Monday, July 14, 2014

3rd Week Already

Before we know it, we are already in the 3rd week of Ramadan. How fast time flies, huh? How have your Ramadan been so far? I hope Allah blesses our deeds in this holy month. I've succeeded to fast thus far, alhamdulillah. There are a few days where I feel so tired but I persevered and managed to pull through. There was one day where I had a continued trial in Shah Alam Sessions Court and I could barely keep my eyes open during cross examination. Oh my God hearings and trials during puasa is a big no-no I tell you. Even on non-puasa days with the help of water and sweets I always feel sleepy during trial, what more now, right?
When I went for my checkup 2 weeks ago, my gynae gave me the green light to fast. She said "only you know your body, how your body feels and as long as you feel fine, I don't see why you shouldn't fast." Alhamdulillah Allah hasn't made it a burden for me. Apart from the super duper sleepiness and the occasional hunger pangs, I feel OK. 
Anyway check out the following traditional desserts I made. *proud*

On the first day of puasa, I made this Thai pumpkin custard. I saw the videos on Youtube and I felt like eating it. The sweetness and softness of the pumpkin married with the sweet coconut milk custard is just too good. I bought a small pumpkin at a vegetarian cafe near my office. Unfortunately the custard didn't set even though I cooled the pumpkin in the fridge after steaming it. It poured out like a molten lava when I cut it. However, the taste was good. Maybe next time I shall try steaming it much longer.

This kuih is called badak berendam. I made it during the second weekend of puasa. It took a bit of an effort to make it because you have to make the dough, turn them into balls, boil them and make the gravy. Luckily my mum already has some inti kelapa (coconut cooked with palm sugar) which she made earlier so it saved me one step of the process. It's hard to find this kuih selling anywhere that is why I made it. Even though I like baking cakes, it is also nice to learn how to make traditional kuih so that they will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Which is worst?

Contractions or leg cramps?

Both are terrible but for now my answer is the latter. Last night was the first time I had a leg cramp for this pregnancy and boy oh boy oh boy oh boy it hurts like motherf***er!! Sorry for the foul language in this holy month but if there's one word to describe the pain, that would be it.
It happened at 4am. Babycakes was stirring in her sleep so I tried to calm her down. Then I turned to check my phone for the time and when I turned back, BAM! It struck my right calf  without warning. It was so.damn.painful I woke hubby up. He helped push the sole of my feet towards me. It helped a bit but the pain was excruciating. My leg was bent and I couldn't even move it because a slight movement will intensify the pain. It lasted for a few minutes but it felt like an eternity. It was so painful I even cried complete with tears rolling down my cheeks. I just couldn't bear the pain. I asked hubby to spray  the Mothercare It's Your Body Leg And Foot Cooling Spritz which I had by the bedside table. It didn't help at all. I massaged my calf a bit and it eventually ease. Phew.
I can still feel a slight pain on my calf and I foresee more cramps in the future. God please have mercy on me. I know it is common and all especially in the 2nd trimester but it was just too much to bear. What if it happens when I'm driving or when I am walking in Court? Ughhh.
Now I wonder, how am I gonna bear the pain of contractions later on? >.<
I shall not think of scary thoughts. So my mind wanders off and started thinking about food. And now I am craving for some kuih badak berendam and kuih puteri mandi. I searched on youtube and it intensified the cravings even more. Damn it.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ramadhan and being pregnant

Alhamdulillah the holy month of Ramadhan is here again. Syukur to Allah that we are still able to meet this holy month. Today is the 3rd day of fasting and we've got a long way to go. Since I am currently 25 weeks pregnant i.e 6 month+-, I no longer suffer from bouts of nausea and morning sickness, Alhamdulillah but of course at this stage of pregnancy, it comes with a whole set of 'packages' altogether. I can't be sitting too long or my butt and groin will hurt. And then I can't eat too much or a huge meal or I will feel bloated and heartburn and short of breath. I have also started to waddle like a penguin and my feet swell at the end of the day. 
IDR2 is actively kicking and punching and somersaulting in my tummy that it sometimes gives me a little shock especially when I am concentrating on something or when I am sitting still. Of course at times IDR2 would also stretch and give me Braxton Hicks contractions, which is neither uncomfortable nor pleasurable.
Anyway, I vow to fast the whole month of Ramadhan but I will also try to take things day by day. There are numerous articles on pregnancy and fasting and all I can say is, if I don't feel like I can make it to Maghrib, then I will break fast. If I stay in the office and not go to court, I think I should be able to fast easily but on days when I have to go to court and walk a lot, I shall see how the conditions are. It doesn't help that the weather is so hot and dry at the moment too. Driving under the hot sun can really take its toll on me, even before fasting begins.
Since I want to fast during pregnant, I must make sure that I wake up for sahur and actually eat something healthy and nutritious. If I wasn't pregnant, I would just settle with dates and water but I can't afford to only have dates and water if I want to sustain until Maghrib. I dragged hubby to wake up with me and if he doesn't want to eat, I made him accompany me eat. He  can lie down on the sofa while I eat but I ain't eating alone! I had rice on the first day of sahur and by noon my tummy was already growling. On the second day, I had bubur lambuk. I was hungry the whole day but I survived. This morning I had a smoothie which I made last night and put it in the fridge. It's a mixture of milo, oats, peanut butter, dates and soya milk. My tummy is growling as I type this. I shall try other options but I gotta be hardworking enough to prepare it to begin with. Sigh.
Yesterday I was so tired that after picking up Babycakes from the nursery, I cooked some rice and then took a short nap. Luckily we have some lauk from the previous day where we tapau from my mum's house. I told Babycakes "Mummy nak rehat OK? Babycakes jangan kacau Mummy. Mummy nak tidur" She then said "Mummy nak rehat ke? Penat ke?" I said yes. I told her to play with her stuffed toys and all and I slept for about 50 minutes. When I woke up, she was lying down beside me. Such an angel she was. I didn't know what she did during the time I slept but she didn't cause any mess whatsoever so that's good.
Anyway I have my check up with my gynae this afternoon and I hope everything is OK in terms of my blood pressure, glucose level and hydration level. I hope my fasting does not affect IDR2 in any way at all, Insyaallah. I honestly forgot how it was when I was pregnant with Babycakes but I did miss a few days here and there if I recall correctly. I pray that Allah ease my pregnancy and also my fasting. 
To my Muslim readers, I wish you Salam Ramadhan. May we be blessed in this holy month. Take  care and together let's make this Ramadhan a much better Ramadhan than the last.