Saturday, July 26, 2008

bleugh! part 10

  1. i simply cannot stand seeing policemen standing, i repeat STANDING makan gaji buta by the road, doing nothing when there is traffic to be manned, especially at Pekeliling area in the morning. i swear to you i jeling at them this morning because traffic was like hell but what did they do? nothing. bloody hell. i'm sure one of them saw me jeling at them (but after that cuak because they might note my car registration number haha). another spot is the Duta roundabout in the evening. seriously, if only looks could kill...
  2. where the hell are DBKL and/or the police? i hate passing through Jalan Yap Kwan Seng especially in the morning and in the evening (but I have no choice) because there are cars parked by the roadside, in front of the kedai mamak which is obviously marked yellow line and with a "no parking" sign. there is a police booth but of course, they just sit there makan gaji buta. who cares if they are not the traffic police but go and saman these a**holes lah. it is obvious that they are obstructing the traffic. Duuuhhh!
  3. so the police are makan-ing gaji buta, the DBKL, on the other hand, is probably makan rasuah. The reason I am saying this (and I am not striking through the words) is because the road leading to Jalan Pinang from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is left from three lanes to one lane simply because the drivers of some big taikos will park their big a** shiny cars by the roadside, which is of course marked yellow line waiting for their taikos to come out from the office/meeting/quickie etc. and then there were big a** bas persiaran eating up the whole road while waiting for the tourists to finish their shopping and sightseeing. To top things off, taxis will double park and also will stop the moment they see a victim potential passenger. Without giving signal, of course.

Tak pasal2 buat dosa kering hari2.

to de-stress, i had these.

On a happier note, the sis is coming back tomorrow weeehooo! I can’t wait to see the stuffs that she got me her and stress over the wedding preps do girly stuffs together!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

weekend project part 10

When one of my best friends decide to tie the knot, I got together with my two other best friends and we came up with a plan to have a bachelorette party last weekend. Nothing kinky and/or naughty took place unfortunately but we had a fabulous time. We ordered the bride to be a box of lovely cupcakes bearing the words "AIMI BRIDE TO BE." initially we wanted to have kinky, naughty and saucy designs (which I shall leave to your imagination) but unfortunately due to the sensitivity of their customers, the cupcake person denied our request. pfft. So we had to settle with a typical simple yet sweet wedding design to suit the theme, which consists of a white wedding gown, a black tuxedo, wedding rings, a white dove, a bouquet of flowers and some love designs. Details of the ‘party’ are as follows and the rest, I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Date: Saturday, 19 July 2008
Time: 8.30pm till late
Venue: Flaming Steamboat and Borneo Rainforest, Bandar Sunway
Event: Aimi's bride-to-be bachelorette party
Theme: Black and Pink
Attendees: Aimi the bride-to be, Iza, Susan and Yours Truly

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i have succumbed

i heard on radio that Wednesday 16th July 08 was hari tidak berbelanja(?) whatever. so people are advised not to buy anything at all on that particular day. so i thought, ok, I shall not buy anything today (except for Hellboy tickets-which i slept through the first half an hour or so! and a bowl of Taiwan Noodle that is). as i was walking by Isetan's supermarket, lo and behold! i saw this.
guess how much it was retailed at? RM 11.90. normal price was RM14.50 i think. so i just HAD to buy. these people are clever. why do they have to sell at a cheap price on the hari tidak berbelanja, of all days?

screw the nutrition facts.

the cookies in all their glory.

in my defence, i need it to keep me sane on the road what with the terrible jam everywhere, no thanks to abang-abang and pakcik-pakcik polis yang berdiri tercegat dan buat-buat penting and busy di jalan-jalan roadblocks and whatnot. see, us rakyats suffer from the political games that they are playing! i am so blaming the authorities for this.

Monday, July 07, 2008

weekend project part 9

my weekend project always revolve around food. last weekend was no exception except that it wasn't a baking or a masak-masak project. instead, i had a fabulous dinner at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant in Starhill courtesy of Litefm. i haven't been entering and/or winning any contests of late but i guess i still have my lucky charm as i was selected as one of the lucky listeners for Lite & Easy's Dial & Dine. the contest is so simple. all you have to do is submit your particulars either by email, fax or through the website, provide a list of 10 songs and pray hard that your choice of songs are selected. i listen to Litefm a lot but on the day that they played my songs, i wasn't listening. mum and dad did and they heard the DJ say the name "Izyan" but they thought it couldn't possibly be me as the songs that i chose were like songs from the yesteryears and really2 old songs. i thought i didn't get the dinner invites until i receive a call from Litefm on thursday. initially i wanted to bring mum along but she had to attend a wedding boohoo. thought of taking the Boyfy because i lost the bet for Euro 2008, which i initiated pulak tu and had to belanja him dinner but then the Bestie happen to be in KL that weekend so Boyfy aside, Bestie in.

the spread was fantastic. you name it, they have it. they even have green tea Haagen Dazs ice-cream and a selection of Baskin Robbins ice-cream and gelato. the desserts-mochis, cookies, cakes and puddings. rambang mata! not to forget the free flow of red wine and a few cocktails and mocktails. we both ate until we couldn't eat anymore. also rubbed shoulders with DJs Ross, Rex and Sara. Rex is kinda cute actually and now when i listen to him on the radio, i imagined his face.

we later continued the night at Planet Hollywood and had a great time talking (eventhough we were speaking at the top of our lungs) and enjoying our drinks until we were approached by a Nigerian who came off a bit too strong that he scared the hell out of us (details shall not be disclosed here) so we had to 'escape' to the ladies' room and ended up taking vain pics of us. phew~

i don't wanna jinx my future chances of winning by saying this but just so you know, nasib baik main nombor, loteri, tikam, judi and the like is haram. if not, dah lama dah beli! but i don't mind helping you pick out a number or two though, provided that we split half-half, deal?