when i was in my car on my way back (stuck in the bloody traffic jam! asal hujan je, jalan jem!!!)
i couldn't thank her enough. she said that it was her and her sister's idea to give me the flowers since we weren't able to meet on my birthday itself. i am indeed truly blessed to have such a thoughtful friend like her. even though we are miles and miles apart, our friendship is still strong. heck, it's stronger than ever.

babe, if you're reading this, I THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU AND I WOULDN'T TRADE OUR FRIENDSHIP FOR ANYTHING ELSE. send my regards to suya and tell her that i looove the flowers aite? i'm sooooo gonna get you something really really nice from UK . *muahs*

Monday, January 21, 2008

music to the ears

this piece of news just came in. KL IS DECLARED A PUBLIC HOLIDAY ON THAIPUSAM YEAY!!!!!!! which is this Wednesday, 23rd January. i was watching TV3's Nightline and i heard PakLah making the announcement but i wasn't too sure of what i just heard so i checked on NST's site and true enough, KL CUTI RABU NI FOR THAIPUSAM!!! OMG i couldn't be happier. and i'm sure i'm not alone. there are millions of people out there who are feeling just as happy, if not elated, psyched, and overwhelmed with the news except for a huge bunch of businessman out there though. heck, i'm not complaining. i love u PakLah! now i get a holiday on Thaipusam AND Hari Wilayah. oooh it's good to be working in KL. whoever's not in KL, i hate to say this but it sucks to be youuuuuuuuuuuuu~ *evil laugh*
now this is the kind of news that makes the week seem better, considering tomorrow's a Monday. i bet i won't be having Monday Blues this week. hehehe. have a good week people!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

i tag you!

i was tagged by kak farah yonks ago to do this. surprisingly, it took me quite some time to think of 8 random stuffs about me but here goes. if you think i'm weird, it's fine by me.

  1. i don't like people calling me YAN. don't ask me why. i just don't. it's not hard to pronounce I.Z.Y.A.N, is it? come on, all together now say "IZ~YAN"!
  2. i don't like it when people misspell my name to IZIAN or AZIAN. if you're not sure, by all means ask me. don't assume my name. don't spell or pronounce it the way you thought it would be just because it sounds like so.

  3. i don't ride roller coasters. i have a fear that i might die or have a heart attack when i'm on it. to add to my scare is the scene in final destination 3. sometimes my siblings made me go on the roller coasters and i relentlessly obey, much to my own regret. i would close my eyes as tight as possible with the hope that i don't feel the rush and the G-force. my siblings said that it's a waste for me not going on the rides especially when we go to theme parks. i told them, 'i'll pass' and i would sit quietly in one corner with mum. i am more than happy to take their pics and hold their bags rather than going on the roller coasters.
  4. i have a soft spot for old folks. when i look at them, i'd go awwww. if i honk a car that drives slowly then later discovered that it's driven by a pakcik/makcik/atuk/nyonya/apek, i'd feel guilty.
  5. i don't eat rabbit meat and burung puyuh. i just don't. the reason being that i think that they are too cute to be eaten. besides, there's chicken, right?
  6. i don't have a particular artist/singer/actor/actress/band that i totally adore or a fan of. if you ask me who's your favourite artist/singer/actor/actress/band, i'd go "uhmmm." i don't buy their albums because i only like one or two of their singles.

  7. if i were cooking or baking in the kitchen, i don't like people peering over my shoulder asking me this and that, looking at me doing my work. it throws me out of my momentum. however, the maid is an exception because i need her to take stuffs for me.
  8. i cannot stand the sound that marker pens or magic colour pens make when they write on paper. i became ngilu and would either mute the tv, change the channel, close my ears or walk away.
whoever feels like doing this, be my guest. =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

quarter of a century

it took me ages to download my pics and create a slideshow because the internet connection is very poor at home, as always. i have a vision in my mind that i wanted to do something to streamyx but the details shall not be revealed here as i may end up in hot soup.
anyway i had a lovely birthday celebration. a big thank you to all who wished me all the good things, who texted me, who emailed me, who sent me e-cards, who called me, who gave me presents and who treated me to some good food. you know who you are. *hugs*
ok picture time.
warning: loads of self-pics ahead.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

