Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it happened again

i'm bored. i can't update my blog as often as before. the reason being my smart-ass supposedly IT guy lil brother forgot, or rather did not pull out the modem plug and on one not so fine day, the lightning struck and sambar the modem and it went kaput. and padan muka him he also did not pull out the plug of his laptop so his laptop is also now kaput. luckily they are still under warranty. but then it'll take about 2-3 bloody weeks to get it back. so now i can only go online when i'm in the office, in the morning or during lunchtime and when the cats are not in, which is very seldom nowadays. bummer. told lil bro to always cabut the plug but of course he never listened. he said "dah tutup suis pe!" right. this is not the first time this is happening. some people just never learn, do they? so now we would all menyangap at night. but lil bro still has his pc and ps to play games. so he's happy. lucky we have astro. and i have to make sure the maid to cabut the plug whenever it's not in use.

Monday, October 22, 2007

retail therapy

i love this song from Mika.

ok, i know i am not that big but why do i always have trouble buying pants? sometimes i can get into this particular size (which i shall not reveal here) for a particular brand but when i try that particular size for a different brand, it does not fit. everytime i want to buy a pair of trousers, be it a bermuda, a cropped pants, jeans, slack and every other type of pants u name it, i will face the biggest challenge ever. it is so depressing that i consider myself lucky if i am able to find one that fits me perfectly. buying shirts is not so much of a problem (at least not yet), thank God for that. this is definitely a cause for concern. i should start thinking about exercising. but then again, it never happened. this is what i call hot hot chicken shit. hahaha. one minute i'm so worried about my body, my weight and my figure, the next minute i find myself slumped on the sofa with a bowl of ice-cream complete with chocolate topping, nuts, sprinkles and what not. and i have no one to blame but me. lalalalala~ hey, but that does not give you the right to comment and say hurtful things, okay?

one more thing, is it just me or are pants getting super duper low-waisted nowadays? i hate low-waist cuts not because i don't have the perfect figure to flaunt 'em (yet) but simply because they are super duper low that my butt will be showing whenever i sit down, let alone when i bend down, to try on shoes for example. gosh. even if i have a trim waistline, i don't think i would want my butt to show, would i? unless if i decide not to sit at all the whole time, which is utterly ridiculous. whoever invented low-waisted jeans is an a**hole. and i mean it wholeheartedly. and i am not being a sour grape.

where the hell can i find pants/jeans etc that will fit me perfectly? any ideas/suggestions? maybe i should go to uk and shop, what say you sis? i'm sure i can find my size there. in fact, i feel 'small' there. or perhaps you can buy me a nice pair of jeans, say one from victoria beckham's clothing line or kate moss's (right, like they have my size) or any other funky, cool uk brand and courier it home? *batting eyelashes*

so, whoever says shopping is a therapy? to me, it is more stressful than anything else.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bleugh! raya version

3rd day of raya and i'm already bleugh-ing? hahaha...what to do, cannot help it. but not that many bleughs, i promise.
  • this year's raya tv programs are dominated by apek, apek and more apek. you see, i kinda like watching apek and his stupid jokes antics but too much of a good thing spoils everything, no? not that i'm saying that he's good though.
  • i am not against giving duit raya but i just can't help feeling annoyed at kids who come just for the sake of getting duit raya. and to have no manners pulak tu! you invite them in and offer cookies and drinks. then when you ask them where they come from, they'll act all kerang busuk and tersengih-sengih, tersedut-sedut and konon malu2 nak jawab. what the hell man? datang rumah orang mintak duit raya tak malu pulak? and to think that they are at least 9-12 years old, some didn't even say thank you. what's happening here?? note to self: when i have kids in the future, i am gonna make sure that they have good manners or else.
  • i know this is a time to forgive and forget but how can one tahan when some people who we meet once a year simply say things like "eh, makin sihat sekarang" or "orang bulan puasa makin kurus, ni makin sihat tengok" whaaaaaatt???? i mean, you don't look like nasha aziz yourself, do you? or maya karin. let alone hans isaac. or sheikh muszaphar. so why don't you shut your trap and count your blessings that i don't say something that might hurt you. kalau ikutkan hati, i would have easily blurt out some serious s*** but since we are relatives, terpaksalah tahan. nanti kata kurang ajar pulak, kan? grrr...nevermind, what goes around comes around. wait till your daughters/sons grow up and then we'll see how they turn out, okay?
told ya not many bleughs, didn't i? but maybe, just maybe there will be a part 2 of bleugh! raya version. we'll have to wait and see. after all, it's only the 3rd day, right?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


