Saturday, May 30, 2009

there's aplenty but still nothing

in life, we have to face tons of dilemmas. no one can escape from the fact that life is complicated as it is. sometimes we are faced with one too many choices or options that we just don't know how to make the right choice. and sometimes, we are faced with no choice at all, thus making us stuck in that particular situation, which is also a dilemma. a dilemma of trying to figure out how the heck do we get out of that situation. what do we do? where do we go next?
naaah i'm not talking about anything serious here. i'm just talking about a dilemma i am facing at this moment. i received a few wedding invitations from my friends. i guess school holidays mean weddings, weddings and more weddings. hey, don't get me wrong. i couldn't be more happier for the lovebirds who are tying the knot and i couldn't be more appreciative and grateful that i am invited to their weddings. they will definitely be in my list too, when the time comes.
the thing about weddings and the dilemma that it's causing me is the dilemma of what to wear? it is weird to know that you have so many bajus yet you still have nothing to wear. seriously. as it is, i am already pening thinking about what to wear tonight. i have no new bajus (pengsan la kalau setiap kali ada wedding, buat baju baru) but i don't know which baju to wear. trust me i have been recycling the bajus for God knows how many times. and then there's the shoes and bag to match it with. as much as women love to look good, sometimes it is frustrating, especially when you have nothing much to begin with.
another dilemma is about who to attend the wedding with. let me ask you this, when you receive an invitation which states your name alone, would you still attend the wedding? are you confident enough to go alone, walk into the hall/ballroom or even to the pengantin's house alone? all by yourself? if you know that you have other friends attending it, then that shouldn't be much of a problem because you can just plan to go together. you can even ask the hostess's courtesy to put you at the same table with your friends. but what if you barely know anyone there? or the people who's gonna be there are the people whom you haven't seen in ages that you could hardly recognize them? if it clearly state your name alone, you can't possibly bring a partner with you, can you? unless it is clearly written "Your Name & Partner" or the rsvp card requires you to state if you're coming alone or with a partner, right? speaking of which, i once received an invitation stating "Izyan & Kekasih". seriously, kekasih? LOL, no?
told ya life is complicated as it is. or is it not?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

dreams again

i have been dreaming about this one particular person twice this week. i don't know if it is a coincidence or is it a sign of something. naahh i'm not superstitious but what are the odds that this person came into my dream twice, in the same week? why him, of all people? yeah i do wonder about him once in a while but not that i think about him day and night. right, like i have nothing better to do than think about him, huh? heck, i don't even really know him that much (yet) and i'm not sure whether i will have the chance to get to know him. it's not that the dreams are unpleasant, trust me they are but i would love to dream about other things as well, say for example dream about winning something big, or perhaps dream about being in a place where all things nice. you get the drift.
anyway, in the first dream, he brought me to this one place, which i assumed is his hometown and he played tour guide and took me places. it was really nice because in that dream, i kinda went on a holiday. the second time i dreamt about him went something like this: i was walking along a road and he passed by in a van (don't ask me why it's a van but it would be nice if he was driving a sports car or a beemer hehe). he saw me walking and he waved at me and then the van stopped and he ran to me and passed me something. it was a gift actually but it wasn't nicely wrapped. instead, it was wrapped in tissue paper or newspaper. he handed it over to me and when i opened it, there was either a necklace or a bracelet. it was nice but he said, "sorry bukan original pun." i just smiled and then either the dream ended or i woke up because my phone was ringing. damn! i would love to know what happened next.
seriously, i can clearly see his face in both dreams and i remembered the dreams, though not the exact thing. usually, i would have a hard time remembering, let alone describing my dreams. but this is different. *sigh* oh well, i guess dreams are mainan tidur after all huh? but if he appears in my dream again in the near future, maybe, just maybe there is a hidden meaning behind it. and maybe, just maybe...oh never mind.

Friday, May 15, 2009

weekend project part 18

after not entering the kitchen ber-weekend project for quite some time, last weekend i decided to make something extra special for Mummy, in conjunction with Mother's Day. i made shepherd's pie and orange cupcakes for Mummy. the recipe for shepherd's pie was obtained from the newspaper some time ago. very easy, very simple to make, yet sinfully delicious and it is a hearty meal on its own. it wouldn't be perfect if there is no cake but i don't want to make the normal carrot cake or chocolate cake. i want to try a new recipe, something which i've never tried before. i have never made orange cake before so i thought it would be nice to give it a try. i googled for the recipe and found one which is really simple and very easy to follow. so i spent the whole Sunday afternoon making shepherd's pie and orange cupcakes, just for my Mum. of course, i added some extra ingredients in it, which is love and affection. hey i can easily run to the nearest Secret Recipe and get her a cake or take her out for brunch at one of those overly-priced buffets and save me all the trouble but i believe it is that extra effort you put in that matters the most. it's not every weekend that i bake and it's not everyday that i go into the kitchen (to cook/bake), right? ;P

This is one of my maids. she wanted to be in the pic so i layankan aje. after all, she helped me with the cleaning up.

chuck the ingredients into a food processor and voila~ told ya it's easy!

the thing about baking cupcakes is that it requires a whole lot of patience because you have to wait one batch to be done before putting in another. and patience is still not my strongest virtue. but since the kitchen smelled of nice orange cake, my patience level increased slightly.

one batch done, many more to go.

the cupcakes were slightly bantat, not fluffy and cakey. i have no idea why as i followed the recipe religiously. and the taste of the orange is a bit too strong because whole oranges were pureed. i don't think i'll be making it anymore. perhaps i will look for a different recipe.

this is the shepherd pie's filling. the ingredients include chicken breasts, chicken sausages, potatoes, mixed vege, evaporated milk and mushroom soup.

the top layer is covered with mashed potato and baked in the oven.

the pie ready to be eaten.

how did you celebrate your Mother's Day? what did you do for your mum?