Tuesday, October 27, 2009

event 3

Akon's Freedom Beach Party was awesome! the queue was really long but the excitement was beyond words. it drizzled for a while but that didn't stop the concert-goers to party. Hunny Madu and Nadya of Flyfm were the emcees for the night. the opening acts were Nikki and Caprice. unfortunately some people (foreigners mostly) were not being sporting that night that they booed Nikki and Caprice and they chanted Akon instead. i mean, come on, give them a breaklah. there were so many foreigners and not to mention, Akon wannabes hahaha.

Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

I got the RM188 tickets!!

The Pitt

Akon came up at about 9ish

He performed a stage-jump!

But i was not close enough to touch him.

The tickets were courtesy of Flyfm.

I was there!!

After-party passes that enables me to enter Ministry of Sound for free.

Overall, the concert was awesome! Hoever, Akon didn't sing the song 'Be With You', which is a current hit at the moment and some songs, he only sang snippets of it. Rumors has it that he mimed at the concert. i think so too but what the heck!

Friday, October 23, 2009

the anticipation

i went here.

got into the building, went up the elevator and came to this.

some fancy machines along the corridor.

this leads me to the office. nobody was around.

this is how their office looks like.

these are what i came for.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

of concerts and postponements

what's with concerts in Malaysia being cancelled/rescheduled/postponed? i personally think it's too much. one after another concert is being either cancelled/rescheduled/postponed. if there are so many issues, why approve it in the first place? fans have been waiting and anticipating the concert since day 1 but then it got postponed time and again. i am not much of a concert-goer. heck, i don't think i've been to any concert in my life. as much as i love the artiste and/or the songs, i don't go to the extent of spending hundreds of ringgit to purchase the concert tickets. but if i am interested in going, what i'll do is enter contests that gives away concert tickets. this is when i rely and hope on my lucky charm.
that's exactly what i did for the upcoming Akon Freedom Beach Party Concert. the last time Akon was supposed to perform, i did try to call in Flyfm during the cue to call but i never got through. instead i won in-season passes to watch the movie Ice Age 3. so yeah, i win some, i lose some. it's better than not winning anything, right? i thought, ok fine, takde rezeki lah nak tengok Akon. so when they postponed it, i thought, ada jugak hikmahnya i didn't win it.
that was then.
now that Akon's concert has been rescheduled to 24 October 2009, i never thought that radios are still giving out concert tickets. so one fine day, while i was driving, i heard that they are gonna play the cue to call soon. i waited anxiously. when Hunny Madu gave the cue to call, i immediately called in. there was a ringing tone! i was so nervous (don't ask me why). eventually, she picked up my call. luckily she picked up my call on time or i'll be disconnected. she asked me, "may i know who is this?" and instead of answering her, i immediately said "please tell me i'm the 8th caller through!!" yes, i was super excited ok. to add to my excitement, she said i was the 8th caller through.
so yes, i was lucky. the fact that i got through is one thing, the fact that i was the caller that they're looking for is another.
the only thing is, i'm gonna have to figure out when i should collect the tickets, which is all the way in Bandar Utama. damn it. courier je lah. pfft.

Monday, October 12, 2009

event 2

i consider myself lucky. alhamdulillah sometimes it is so easy for me to win a contest. this time is no exception. it was a very simple thing to do. in fact, it is not even a contest. all you have to do is submit your list of songs on lite.fm for the Dial & Dine and if they happen to play your selection of songs on weekdays at 1-2pm, you have to call in and voila, you get to dine with the lite.fm announcers. this was my 2nd Dial & Dine. last year i got invited to dine at Jogoya Japanese Buffet at Starhill.
told ya it was easy but i believe it depends on luck as well. hey, it's free meal with good company, so why not? and no, no slogans required.

Nipah Coffeeshop, Equatorial Hotel, KL


with the lite.fm announcers but Rex was not present that night.

they asked questions and i answered and i got a Jim Brickman double cd. this was with Sara, the announcer. you can listen to her on weekday mornings on the Lite Breakfast show, 6-10am.
a friend got the Kenny G album and gave it to me.

Monday, October 05, 2009

event 1

It was the cue to call. I merely tried my luck and got through Hitz.fm. So i won these two invites.

the passes

the sponsors

Redken hair products

i got my hair done for free!

Maybelline products

i also got a makeover done for free!

the ladies waiting in line for hair & makeup. who doesn't want a free hair & makeup done by the professionals, right?

the event was ok. kinda boring, actually. the emcees, Rudy & Moots from Hitz.fm was ok but at one point they were only busy entertaining the people from the HOT magazine and they kinda ignored the guests. i think the guests merely stayed for the sake of staying. there was a performance by James Baum but the songs were not too familiar to my ears. i might have missed a few events when i was doing my makeup and hair. there were lucky draws but i wasn't lucky. come to think of it, i was hardly lucky at lucky draws. but at least i was lucky enough to win the passes.

Friday, October 02, 2009

of events and parkings

i think i have blogged about my frustration with regards to parking around my office area one too many times but i just could not help it. every time there is an exhibition or event going on at the KL Convention Center, the whole area will be a chaos. parking rates will increase dramatically. imagine from RM 7.00 per entry to RM 15.00 per entry. i kid you not. another parking lot charges from RM 8.00 per entry to RM 10.00. if i were to enter the parking in the morning, and then go to court in the afternoon and return to the office in the evening, i will have to pay twice. so you do the maths. there is one parking lot which does not increase the rate but of course it was full way before 9am.
the thing is, usually the parking lot for KL Convention Center is reserved for the exhibitors and the lot will be closed to public. so those who used to park there, will have to park somewhere else. but sometimes, i suppose the many halls in Convention Center is not enough (duhhhh) and the parking lot is used to set up tents. so, the exhibitors will have to park somewhere else, which makes parking for office workers much more limited.
i thought the Convention Center has many exhibition halls so why the need to set up tents in the parking lot?