dear all,


semoga kita semua diberkati dan dirahmati di bulan yang mulia ini. if i have offended you in one way or another, i am truly sorry. i am only human. God bless you all. have a happy raya, let this season of giving and forgiving be a happy and joyous occasion but let us not forget the needy ones and those who have left us. al-fatihah. to those who's gonna have a long journey, drive safely. don't be a statistic. people, eat healthily cautiously. be merry. dress prettily. let's sit in front of the tv and gain a few kgs. =) happy holidays y'all.

izyan darling

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


this morning while i was on my way to work, i listened to red 104.9. there was a poll and the question was, "who would you like to go to space, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the cute one or Dr. Kapten Faiz Khaleed, the not so cute one? sms us at *****" even though it was a sms poll, i almost called in. the only thing stopping me was that my credit's very very low at the moment. the question was appalling, don't you think? it is no doubt that Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar has the advantage on the looks department but why must they come up with such question? both guys are equally qualified. both are equally good. both are set to make us proud, regardless of who goes out there. in fact, they already made us proud. so why compare the looks? stupid radio station. patut gam je. i'm sure everyone noticed that the spotlight was focused mostly on Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. poor Dr. Faiz. who knows, you might be chosen at the last minute. i'm rooting for you dude!

anyway i did my raya shopping last weekend. surprisingly, i did not really lose my cool so there's nothing much to talk about. 0=)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


before we know it, Ramadhan is almost coming to an end. but how come i hardly see any raya decorations in the shopping complexes and hotels? where are the hanging ketupats and bulan sabits and bintangs? where are the typical rumah kampung setting? sometimes it just don't feel like raya if not for the lagu raya yang berkumandang. hmm...so much for being a multi-racial country, melting pot society and what not.
anyway i got myself a nice baju kurung songket at sungai wang today. the thing about going shopping with your boyfriend i.e. a man, the typical hot-blooded, testosterone fueled male is that you can never get a decent and satisfying answer. when i showed him one baju and asked, 'cantik kan?' he answered, 'cantik.' i showed him another and said, 'cantik kan kaler ni, sweet/lembut sangat!' and he'll reply, 'a'ah.' when i was choosing the baju songket, there were four colours; blue, light orange, lavender and yellowish/grayish. i took the yellowish/grayish and showed it to him. i think it looked kinda dull. so i asked him, 'ok ke kaler ni? macam dull tak?' and he'd say, 'ok je.' then i showed him the lavender baju, 'yang ni cantik sangat, kan? tapi yang ni size S' duh, of course i won't fit into a size S! his reply was, 'ok jugak.' (with an obvious i'm bored - sleepy - tired - i - might - as - well - give - the - safest - answer - can - we - get - it - over - and - done - with - look plastered on his face) haih...apparently, everything looked ok to him. i can't get a decent answer, let alone an opinion. heck, i can't even get him to answer more than 5 words! too bad sis isn't here. i sure need some girl-opinion. *sigh* and mum won't be here this weekend too. i was thinking of getting another baju because this year we are not tempah-ing any baju since we won't be going to the palace anymore boohoo~ but by the looks of it, i'm gonna have to rely on my own conscience.
so, have you done your raya-shopping? a word of caution: if you plan to do your last minute shopping this weekend like i do, be prepared to get stuck in traffic; face the difficulties of finding a parking spot; long queues at the cashier, in fact, long queues everywhere; packed eateries; screaming, running, wailing monchichis and monchinis; lost kids; selfish Malaysians; dirty and smelly toilets bleugh etc etc. let us all try to keep our composure. right. who am i to tell you to keep cool when i myself sure that i cannot stand it. hey, at least i'm prepared! confirm habis pahala puasa! heheh~

