Thursday, August 11, 2011


i don't know why but i always fell sleep while watching a movie. there are just some movies that are too boring for me or failed to grab my attention. ok the movies may not be that boring what with all the war, the noise, the fights and whatnot but i still managed to fall asleep. some of the movies that i fell asleep while watching include:
  1. pirates of the carribean
  2. transformers
  3. captain america (courtesy of BIL)
  4. harry potter
  5. cowboys & aliens (which i watched last night courtesy of lil bro who got tix to the premiere)
these are the movies that i remember. i am sure there are a few more. and this does not happen when i'm pregnant. this has happened ever since, forever. to say that the cinema seat is comfortable, i don't think so. to say that the environment is conducive for sleeping, hell no. it is just me.
i also fell asleep watching dvds with hubby at home, especially his kind of movies. but come chick flick or cartoon, i will be most awake. haha. speaking of which, i can't wait to watch Puss In Boots and Smurfs. i know i will definitely be glued to these two movies.

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