Monday, October 20, 2008

the Sister's akad nikah ceremony

these are the photos from the photogs, that was finally recently received. like, it's about time, huh?
The Bride getting ready

all dolled up

sebelum pergi masjid, ambik gambar dulu

moments before she was 'tied' for life

the solemnization was done by The Father

alhamdulillah. lega~

ok now salam2 time

night reception at The House

bersanding and upacara menepung tawar

makan time

meet & greet session

inside their room

she is officially his, he is officially hers. bound for life.


audra said...

hey sis, who did the make up for the bride? sweet laa

farahlily said...

simply gorgeous!!!!

Izyan Darling said...

the makeup was done by an indonesian guy named Heri.

he's really great.

on behalf of my sister, i thank you. =)

Anonymous said...

izyan, i dah makan cupcakes from cupcake chic tu..betullah sangat manisss ok.. i think the topping yg kinda ruin the cupcake.. the cake itself is ok..

Izyan Darling said...

told ya! sangat manis, kan? cake nya sedap dan lembut tapi frosting nya sangat manis. so now we know, tak yah beli dah.

Hotstuff said...

Finally picts of the akad nikah - rasa cam tunggu durian tak jatuh! Suppose must wait a year from now to see the bersanding/reception fotos...sigh. hahaha

chuckiesd said...

Nice photo...ambik gambar sendiri ker ader official photographer?

Izyan Darling said...

kalau tunggu durian jatuh, memangla lama tapi at the end, worth the wait, kan? ;) reception fotos will be uploaded soon.

ada official photographer.