Tuesday, April 29, 2008

weekend project part 5

for a person who is konon2 beria nak kurus, diet, lose weight, inches and what not, this is what one should eat.


but instead, that one person has little or no willpower when she was introduced to this by her lil brother who says it's so sedap, heavenly, creamy and yummy. so that person just HAVE to try, doesn't she?

just look at those gorgeous vanilla cream oozing out. who can resist?? not me! gosh apparently this has become my new addiction. i can resist those holey, round thingy but this, so far i have succumbed not once but thrice.

and to make matters worse, i made these on Saturday.








thankfully i still have about 10 days left at the gym so i am gonna try to make full use of it. but it doesn't help that Beard Papa is located in the same building. tsk tsk. told ya life's a biatch.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the Saturday night that was

I am pretty sure almost everyone subscribe to Astro nowadays. Even houses in rural areas have Astro. What do you get when you subscribe to the only cable service available, which has no competition? You get really lousy, bad and f***ed up service. Hujan sikit, service unavailable. Wtf? Despite numerous complaints, nothing has been done by Astro to improve its services. Why? Because they have no competition. Look at telco service provider. Almost everyday they come up with new plans, gimmicks, promotions etc to attract customers. Simply because they have competition.

After numerous complaints (and warning?) Astro decided to change its smart card to a new, gold-colored smart card. I thought with this new so-called improved smart card, the service would be better. So I followed the instructions with the hope that everything would be updated on time for me to watch Konsert AF but the screen showed “Please insert smart card.” I tried a few times, inserted the new card, switched off the whole thing, switched it on again, took out the card, inserted it back in but still it appeared the same. Hmm. I have no choice but to call the Customer Support Centre. However, I find it absolutely annoying and a total waste of time when you call something and the operator would tell you to press 1 for something, press 2 for another thing, press 3 for yet another thing and the list goes on. I was put on hold forever and had to put up with the annoying voice of the operator telling me about its services, packages and what not, until finally someone answers the phone. Every minute that pass by, my boiling points raised one notch. Blame it on the hormones but too bad for the guy who answered my call. I told him I couldn’t get the service so he instructed me step by step as to what to do, which I did. Then he told me that after 10 minutes or so, service will resume. After 15 minutes, the screen showed that the decoder is being updated and it will take 10 minutes. I waited for another 10 minutes or so. Nothing happened. Half an hour later, I am sure that I’ve missed one if not two performances by the singer wannabes AF students. I dialed the 1-300 number again and again, I had to endure the annoying voice. Every now and then it would say to me, “Harap maaf. Talian kami sedang sibuk. Anda akan dilayan sebentar lagi.” (or some crap to that effect). Once, twice or thrice, I can accept but try six, seven, eight times! I feel like throwing my phone to the wall or smashing the decoder but that would be stupid. After almost 15 minutes later, somebody finally answered my call. Since I was put on hold for about 15 minutes, missed the concert, wasted my phone bill and have imbalanced hormones, I literally mengamuk to the poor guy. But seriously, I couldn’t care less. He apologized saying that a lot of people were calling. I said to him, “mesti ramai orang call sebab ada masalah, kan? Konon nak upgrade system, tapi lagi teruk ada!” To which he replied, “itu saya tak tau la kak” then I said, “aaaa kalau awak tak tau, ni saya bagitau. Kalau takde masalah, takkan semua orang call, complaint segala! Takkan dan dan ni semua orang call!” I suppose he checked the system and said that it was supposed to be ok. If it’s ok, I would’ve gotten the service and wouldn’t have called, would I? Finally he said to me that he will have to send me another smart card and send a technician over and it can only be done in 72 freakin’ hours. I was like, WTF? I said to him, “habis tu, tak dapat tengok lah ni? Bil bayar bulan bulan, tapi servis teruk. Ni kalau tak dapat tengok ni, bil jalan jugak kan? Kalau lambat bayar, itu jam korang potong. Kalau macam ni, patutnya tolak la dari bil saya!” He replied coolly, “kak, macam ni, nanti akak boleh call bagitau berapa lama tak dapat servis dan kita akan pro-rate bil akak.” Then I said, “OK, saya akan make sure bil saya ditolak. And suruh technician awak datang malam. Tapi make sure call saya dalam tempoh terdekat ni untuk arrange bila technician awak akan datang. Kalau tak, saya akan pergi ke office awak jumpa CEO awak sendiri. Nama awak siapa?” *evil laugh*

So I have ruined someone’s Saturday night. And my Saturday night. Damn it. Confirm that guy menyesal that he was the one who answered my call. Seriously, these people should be taught a lesson. Doesn’t anyone out there want to come up with a new cable TV service? Let’s give Astro a run for their money, shall we?

By the way, the technician came over last night.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

nuts over numbers

i don't know about you but i don't think i like the idea of rounding up the cents to the nearest number. the tagline is "JIMAT DAN SENANG KIRA". the JIMAT part, i may agree but SENANG KIRA? i beg to differ. well you see, for a math bimbo someone who sucks at numbers, counting and anything to do with maths (by suck, i mean really suck-my bimbo-ness with numbers started even when i was little where i would always get the numbers 6 and 9 mixed up so i think it is justified that i suck really bad) like yours truly, i find it so bloody confusing. i always have this puzzled look on my face when the cashier returned my change. so embarrassing. i always have those copper coins in my purse so i have no problem paying things that costs say RM 8.24. but now no more. bye bye one cent coins. i think it is troublesome having to do some mental calculation to round up the figures. pfft.
that aside, what would you do if you have paid for something that costs RM 9.95 for example. you give the cashier RM 10. of course you would wait for your 5 cents, right? but most cashiers would tell you, "duit lima sen takde lah kak." how would you react? i mean, it is your money, although only 5 cents. would you just walk away? you might think, "takpelah, lima sen je." if you do, you're the loser here. imagine ten people walked away, that would add up to 50 cents already. but if you insisted on your 5 cents, would that make you a cheapskate? the cashier might give you one of those looks as if the word "CHEAPSKATE" is stamped on your forehead. as consumers, we have the right, don't we? imagine giving the cashier RM 9.90 for something that costs RM 9.95, would you be able to buy the item? no, right?
i honestly don't know what i'm crapping about here so i better stop but the point here is, i hate maths and numbers.

