Sunday, August 31, 2008

pre-wedding preparation

By right this post should come before the akad nikah post but due to certain circumstances, i only get to do it now. it all started on Wednesday evening itself where the pelamin people and khemah people came to set up the place. The Bride and Groom (and Ms. Bridesmaid) also had their henna done on Wednesday night.

The Groom applying henna.

The Bride all done with her henna.

Ms. Bridesmaid tumpang sekaki.

In the meantime, the pelamin people were hard at work.

The pelamin in all its glory.

Soon after, my henna started to fall off. Unfortunately I did not take any picture of the henna when it was all removed as i was too busy applying minyak cap kapak and also lime juice on The Bride's henna.

The Bride's foot.

The Bride's hand.

On Thursday afternoon, the aunts came over to help boil the eggs and then at night we had a kenduri doa selamat.

Some of the foods, which we did not cook obviously.

Later on, we started to fill the bunga telurs with telurs, of course. And i have never seen so many eggs in my whole life haha.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

part 2-house reception

i didn't get to take the pictures of the pengantin bersanding that night. but here are some of the pictures taken by others.

The Bride's gorgeous baju

Cake-cutting ceremony

The yummy (but a bit too sweet) three-tiered butter sandwiched with chocolate wedding cake.

The happy couple

This is Ms. Bridesmaid taking a breather with three of her friends who came. the second picture, i was showing off my henna-ed foot. i literally tumpang sekaki with the henna.

Later on the pengantin kena buli. they have to sing (much to the nuisance of the neighbourhood hahaha)

*some of the photos are courtesy of Mr. Bestman (who happens to be a photog as well)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

part 1-akad nikah

here are some of the pics taken before, during and after the akad nikah ceremony at Masjid Al-Iqram, Kg. Dato' Keramat on Friday, 15 August 2008 at approximately 5.00p.m.

moments before i put on my selendang before going to the masjid

The Bride was a nervous wreck so i asked her to take some pictures in the car on our way to the masjid

Dad calming the Groom

pep talk by tok imam

the look on his face says it all

akad nikah was performed by the Father of the Bride (no wonder the Groom was a nervous wreck as well haha)

tsk tsk


she is officially his, he is officially hers

Mr. Best Man and Ms. Bridesmaid all matchy-matchy

on the way back home from the masjid


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weekend project part 12

the sister is married. phew~ the days preceding to the wedding was the most tiring, exhausting days. to top it off, i had a temperature of 38 degrees tsk tsk. but the excitement and the hullaballoo of it all makes me forget that i am sick. who would have thought that being the sister of the bride and also the bridesmaid is one helluva job. but i loved every bit of it. i had to set aside my needs as i had to take care of the bride. even though my make-up was melting, my face was shiny and i was sweating like a pig, i had to ignore because i had to make sure that the bride is looking her very best. she cannot afford to have a shiny face, she cannot have teary-eyes and i had to make sure that her make-up stays in place. phew~ i have stress written on my forehead that the photogs told me that i did not smile at all, especially during the akad nikah. boohoo. but then, i am sure that with the wonders of today's technology, those shiny faces can be edited hahaha. however, my duties as a bridesmaid ain't over yet as there will be a reception on the groom's side all the way up north in Perlis this weekend. and it's gonna be yet another long weekend. nanti i upload the pics, if you wanna see it lah. i have a lot of drafting to do before i take my leave on thursday and friday. tsk tsk.
by the way, some people thought it was i who got married. duuh. don't they know that DBY has two daughters (and two sons)? besides, how could i get married without inviting those who invited me to theirs my friends?
here's a sneak peek of Ms. Bridesmaid. hehe.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


as hard as i try to embrace Monday, i just cannot bring myself to love it. at least not yet. yesterday was no exception. i had to go to Shah Alam Court yesterday morning so i left the house at 7.15am and reached Shah Alam at 8am. so i did my 'routine' where i would stop by Shell station by the Batu Tiga toll and buy a coffee and a newspaper. as i was entering the Shell shop, i stopped by the little table that they set up to staple my contest forms for the Shell contest (which i have never heard of any winners by the way). while i was busy stapling the receipts to the forms, a pakcik with his helmet on said to me, "nak masuk peraduan ni kena ada kad ke?" i was like, apehal pakcik nih? do i look like a Shell worker? helloooo! then i said, "tak payah kad" i am not being unfriendly, i am just being me on a Monday morning. then he asked, "macamana nak masuk ni?" i answered, "isi minyak, isi borang. tu je." then he asked further, "berapa ringgit minyak kena isi?" at this point, i couldn't help but feel annoyed. i said "30 ringgit je" as i was pushing the forms into the already full box (no wonder tak pernah menang!), he said, "ada ke orang menang?" waaaaaaa pakcik ni memang cari nahas betul la! dengan nada malas i said, "cuba je la. kalau ada, ada la." then i walked into the shop. i'm sorry pakcik but you caught me at the wrong time and day. but at least i answered, didn't i?
as i was about to pay for my coffee and newspaper, i realised that i wasn't holding my car keys. for a moment there i felt blood rushing down and my heart almost dropped. i quickly paid my stuffs and looked on the table outside and thank God my keys are there. what a bloody relief! terus hilang ngantuk! either i was careless or probably i got distracted by the pakcik that i forgot to take my keys. the point here is, this kind of things happen. maybe the pakcik had no bad intention at all but imagine if it was a tactic to distract a person to steal your car. *touchwood*

by the way, in my opinion, morning radio shows can either make or break your day. they make your day by playing nice songs, making jokes, pranks etc while they break your day by their incessant and annoying ramblings, ridiculous and annoying ads or where 3 deejays would berebut to speak and shout at the same time and laugh like hell with their super-annoying voices, or some would talk with accents that sounds fake and some stations would play the same bloody songs over and over again.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

weekend project part 11-B

when was the last time i went to Pantai Morib, i can't barely remember so last weekend after Aimi's wedding in Banting, we thought of going to Pantai Morib, which is about 1/2 hour or so from Banting. this was planned earlier so we brought along our bajus and all and changed in the car. there was a perhimpunan PKR Hindu of some sort and there was a Hindu ceremony where the Hindus were releasing trays of offerings into the sea. the weather was blazing hot, the pantai was packed, not beautiful and the sea is dirty. we managed to take some pics and then head back to the car. then we drove further up to another spot which looked like a construction site with a jetty and there were people swimming in the dirty sea, under the hot weather. gila. we were equally gila for taking pics under the hot sun hahaha. after taking pics, we head back to KL. it was more like takde kerja, cari kerja.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

weekend project part 11-A

my best friend Aimi Syazwani, the one whom we had the 'bachelorette party' two weekends ago is now married to her long-time boyfriend, Zaman last weekend. Congratulations my everdearest friend. i wish you all the happiness in the world. have a blissful wedded life and may you be blessed always.