Friday, August 12, 2011

worried much?

Don’t you just love it when people said that you’ve lost weight or that you look slim or thin or your face looked runcing? Ohhh these words are music to our ears, right? But not when you are pregnant. I have been receiving not one, not two but several comments from relatives and from people I know that gave me such remarks.

Incident 1
Back in June during my bestie’s wedding, a few of our friends said, ‘Eh you Nampak kurus lah…muka you nampak runcing’. That time I was 5month+, almost 6 months pregnant. I told them it’s probably because I had a terrible morning sickness in the first trimester that I lost 3kgs.

Incident 2
Hubby’s cousin said, ‘Awak punya muka runcing lah. Perut pun tak berapa nampak. Baby boy ye?’

Incident 3
In the 1st week of fasting, my mum and dad also said that I looked like I’ve lost weight and my face looked cengkung. They asked if I was eating well. I told them it’s probably because I’m tired, I’ve no make up on that time (thus the pucat look) and probably because it’s the 1st few days of fasting. They told me not to fast if I am not up to it.

Incident 4
I went for berbuka at hubby’s aunt’s place, she asked me how far along I was. I said I was 7months+ and she said, ‘Kecik ye perut awak? Muka pun nampak runcing. Biasanya orang pregnant time ni muka dah sembab2, pipi semua naik.’ Aiyoh, I don’t know what to answer. I just said, ‘tu lah, sebab puasa kot.

Incident 5
Bumped into a friend in Court and she asked me how far along I was. Told her I’m already 8months and she said ‘Tak nampak macam 8 bulan pun? Perut tak nampak besar pun.’ Yeah. I just smiled and said, ‘Ok lah, kalau besar2 nanti susah nak beranak pulak. Tak larat nak bawak perut nanti.’

Incident 6
A friend sent me a message on fb and said that my tummy looks small and she even asked me if I jaga makan when pregnant. Of course I did not. Before the fasting month, I just don’t feel hungry and I don’t snack in between meals. I simply eat regular meals.

The evidences above are clear. Somehow rather it made me worried. Now is not the time when I want to look runcing, kurus or lose weight. I should be gaining weight! At the last check up, I did not gain any weight but the baby was already 1.3kg and the doctor said that the baby is developing well. My check up isn’t until next week and I don’t know whether I’ve been gaining any weight or not as I did not weigh myself. And I’ve been fasting too, except for 2 days which I’ve skipped. Should I continue fasting even though I feel fine? Or should I not? If I fast and wait until the next check up to know mine & baby’s condition, will it not be a bit too late? A lot of people advised me against fasting though. But then, I feel fine and the baby is active and kicking me real hard that my tummy looks like a mini washing machine tumbling around.

Am I worrying a bit too much especially after those remarks & comments from the people I know?

Or should I ignore and enjoy every last bit of the pregnancy?


~f@R~ said...

Hi Izyan, First baby mmg perut xnampak besar :) and i think you are not gaining much pun sbb our metabolisme level is higher during pregnancy + u puasa.

I'm in my 21 weeks with twins and some ppl baru sedar i preggers haha and whatever comments tat I get yg I rasa xde value I usually just ignore with a smile :p Don't worry, you know ur body well enough to know if ur feeling ok or not kan...

Izyan Darling said...

thanks Far. tu lah, i pun rasa x perlu lah risau sangat kan? i should know my own body. :) tapi kadang2 bila dah dengar orang komen2, agak tersentap lah jugak. mula la fikir macam2.

twayblade said...

dont worry and just enjoy ok? trust your instinct that you and ur baby are both fine. org lain tau komen je. biasa la tu.

Izyan Darling said...

thank kak ida! :)