Monday, August 01, 2011

baby shopping

we went baby shopping last weekend and boy do we really shop! no, i did not shop for babies, duhh. i shopped for baby stuffs, that is, at the 7th Parenthood Expo 2011 held at Midvalley Convention Center.
well, as we all know, Midvalley on a weekend is madness so imagine going there on a weekend, when an exhibition/expo is held. double the madness, i kid you not! traffic was crazy, as usual. it was literally a bumper to bumper crawl. wait, make that a standstill. most parking bays were full and we almost went to park at the Premier Zone at The Gardens but luckily there were a few bays available at Zone U, The Gardens. it took us almost an hour to get to parking, at 7th floor. luckily we had banana leaf rice for lunch earlier at Nirwana Maju.

we then went straight to the Exhibition Center and it was packed. there were all kinds of belly sizes, all kinds of strollers and it was near impossible to move around. however, we went from one booth to another but our main agenda is to get a cot, a stroller and a car seat for the baby.

along the way, i got distracted and bought several other items for the baby, like this bath cushion. it was the last piece and it only costs RM10. i don't know if it is really necessary but it's RM10 from RM69.90 for a freaking sponge cushion. how can i miss, right? we already have a bath tub, which we bought at IKEA for a mere RM19. but it is just a simple bath tub with no support or special features and whatnot unlike one brand selling at RM169.90. so i guess this sponge cushion is a bonus.

and then i saw a lot of people carrying this purple bag. some were carrying more than 1 bag so i just had to find out what it is.

it is a brand of disposable diaper, named WHOOPEE. i've never heard of it before and they told me it's a new brand. no wonder they are selling really cheap. unfortunately they don't have in newborn size so i bought a pack for S size and it only costs RM20. i don't know if it's good or not but it's worth a try. besides, it was really cheap for 78 pieces.

we went round and round and also bought a bedding set and a newborn pillow. i may need another bedding set, though. one is definitely not enough, right?

i regretted for not buying the nursing pillow. it was the cheapest among all. the salesperson was very clever, btw. there were about 5 pieces left and she went 'cepat2 tinggal 5 saja, sudah habis' yada3. hubby said to me, 'sekarang dia cakap la 5 pieces, jap lagi sure dia bawak keluar stok baru.' true enough. the 2nd time we passed by the booth, there were tons of it! but we did not buy it because we haven't done with our rounds yet. konon2 nak survey kot ada yang lagi best & murah. pffft. i got distracted very easily but hubby made sure that our main agenda is achieved so he dragged me to make sure i keep on track. we wanted to buy this particular car seat but unfortunately it was sold out. sob...sob...we've done our survey for these stuffs so we practically know what we wanted. it's just a matter of making sure that we get a good bargain out of it. we then managed to buy a car seat, of another brand, which is within our budget and it meets our requirement. it is for a newborn right up to 4 years old. lega! one item struck off the list. hubby then together with the salesperson went to send the car seat and the few items that i've bought earlier to the car. it sure was a long walk to the car all right.
in the meantime, i made more rounds at the expo. i bought a few items for myself too, like nursing bras, disposable breast pads, nursing tops and maternity panties.

benda2 dalam plastik ni tak payah la nak tunjuk, ye?

i only bought 2 nursing tops and 2 nursing sleep bras. cukup ke?

those small items were foc.

then we walked and started looking for a cot. we found one which is within our budget and it has additional features like changing table, mobile thingy, night light, music and vibrator. it is also portable. haruslah beli! we also bought a stroller at a really good price. however, the stroller was out of stock at the expo so we will have to collect it at their shop some time this week. basically we got everything covered. phew! it was a relief. other things that i need is a nursing pillow, another set of bedding and other miscellaneous items, which can be easily obtained anywhere else.
we were there from 4ish to 9pm, and they are already starting to close. hubby went first with the salesperson to send the cot to the car while i waddled slowly to The Gardens. by this time, my legs, feet, back and whole body ached like mad but it was worth every bit. i managed to buy a cooling bag at the very last minute too haha.

i still need to buy some ice packs.

we reached home at 11ish and hubby got so excited that he assembled the cot there and then. i heard the noise coming from the room and wondered what the hell was he doing. i thought that we should wait because i don't want the cot to be dusty. but he said he wants to see how easy or not it is to assemble and he said that he was excited. he then asked me, 'you tak excited ke?' well of course i was excited but i was more tired than excited but seeing him all out in the room, it made my heart melt.

overall, we managed to get good bargains at the expo and it was worth it. now that the major stuffs can be struck off the list, i can now focus on our raya shopping and wait for the baby's arrival, insyaallah.


-iZa DoRa- said...

Babe....cepatnye mase berlalu...still remember the bzness preparing for ur wed and now ur preparing for the newborn....cant wait to see u and cant wait to get the babies some much as mr is excited...aku pon tumpang excited same!!!nsooooo cant wait!!!

Izyan Darling said...

bestie dearie,
betul tu, cepat betul! rasa macam baru je lagi tunang, kawin and masih tak puas lagi 'berhoneymoon' berdua, now dah expecting our 1st child dah. and i've approx 1mth+ to go je. as of now, i am more nervous than excited babe but glad that we've got most of the stuffs already.

~Sis~ said...

Woahhh. I want to see the cot, stroller, car seat etc! What about the barang2 from UK? Enough or not? ;P