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bleugh! part 8

  • as of monday, 1st October, the tv channles on astro have changed from two digits to three digits. i don't see the point/reason/rational of doing such thing because it's not like they're improving the system or upgrading the services anyway. bila hujan, takde jugak siaran! anyway i find the new channel numbers ridiculous. the arrangements are a total mess, kelam kabut, huru hara. and being someone who suck at anything and everything that involve numbers, i know it's gonna take me some time to memorize the channel numbers. for the first time, i have the astro tv guide right in front of me because i had to refer to the channel numbers everytime i wanna change channel.
  • i know i am not alone on this one because everyone i know loathe and hate big time the new KFC ad. it is simply ugly, annoying, menggelikan and everything else but good. what's with, everything? everytime i see that ad, i almost throw up and it really turn me off of kfc. seriously.
  • i know we are living in a melting pot society yadayadayada but why, just why do people who don't fast have to eat at the time we are about to break fast? you won't die if you don't have your dinner at 7 sharp, would you? when we are busy looking for a place to eat, finding good seats and all, that's when you have to sit there and eat and taking your own sweet time to finish your meal. or that's when you want to join in the queue. sanggup tu!! so much for being sensitive, huh?
  • i know there are no signs in an elevator saying "shh" or "quiet please" but i don't get how some people can be so ignorant and talk ever so loudly be it among themselves or on the phone. most of the time we will all be cramped in that tiny space and the last thing i want to do is listen to your conversation and damage my eardrums when you break into laughter or shout into your phone probably because the person on the other line can't even hear you because there's hardly any reception in the first place. and don't get me started with the smell of their breaths. i know it's fasting month but what about those who don't fast?

Monday, October 01, 2007

what were they thinking?

when i read this story i couldn't help but wonder, how can anyone be so stupid and dumb and trusty? if the girl alone, i can probably understand what with her being naive and all but the mother??? seriously. how can a mother allow her daughter to follow a man, a foreign man no less, to a foreign country? how can she trust that the man is going to give her 22 year-old daughter a job, in japan, for crying out loud? and to let him pay for the trip there? the trip was supposed to be for only three days. what kind of a job is that? and he packed her clothes for her? he didn't even give her the keys to her luggage. gosh. can't the mother sense that something fishy is going on? now the girl is in hot soup. a really really hot soup. and who is to blame? i'd say the mother! what say you?

and then there were three...

my ever dearest one and only sis has finally realized her dreams to pursue her PhD. (weehooo a doctor in the making) in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Cambridge University, UK. congratulations sis. am so proud and happy beyond words for you. am so gonna miss you. now that you're thousands of miles away,
  • who's gonna go taiwan-noodling with me?
  • who's gonna buy me the occasional choccies?
  • who's gonna sms me asking whether i'll be breaking fast at home or not?
  • who's gonna rebut2 work shirts with me?
  • who's gonna share handbags with me?
  • who's gonna rebut the internet modem with me?
  • who;s gonna watch ANTM and My Super Sweet 16 with me?
  • who's gonna 'accidentally' open the bathroom door when i'm inside?
  • with whom am i gonna bitch gossip about that girl, that guy, you-know-who, him, her, the girl who's you-know-what, that chick, that blog, that woman, that makcik, the s0-called-whatever etc etc?
  • who's gonna go raya-shopping with me this year?
  • who's gonna buy me and mummy matching kaftans for raya this year?
  • who's gonna slave in the kitchen with me and mummy the day before raya?
boohoo~ on the bright side other hand, i get free, easy and unlimited access to your room now *evil laugh* i get to use your necklaces, earrings, handbags, shirts, tops (since you didn't bring most of 'em there) and what not. i also get to watch your wonderful collection of dvds and i don't have to bother to return 'em to your room lalalala... what else eh? hmm...oh consider yourself lucky that we don't have the same shoe size. if not, habisla your shoes...by the time you come back, it will all be haus, if not kopak already. heheh...
anyway sis, i wish you all the best. take good care of yourself. we'll definitely see you soon, real soon okay? *hugs*