Thursday, October 09, 2008

raya project part 2

one can only plan (and dream) to do certain things. one can only think of baking more raya cookies but sometimes things don't go as planned so one's plan to make cornflakes cookies and/or other cookies had to be aborted. boohoo. shame shame. looks like somebody's gonna have cornflakes for breakfast lunch and dinner for a loooong time. since baking cookies is such a tedious job, i say let's bake cakes for raya!

carrot cake, anyone?

or how about a slice of moist chocolate cake?

btw, whoever wants a free handbag, try join this. whether it's true or not, i have no idea but why not give it a shot? who knows you just might be lucky. if you do get it, probably you won't be able to show it off this raya but there's always raya haji, right?


audra said...

sis, can share the recipe ah? i wanna bake those cakes for my open hse.. please.. please... hehe

twayblade said...

despite my pregnancy, i baked cornflakes cookies and choc chip ala famous amos 2 days before going to ktan and also a choc cake on the morning of the trip itself. then another cake 2 hours before going back to kl. who says pregnant ladies need only rest and sleep?

Malicious Mind said...

nampak lazat.. yeap nak tahu recipe n ingredient die bole? especially that yummy chocolate moist

Mohamad said...


Izyan Darling said...

audra & malicious mind,
give me ur email adds so i can email u the recipe.

good for u! a productive preggie woman! thumbs up!

ohhh wait till u taste it hehe~

audra said...

thanx sis1 i owe u one

Malicious Mind said...