Sunday, September 04, 2011

raya project part 1

for this year's raya, i decided to try something different. apart from baking the usual carrot cake for raya, i decided to make trifle.

at first i wanted to make creme caramel but i already bought the ingredients to make trifle. so creme caramel shall be put on hold. trifle is really easy to make. i made it on the eve of raya.

first, mix 3 tablespoons of custard powder with 2 tablespoons sugar and 3 cups of fresh milk. cook on low fire until it thickens. make sure to stir it constantly to prevent it from curdling.

at the same time, prepare instant jelly. there are a lot of brands out there. prepare it according to the instructions. i used strawberry flavoured jelly.

go to your nearest bakery and buy a swiss roll cake. it is up to you to use whatever flavour you want but i'd prefer vanilla than chocolate or pandan or orange. but that day, only chocolate and pandan was available so we bought chocolate.

fruit cocktail. after you have arranged the swiss roll cake in the dish, drench the cake with the syrup.

then pour the custard mixture evenly on the cake.

*edited-after you have poured the custard mixture, scatter some of the fruits on the mixture.

repeat the process until you have used up all the ingredients and lastly pour the jelly on top.

it is best that you use a see through dish so you can see the layers (even though they may not be that neat/pretty). cover with cling film and refrigerate before serving.

trifle served on the first day of raya. i did not get to eat much of my trifle on the first day of raya because i was too busy entertaining and cleaning up and whatnot. i only managed to taste a bit, which was given by my lil bro. lil bro also loved it and requested me to make it for the second time. this time, i bought a butter block cake to substitute with the swiss roll cake because i could not find a vanilla swiss roll cake.
today can eat puas-puas!

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