silver jubilee

i am 25 years old today. (already??) a friend asked me, "how does it feel like being 25?" my answer was, "i feel good. i feel like a grown up woman." he said that that was the best answer. cool, ain't it? anyway, what's a birthday without wishes, right? so here is my birthday wish list. whoever can make it materialize will be granted with a lifetime happiness and joy of knowing me and making me the happiest girl on earth. any takers?
ok here goes,
  1. an endless supply of chocolates
  2. an endless supply of famous amos double chocolate cookies
  3. an endless supply of ice-cream->any flavor or brand will do
  4. an endless supply of donuts->preferably chocoholic, chocochino and oreo from big apple donut or double choc from dunkin' donut (i haven't tried J.Co's yet)
  5. an endless supply of chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe or any other cakes for that matter
  6. an endless supply of coffee, anytime i want, hot, cold or blended
  7. a metallic pink mini cooper
  8. a red vw beetle
  9. a tree that grows money
  10. a free trip around the world
but since most, if not all of the above are impossible, not to mention nowhere near achievable, how about i wish that i have unlimited wishes that actually come true, and if i ever made the wrong wish, say for example i wished that i had killed that person, i could reverse the wish and turn back time. can? can? *batting eyelashes* oh come on, a girl can only wish, hope and dream. heck, it's my birthday. give me a break, aite?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

new year

to all Muslims,

Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1429. may this year bring all the good things to all of us and may our lives be blessed by the Almighty.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new year blues

This is my first post of the year. 2008's here. watched the fireworks, almost got wet in the rain and got caught in the jam. nothing new except the fact that surprisingly boyfy wanted to go out on n.y.e. I, on the other hand was thinking of slouching in front of the idiot box and do nothing. but he insisted. how can i say no?
so I've started work. can't believe that I'm a lawyer. now when i fill in contest forms, or any other forms for that matter, i can proudly state occupation : lawyer. when people ask me "what do you do?" or "dah kerja ke?", i can easily said "I'm a lawyer" which will eventually keep their mouth shut. unless, of course they asked further. when i was doing my LLB (Hons.), i had to explain that it's a one year course, which i have to take in order for me to do my chambering and get my practicing certificate since i want to practice yada yada yada. of course i had to explain in detail or else they would get the impression that i'm extending my studies or something. when i was doing my chambering/pupillage, again, i had to explain what chambering/pupillage is. when i say that i'm not actually working but doing my chambering, they would go "eh, tapi bukannya dah kerja ke? yang pergi office tu apa?" so i had to explain that it's a 9-month period, sort of a practical yada yada yada. now, no more lengthy explanations, thank you very much. and oh, I've got my business card already weehoooo~ yes, people, it is a big deal for me.
excited as i am, however i couldn't help but feel so a bit lazy to start work, seriously. 1/2 of my heart is eager and excited to start work while 3/4 of my heart says the opposite. i hated the fact that i have to wake up early in the morning. 730am IS early. i hated that i had to snooze the alarm clock a few hundred times. i hated that I'm no longer on holidays. thank God that this week was a 3-day week only. phew. i thought i would be all enthusiastic and mangat-mangat to start the new year with a new job etc but nope. heh~ so i texted my bestie Iza and told her how lazy i was. she replied the same thing. she had the same exact feeling. we told each other "tu la, dah lemak sangat cuti lama, tu yang malas tu". hehehe. a few other friends who have experienced this earlier also told me the same thing. they say it's normal. phew~ so I'm not the only one then.
oh well. it's just the first week of the year and we're already checking the calendar and looking forward to the coming holidays. coming soon is Awal Muharram on the 10th of January. it's a Thursday. so 1 day holiday, and back to work on Friday before the weekend.well, it's better than nothing, isn't it?
anyway alvin and the chipmunks are super duper cute adorable cute and cute. did i mention cute? i feel like getting myself chipmunks as pets. talking and singing chipmunks would be an added bonus. i remember watching the cartoon back then. sis was Alvin, big bro was Simon and I, being the fat (and the cutest) one, was Theodore. =) I'm so gonna buy the dvd and watch it all over again. Or does anyone here wanna take me to see it again? *batting eyelashes*