Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the aftermath of raya

i apologize for the non-existent updates as most of the time i was busy watching tv beraya sakan. well, not that sakan, actually. i managed to control my eating although i had bowls of tapai pulut with vanilla ice-cream on raya. that, i cannot say no to. as of now, i haven't even transferred the pics from my digicam to my lappy so obviously there'll be no pics in this post.
so it is already the 7th day of Syawal and this means that work has also started unfortunately. actually work started yesterday but due to the so-called raya sakan, my body decided to go haywire and fell sick yesterday. i couldn't stop sneezing since Sunday and along came the fever and flu. what a bad start to a week, huh? after attending Court on Monday morning, which was postponed because the S.A.R was on leave (duhhhh tak habis lagi ke beraya? why fix that date in the first place?) i immediately went to the clinic with the hope to get an MC. when my turn came, the stupid doctor took my temperature and did some checks which didn't even last for 5 minutes. i asked her for an MC but she said to me, "tak payah MC lah." i was like, WTF? hidung aku ni dah x berhenti2 mengalir, kepala dah goyang, badan dah tak sedap, dia boleh tak bagi MC?? so i said, "apasal pulak? saya tak larat ni. pagi tadi dah pergi kerja tapi tak larat." to which she replied, "awak bukan demam pun. takde temperature." OMG. padahal dia ambik suhu tu tak sampai 10 saat, mana nak ada temperature!! at that point, i think if she took my temperature again, surely it had risen a few degrees! so i said, "tak dapat ke MC? tak larat ni..." *sniff sniff* she said, "saya bagi ubat selsema yang tak mengantuk je lah dengan ubat demam." *sigh* i asked her for some vitamin Cs and went out of the room, without even saying thank you.
in the end, she gave me 10 pcs of ubat selsema yang tak mengantuk (mengantuk je sebenarnya), dua papan uphamol 650 (baik beli sendiri di pharmacy!!) and some vitamin Cs. i also got a two hour time-off from 10am-12pm. stupid, stupid doctor. tak pasal-pasal i had to apply for a half-day, when in fact i was really sick. btw, it was a FEMALE doctor.

note to self: do not go to that clinic if it's the same doctor or any female doctor for that matter.

then i remembered a Magistrate once told me that doctors and lawyers cannot get along well. now i know why. but how come i get along so well with my Sis and BIL? oh that's probably because they are not doctors yet or because they are non-medical doctors my sister and brother-in-law muahahaha. i love you Sis and BIL!

*Senior Assistant Registrar


msYuz said...

doc tu;
1)dtg bulan
2)bengang duit da abis
3)gaduh ngn hubby/boyfy
4).......ahaha,tambah laa sndiri.


Mohamad said...

awww pity u...

dad taught me not to lie to doctors and lawyers... that's all :D

sis said...

aww shian neena? raya sakan sampai demam? drink plenty of plain water and rest well. btw, tak pernah dgr pun that saying? and if it's true, of course it doesn't/shouldn't apply to family members...duhh...
get well soon, babester! *muahhss*

Izyan Darling said...


4) dia dengki kalau bg MC dia stil kena kerja sdgkan kita cuti.
5) dia psycho sorang2
6) dia baru jadi doctor jadi konon2 nak tunjuk professional
7) dia tak puas beraya
8) tahun ni raya pertama kat belah husband dia
9) dia poyo
10) dia doctor perempuan

^ ^
' '

lie to doctors but never lie to a lawyer. let the lawyer do all the lying muahahaha~

xdela sakan mana pun. pelik jugak y tiba2 demam. anyway it's not a saying. cumanya the Magistrate told me yg in his opinion doctors and lawyers can never get along well. of course it doesn't apply to family members. =P *muahsss* to you too!

Hotstuff said...

Well, if ur sis &/or bil is/are medical doctors...ooo think of da advantages? But mc from sibling can hold in court meh???...hahaha

Izyan Darling said...

yeah it would be cool huh?