Friday, August 05, 2011

the first time

There is always a first for everything, right? This year is the first Ramadhan for us as husband & wife and it is a great feeling. This year also is the first time for me fasting and being pregnant at the same time. I am already in the 3rd trimester and it is perfectly safe for me to fast, as per my doctor. However, in the event that I am not up to it, I can always break fast. But I am trying to fast for as long as I can and for as many days as I can. It is still too early to tell because it has only been 5 days (including today). But alhamdulillah, all is fine so far, except that i felt extremely sleepy during the day, which I think is normal regardless whether you are fasting or not. Yesterday, I went to the Shah Alam Court and on the way back, I felt so sleepy that i was this close to stopping by at McD's drive thru and get myself a GCB or a milkshake. yums. however, I gave it a thought and managed to refrain myself from doing so. I was not hungry nor thirsty. I was also not feeling nauseous or dizzy or having any other symptoms that require me to break fast. I was merely sleepy that I need to put something in my mouth to keep me awake. That, I think is not a valid nor justified reason for me to break fast. I can't use the excuse of being pregnant to break fast when in fact I was very sleepy.
In preparation of Ramadhan, we bought a microwave oven for the purposes of reheating food. No way I’m gonna reheat a small portion of food in a pot and having to wash it later. Too much work. We were lucky that on the 1st day of Ramadhan, we break fast at my BIL's house where my MIL cooked. We even tapaued lauk from her for sahur the next day. 2nd Ramadhan, we break fast at my parents' place. Also tapaued one lauk. On the 3rd Ramadhan, I told hubby, OK today we are gonna break fast at our place, just the two of us. I was too lazy to go anywhere and I've got tons of laundry to do. So on Wednesday, being the first time cooking for berbuka with hubby this year, I just had to cook something. I left the office at 5pm and by 530pm, I was already home. I immediately went into the kitchen and cooked a few dishes. It's nothing extravagant but at least it is my own cooking. I've been wanting to eat onde-onde since day 1 so i asked hubby to go buy some while i continued cooking.
So what did we have for berbuka that day?

quite a spread for 2 persons, huh?

ikan kembung rebus masak cili

bendi & cendawan stir fry

daging masak kicap with potatoes

hubby bought sup kambing

ikan tempoyak-tapau from my mum

alhamdulillah. however, so far, i've not performed terawih prayers yet as i will be short of breath, semput and i feel so uncomfortable after eating. i did not eat that much but everytime i eat, i will feel breathless, thanks to my growing baby. any position i sit is not comfortable. *sigh* i hope i will be able to go through this holy month without any problems and insyaallah, i hope to fast for the whole month. may this holy month of Ramadhan bring blessings to all of us and may all our prayers are answered by Allah swt.


twayblade said...

dear, i solat tarawikh secara duduk sekarang. cannot afford to sujud bangun 11 kali with this big tummy potruding. maybe u can do this also.

and bukan wajib pun solat tarawikh kat masjid. i do it at home, on my own, at my own pace, mostly around 11pm. that is, after i've napped for 1 hr lepas maghrib. mata mmg takleh tahan nak pejam ler.

Izyan Darling said...

kak ida,
thank u for the tips. nanti i cuba. solat biasa pun tersemput2, terpenyek2 perut kan? tapi by 11pm, dah macam rasa nak pengsan penat & ngantuk. aihhh...dugaan sungguh.