Thursday, August 18, 2011

my favourite cookie

i am not talking about raya cookies. i am talking about my all time favourite cookies which is none other than Famous Amos. i have other favourite cookies too but Famous Amos definitely tops my list.
anyway last week i was craving for something sweet so i bought 200gms of the cookies. my favourites are:

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecan Nut. they are the black ones.

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut

I just love anything with nuts in it and Macadamia Nuts are huge! but just look at the piece above. it is flat and it contains no Macadamia Nut at all. and not only this one piece but a few other pieces also have no Macadamia Nut in it. I was frustrated. I mean, where the heck are the nuts?? I feel cheated. pffft.

See, this one is even lompong! i suppose the nut has fallen off from the cookie when I bought it. i looked for it in the bag but it's nowhere to be found. OK but at least I know this piece had a nut in it but what about those flat ones? No sign of nuts at all! Geram!
Anyway, I noticed that some Famous Amos sell by the bags. for example, if I buy 200gms (100gms of each flavour) they put it in separate bags, even though I asked for it to be mixed together. However, some places can mix the cookies together in one bag. What the? I'd prefer them to be mixed because 1st, I am doing my part for the environment. 2nd, I like the element of 'surprise' when I dig into the bag not knowing which one I will get. 3rd, they are of the same price anyway so why can't they be mixed? hmmphhh.
I used to bake chocolate chip cookies for raya but I am not sure if this year I will be baking any simply because I am not in the mood (yet) and perhaps I'm just being plain lazy?


twayblade said...

masa 1st pregnancy dulu pun i craving gila2 kat famous amos, sampai simpan stok kat rumah, balik rumah makan skit2 tp kunyah lama2. mcm nak savour rasa cookie tu dlm mulut. hahah.

Izyan Darling said...

best ar famous amos ni. kalau buat sendiri, memang takkan dapat rasa yang sama. tapi agak kecewa bila kacang sikit!