Tuesday, October 14, 2008

beyond madness

i am so pissed off. i had to pay 17bucks, i repeat SEVENTEEN FREAKIN' BUCKS for a 6 hour 8 minutes of parking today. i almost fainted. i thought i saw 7.00 on the screen but nope, it was 17.00 alright. can parking operators charge so much? i know it's right smack in the middle of the city but what the bloody f***? itupun nasib baik i only parked since afternoon. imagine how much it would've cost me if i had parked since morning? bila nak kaya macam ni? bila nak pakai beetle/mini macam ni? Sis, macamana nak pergi London lagi macam ni? it is absolutely insane. however i have no choice as other parking lots are full to the brim. if i am not mistaken, last time, that particular parking lot used to charge by the hour but the maximum rate is RM12.00. i avoided parking there at all costs as it was too expensive, unless and until i have no choice. RM12.00 per day is expensive enough let alone RM17.00. today when i entered the parking lot, i didn't notice that the signboard wasn't there anymore. they only put the parking rate at the booth, upon exiting. how ridiculous is that? can't the DBKL or someone do something about this? aren't they supposed to put the parking rate at the entrance? boleh mati terkejut siapa yang tak tau! when the bangla guy told me "tujuh belas ringgit" i was like "HAHHHHH? TUJUH BELAS RINGGIT???? bukan maksimum 12 ringgit ke?" he replied, "itu dulu kak. sekarang ikut jam suda." i said, "lain kali letak la harga kat luar! mahal gila! cekik darah betul la!!" but he just couldn't care less, could he? i bet he's already lali to all the complains. i had no choice but to pay or else he would not lift the barrier up for me. and there's no way i can rempuh it anyway because i am not driving an X5/Storm/Harrier/Cayenne or the like. tsk tsk. and at the rate i'm paying for my parking, there's no way i'm gonna drive them in the near future. i am so gonna complain to the relevant authorities. there should be a guideline or some rules with regard to parking rates in KL. so on the way back today, whoever gets in my way gets pahala percuma because i cursed at them.

here's the proof


on a totally different note, the BIL has left for UK on Sunday, 12 October at 1000hrs. the Sis must be jumping with joy as she has been waiting for him to come since fasting month. what is it with the authorities and approving visas anyway? it is clear that he has an offer letter from the university/student verification papers etc so why so hard to approve? poor Sis had to beraya without her hubby. but now i bet they are making sweet love glad and relieved that they are reunited. hehe.

BIL checking in his excess baggage

upon arrival

wajib singgah minum dulu


some advice from The Father

off he goes...



bye bye


Sis and BIL, here's a song dedication for you.


MISS J said...

*I had trouble leaving comment on the shoutbox, so I write here instead*

Heyya izyan..thanks for the wishes, bile baca msg you, sedey la plak msg raya you tu! hehe but I had a good celebration to say least. Well, not on THE day itself though.

Yours must be gweat! I busy yang amat, tak update blog pun. Stil not to late to wish Salam Aidilfitri kan! Raya sebulan maa


MISS J said...

on another note, your BIL has safely arrived kan! tapi tak dapat jumpe lagi..i went to bath over last weekend (not wif k.zetty), and SESAT sampai bath uni..heh

bath is beautifullllll

twayblade said...

parking rates depends on the operating company of the parking lots. u penah park kat klia? per hour is rm3.00. whenever nak gi meeting sana used to be a dreadful thing. tp skang i got the free staff parking passcard yihaa!!!

sashaLAH said...

hahaha..wot a lyf we have huh?n to think everyone else in the universe thinks lawyers are sooooo well-OFF(WRONG!!!)..senior lawyers perhaps..young lawyers?...MMG TAK LA!!

but look at the bright side beb;
1. WE CAN CLAIM!!(biaq p kt firm sbb depa kna bayaq..muahahah!!)
2. one day, insya Allah..we're gna b senior lawyers jugak!!!woo-hoo...bukan stakat beetle OR mini..beetle & mini & the likes..put in a few X5 n alphard plese...

hahaha...tinggi x my cita2?

Hotstuff said...

Tsk! tsk! tsk! Tak bolih claim ke? Kenapa park kat situ? Shopping ke work? Once in a while okey la kut tapi kalo selalu/everyday duit setinggi gunung pun habih leper...

...but I digress said...

try parking next to the bar council office.went there (no choice!) for 3 hours and 20 minutes meeting,and was asked to pay RM 16.

RM4 per hour.Sheeeeeeeeeeesh

Izyan Darling said...

miss j,
thank u for the raya wish. still syawal what. hehe. would love to know how ur raya celebration was. i bet Bath is more beautiful now. a few years back i ada pergi Bath and Stonehenge. then ada this one old museum. and we also went to Stratford-Upon-Avon. lovely place. now that the BIL is there, bolehlah pergi sekali lagi. =)

memangla parking rate ikut operator tapi sumhow rather kena la ada guideline. at least ada max rate. this area dah la parking limited, mahal pulak tu.

my point exactly! ppl don't know the reality of being a (sweet and cute) *perasan kejap* young lawyer like us, kan? i pantang betul if ppl cakap, "wah, lawyer, mesti kaya kan?" pfft! but then ur right, insyaallah our time will come. pelan2 la kita panjat bukit huhu. btw cita2 u sgt best ok! for now, let us dream...and dream on.... =P

terpaksa park situ. no choice dah. =( dengan 17 ringgit tu, i boleh tgk movie for two on a wednesday, kan? masalahnya duitnya x la pulak setinggi gunung. huhuhu...

but i digress,
sebab tu i cakap kena ada guideline. kalau x, suka hati dorang la nak charge berapa. memandangkan dorg tau kita xde pilihan, dats y la dorang buat sesuka hati. mana boley camni! report kan persatuan pengguna, jom? =P

sis said...

oh yes, your BIL is here already. and oh, tak perlu strikethrough yer! wakakakaka... =P
cpt2 claim balik ur 17 freakin' bucks from ZZ&S so that u can cpt2 dtg sini!