Monday, October 15, 2007

Bleugh! raya version

3rd day of raya and i'm already bleugh-ing? hahaha...what to do, cannot help it. but not that many bleughs, i promise.
  • this year's raya tv programs are dominated by apek, apek and more apek. you see, i kinda like watching apek and his stupid jokes antics but too much of a good thing spoils everything, no? not that i'm saying that he's good though.
  • i am not against giving duit raya but i just can't help feeling annoyed at kids who come just for the sake of getting duit raya. and to have no manners pulak tu! you invite them in and offer cookies and drinks. then when you ask them where they come from, they'll act all kerang busuk and tersengih-sengih, tersedut-sedut and konon malu2 nak jawab. what the hell man? datang rumah orang mintak duit raya tak malu pulak? and to think that they are at least 9-12 years old, some didn't even say thank you. what's happening here?? note to self: when i have kids in the future, i am gonna make sure that they have good manners or else.
  • i know this is a time to forgive and forget but how can one tahan when some people who we meet once a year simply say things like "eh, makin sihat sekarang" or "orang bulan puasa makin kurus, ni makin sihat tengok" whaaaaaatt???? i mean, you don't look like nasha aziz yourself, do you? or maya karin. let alone hans isaac. or sheikh muszaphar. so why don't you shut your trap and count your blessings that i don't say something that might hurt you. kalau ikutkan hati, i would have easily blurt out some serious s*** but since we are relatives, terpaksalah tahan. nanti kata kurang ajar pulak, kan? grrr...nevermind, what goes around comes around. wait till your daughters/sons grow up and then we'll see how they turn out, okay?
told ya not many bleughs, didn't i? but maybe, just maybe there will be a part 2 of bleugh! raya version. we'll have to wait and see. after all, it's only the 3rd day, right?


souled_oUt said...

1) yes.. the only raya movie i watched this year is berbagi suami at astro ria..

2) usually my family will give air sirap.. kuih sikit2..and duit raya.. ala diorg tu mmg nak duit je.. tp berani eh dtg rumah strangers? i dulu2 takdenya mcmtu

3) yes.. that is one killer question. another soalan bonus is "bila nak kawin".. duhhh mcm takde benda lain nak tanya..

p/s: been trying to comment a few times tp blogger ni teruk betullah... asal komen je asyik hilang. haihh

Izyan Darling said...

true true, annoying gila tgk apek, kan? kids nowadays main redah je coz all they think abt is money. pastu xde adab plak tu. gues what, recently some kids from as far as cheras datang area rumah i nak raya! can u beat that? datang naik teksi pulak tu! so i cakap, banyak duit naik teksi? hahaha..tersedut2 budak2 tu. dulu2 kita xde pun macam tu kan? ye la, tu lagi satu soalan yg nak kena cepuk. tapi i ada alasan yg kuat that is i tunggu my sis kawin dulu. xkan nak langkah bendul, kan? haih...some ppl mmg x reti betul la...