Friday, April 11, 2008

work it out

Some time last month, two people came to my office and promoted this RM30 for 30 days membership at True Fitness so I thought; I should give it a try. So the other day off I went with my officemates and we were greeted, attended to and treated very nicely. They even called me a few times confirming my attendance. We were each assigned a trainer and unfortunately I got a female trainer. How boring Anyway the trainer was friendly, a bit too friendly, which made me feel weird. First she said that I look like a twenty year-old. Right. Then she said I’m cute. Uh huh. And then when I was about to ride on one of those machines, she said, “ala cutenya cara u naik benda ni.” Hmmm. And when I was looking myself into the mirror, she said, “dah lawa dah.” Ok, that was it, I thought. It struck my mind, “is this girl lesbian?” Not that I’m anti-lesbo, mind you. I mean come on. How much can a girl compliment another girl, right? Of course I appreciate and was flattered with the compliments. Well, who doesn’t? But if a person compliments me a bit too much, I’ll start thinking that that person must have something fishy going on. Unless, of course, they are really sincere about it but I’ll never know, would I? Anyway I knew right from the start that it was just another tactic to make me feel appreciated and happy with their services that I would sign up for membership. Tough luck, guys. You ain’t foolin’ me easily. At least not with your sweet talk.

By the by, I didn’t know that the gym is full of hot cute trainers and customers. Hahaha. I told a friend about this and he said, “kalau nak pergi gym, niat kena betul. Ni dah lari niat ni.” Duuh. I said to him, “kalau ada trainers yang cute, lagila motivated I nak pergi gym, kan?” I’m sure I burned a few calories just by looking at them because my heart rate definitely goes up So my session with my trainer went well. She pushed me to the max. At the end of the session, it is the moment of truth. She gave me my evaluation. Apparently I am overweight, obese, in the red zone, have massive body fat, have no endurance, no strength and all things bad. Gaaaaah! I agree about being overweight, no endurance and no strength but obese? She showed me the figures and it is scary. If I am obese, I dread to think about those people who are bigger and fatter than I am. I seriously think that the figures are lying. It is probably one of their strategies, or ploys rather to get me to sign up. She suggested me to have a personal trainer for this whole month and guess how much it will cost? RM100 per hour per session, which she suggested me to take 8 bloody sessions!! That will be a whopping RM800 for one month. If I’m earning 5k per month, then that will not be a problem lah kan? They were very very persuasive but I managed to turn them down, much to their obvious disappointment. They tried very hard to sell us the package saying that with credit card, I get 0% installment yada yada yada. Somehow rather I am glad that I don’t have a credit card (yet). Yes, they were surprised upon learning that I don’t own a credit card. However I am pretty sure that I would have sign up if I have one. And this, my friends is one of the the reason why I am still contemplating refuse to apply for credit card.

And oh, as for my trainer, it was obvious that she was disappointed and perhaps angry that I did not sign up that finally she said to me, in a harsh tone and muka taik, “dah, sign sini!” I was like, wtf? So unprofessional. Pffft.

Now i better start thinking of another method of losing weight. Perhaps i should also cut down on the donut intake. tsk. Dunkin' session was done but i still have Big Apple to go. tsk. life's a biatch.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a tribute

This post is a tribute to the carb-filled, calorie-laden, yummylicious round holey dessert called donuts and to all donut fans out there. Ever since the Big Apple (hereinafter referred to as BA) donuts hit our shores, people have gone crazy and ditching the ol' skool Dunkin' Donuts (hereinafter referred to as DD). I don't know how long DD has been here but I remembered buying them during primary schools where each donut costs only eighty cents, if I’m not mistaken. it was the plain donut topped with chocolate glaze and at that time it tasted so good that every time the order came, we would ask permissions from our teachers to eat it in class there and then. Anyway BA was such a big hit until JCo (hereinafter referred to as JC) came. Again, people went crazy over JC that they almost forgot about BA, let alone DD. I love BA and I fell in love with it the moment I bit into its soft and fluffy dough. People started comparing BA and JC and most people said that JC is way better than BA. I personally think they are just about the same, in terms of softness and fluffiness but I must admit that they are both better than DD in terms of texture. However, before I met BA and JC, I met Krispy Kreme (hereinafter referred to as KK) in Hong Kong. This brand is so famous in the US and they have already made their appearances in Hong Kong and Jakarta but not Malaysia. i wonder when oh when are they coming here. anyway i know some of you are probably drooling by now so i'm not gonna be so kejam so as to let you drool without seeing the real thing so feast your eyes on these, ladies and gentleman.

Krispy Kreme in Hong Kong

No, i was not trying to be a Krispy Kreme model. i was just excited.

rambang mata

are you drooling already?

what would you do if you see both Krispy Kreme and JCo in one place?

you buy them both. that's what sis and I did in Jakarta.

we found Krispy Kreme and JCo in a shopping mall (Senayan City) and of course we couldn't resist so sis bought 1/2 dozen JCo and i bought 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreme and we had donuts galore that night.

Krispy Kreme donuts

JCo donuts

Speaking of donuts, a certain someone promised me a dunkin' session and i am looking forward to it real soon. and another person promised to buy me Big Apple donuts when i go to his area. mana la tak gomok