Tuesday, October 09, 2007


this morning while i was on my way to work, i listened to red 104.9. there was a poll and the question was, "who would you like to go to space, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the cute one or Dr. Kapten Faiz Khaleed, the not so cute one? sms us at *****" even though it was a sms poll, i almost called in. the only thing stopping me was that my credit's very very low at the moment. the question was appalling, don't you think? it is no doubt that Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar has the advantage on the looks department but why must they come up with such question? both guys are equally qualified. both are equally good. both are set to make us proud, regardless of who goes out there. in fact, they already made us proud. so why compare the looks? stupid radio station. patut gam je. i'm sure everyone noticed that the spotlight was focused mostly on Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. poor Dr. Faiz. who knows, you might be chosen at the last minute. i'm rooting for you dude!

anyway i did my raya shopping last weekend. surprisingly, i did not really lose my cool so there's nothing much to talk about. 0=)

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