Friday, October 31, 2008

the Sister's wedding reception

Event: The wedding reception of ZN & MH
Venue: Nusantara Ballroom, Imperial Hotel, KL
Date: 16 August 2008
Time: 2000hrs-2300hrs
Theme: Winter Wonderland

The Bride getting dolled up for her Big Night

The Groom getting groomed up as well

the end product

before leaving the suite, The Bride & Groom took pictures with the inang-inang. And right before berarak masuk the grand ballroom, a photo session with the VVIPs took place.

the grand entrance

doa recital

merenjis & menepung tawar

makan beradab

speech by The Father and Ms. Bridesmaid

photo session

toss the bouquet!


at the same time, Ms. Bridesmaid also had fun taking pics with her friends.

they are my pengapits



Bads said...

i bet the renjis must've taken a really long time, guessing from the VVIPs =)

MISS J said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pictures! I have seen all of them in her album. Tapi smpai laa ni tak tengok the video. Thanks to pacik Hefni yang silap bawak video! hish! hehe

Anyway, how are you?

Izyan Darling said...

tell me about it! it took forever for them to merenjis that at the end of the night, i had sore feet.

miss j,
i guess pakcik Hefni is so excited to go there that he silap bawak the video, much to Mdm Z's annoyance hahaha~

Anonymous said...

god ur sis' wedding is sooo beautiful !! i love everything i looked in the pix.. from her baju and hand bouquet.. ur baju.. the pelamin.. the cake.. btw.. who's the photog yek? plg suka tgk gamba yg dia toss the hand bouquet tu.. cantik !!!

Malicious Mind said...

ur sis' wedding is absolutely gorgeous.. i love the theme.. who's the wedding planner?

Izyan Darling said...

thank you for the compliments. the photog was republik rupajiwa.

malicious mind,
thank you. she planned the wedding herself. and she did it while she was in the UK. and she managed to pull it off, kan?

btw lookout for majalah Ratu Sehari, november edition. if i'm not mistaken, her wedding will be featured in it.

Hotstuff said...

Luvly, oh so luvly! really like a fairy tale wedding. Tapi, ish, ish ish - bridesmaid tumpang glamour sekaki or dua kaki?.....hahaha

Izyan Darling said...

bridesmaid tumpang bukan sekaki atau dua kaki tapi satu badan tumpang sekali =P

Mama kewl said...

I got my body from my mama....& brains??? heheh

Izyan Darling said...

that song is soooo true and i dedicate it to you *lol*

sis said...

hehehe...~~~we got 'em from our momma!...~~~...ermm...and faja...hehehe...kasi chan la kat abah...huhuhu... =P