Friday, August 26, 2011

raya come quick!

we are just a few days shy from Aidilfitri and I'm pretty sure I will not be blogging at all next week (being Raya and the long holidays) so I might as well write today. Not that I've no work to do. I've tons to do. For instance, I've to attend a hearing this very afternoon at the KLHC bleugh!! A hearing on a bloody Friday afternoon before the long holidays?? Pffft!! And then I've a submission due by 12 September. Silly Sessions Court judge fixed such a short date to prepare a trial submission. What was she thinking? And why the hell does us, the Defendant has to submit first? Just because we put no case to answer and did not call any witness, does that mean we have to submit first? And we don't even have the Nota Keterangan yet. It doesn't help that the Plaintiff did not put in a witness statement either! double triple pfffftt!
Of course I will be on leave for the whole of next week AND on 8 & 9 September as well. I am due for my next check-up on the 8th and my brother is getting married on the 9th. How can I go to work, right? that means i've 3 days to prepare the submission? No way am I taking back the file and slave over the submission during Raya. Hell to the No! Oh well, I might as well ask for an extension of time.
Anyway, enough venting about work. the Raya and holiday mood has definitely kicked in. Not much preparation has been done, even though this will be our first Raya together, officially as husband & wife. What matters the most is that we have each other and we have our families & loved ones to celebrate with. I will be carrying around a bump and I hope I will be carrying it in style. Speaking of which, finding a decent baju raya this year proves to be more challenging than ever. I made 2 baju kurung moden which I've yet to pick up and the tailor has been pestering me to collect for I may need to do some alteration. I was 6months+ when I took the measurement and I am sure there needs to be some minor, if not major alteration. I tried to find a nice kaftan or maxi but none are to my liking. OK, i like a lot of maxis and kaftans that I saw but the price is simply ridiculous. So scrap that. I finally managed to find a nice flowy kaftan top, in the colour that I wanted which I will simply pair with a simple long black skirt. In this condition, comfort comes first. Besides, it can be worn after delivery as well. I don't want a baju which only looks good during pregnancy. I sure don't want to look frumpy or pregnant when I am not later on.
Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin. Have a good time with your loved ones, cherish everyone around you, be safe & stay safe wherever you are and may Allah bless all of us.

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~Lieza~ said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Izyan...Maaf zahir batin yer.. semoga Aidilfitri kali nie memberikan keceriaan brganda utk Izyan dan family..