Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my hand phone nightmare

I have been using my Sony Ericsson W960i hand phone for almost 2 years now.

The phone is still in good condition, the battery still lasts and the 8G built-in memory and other features has not been fully utilized. However, of late my hand phone has giving me a problem, a critical one that is. For some stupid reason, my hand phone can no longer receive text messages. I don’t know why and what caused this problem. Usually when I send a text message, I will receive a notification when the text is delivered. Then the text will automatically go into the ‘Sent’ folder. But now, when I send a text message, I no longer receive the notification but the text goes into the ‘Sent’ folder.

I switched off and switched my hand phone on again and tons of texts will come in, from God knows when. This is not good. What if someone text me something important? So to those who may have texted me and I did not reply, I’m sorry. I may not have received your text to begin with so don’t go texting me saying, “u bz sgt ke? Xreply msg i?” or “sombong ye sekarang, msg xbls.” But then again, I may have intentionally ignored your text(s). How about that?

Luckily, I have a backup hand phone, which is a Samsung C140, a very simple hand phone, with polyphonic ring tones, no camera and 64k colour resolution whatever.

Go ahead you can laugh at me. But at least I can send and receive texts peacefully. The only problem is that most, if not all contacts are in my Sony E and I did not copy it to my SIM. So now I don’t know who’s who. So don’t be surprised if you text me and I’d ask “Siapa ni?" (if I’m rajin, I’ll explain about my hand phone problem but I’m almost always not rajin to do the explaining) and don’t go around feeling offended that I don’t have your number anymore or assume that I have forgotten you.

OK. Here’s what I’ll do. I need to backup all datas in my Sony E before sending it to the shop for repair, which I don’t know when. I hope it won’t cost me much. I know I might be ketinggalan for not using a BB or Iphone but I couldn’t care less (for now). I still love my Sony E and apart from the problem that it’s giving me, it is still in good condition so it would be a waste to get a new hand phone.

If the repair costs more than 200bucks, I have 2 options:
  1. use the Samsung C140 even though it’s without camera, walkman, mms and wifi; or
  2. buy a new hand phone-this will lead to another set of problems i.e. what/which phone to buy, how much is the budget, what am I gonna do with the Sony E etc.

Friday, February 12, 2010

it pays but you don't have to pay

free dinner and free movie, who wouldn't want that? but is it possible to have a free dinner and/or free movie? yes it is. how, you may ask? try winning one. or two. or more.
on 6 feb. 2010, i got a dinner invitation from Litefm. i have won two invites previously, one for a japanese buffet dinner at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant, Starhill and the other was at Nipah Coffeehouse, Equatorial Hotel. how do i get these invites? simple. by entering a contest on Litefm. i was lucky to get selected twice. but this time i ask my bf to try his luck. i brushed some of my luck on to him and he got the invites. so we went here.

Good ol' Happy Days Restaurant at Taipan USJ.

the interior is like an old-fashioned American diner.

free food

Zak, Sara and Non

with Zak and Sara of the Lite Breakfast.
oh happy days~

what about the free movie? i won 4 in-season passes from to watch Tooth Fairy.

checkout the price. RM 0.00.

so the best things do come for free. it pays to try your luck at entering contests, doesn't it? and the best part is, you don't have to pay anything. ok except for a few cents to enter the sms contest. but what's a few cents or a ringgit as compared to a free movie?

Monday, February 08, 2010

coffee story

You see, at home, I normally drink Nescafe O (hereinafter referred to as coffee). I decided to cut down on the condensed milk intake, thus the O part. My maid usually made my coffee for me. What is there to complain anyway? Unless if it’s too sweet or too dilute or too much coffee or not hot enough, then only I’ll complain. But she's being consistent so I'm not complaining. Sometimes I made it myself. The good thing about making your own cup of coffee, or any other drinks for that matter, is that you can make it to your liking. If you like it sweet, by all means, load up on the sugar. If you like it bitter, use more coffee. If you like with creamer, suit yourself.

Speaking of which, I just made myself a cup of steaming hot coffee. And I think it is the best cup of coffee ever! Damn the taste is just perfect.

Well my family may beg to differ though.

When we were on holiday, sometimes I would make a pot of coffee or milo. for everyone. Over there, we don’t use condensed milk. Instead, we use fresh milk. So go figure. The taste is definitely different. My family thinks that I made the worst tasting coffee ever. I don’t mind the mocking. I don’t mind making the coffee. Seriously. Not one bit. My philosophy is simple. I make it to my own liking. Too bad if you don’t like it hehehe. I think it tastes fine, if not great. Sometimes I wish I could get away with making coffee for them but they would ask me to make one every once in a while. So what can I say? Drink at your own risk.

Ok I better finish my coffee before it gets cold.

Anyway, how do you like your coffee?