Friday, October 17, 2008

slapped with a summons

everyday when i got home, the first thing i would do is to check the mail. who knows there might be some letter(s) from secret or non-secret admirer(s) (as if) presents from contests that i've entered, or perhaps a wedding invitation, or any mail for that matter. one day in the holy month of Ramadhan, i received a surat kompaun from MBSA. what a bummer. currently, MBSA is having a Kempen Membayar Kompaun 50%. right. as if people would 'run' to MBSA and pay upon hearing that. here's the thing. in my kompaun, the date of offence was 5 April 2007 at 2011hrs at Seksyen 14, Persiaran Institusi (Plaza Alam Sentral area). was i in Shah Alam at that particular time and date? i have no idea. obviously, i can't remember.
since i was in Shah Alam on Wednesday morning i thought i might as well go to MBSA and check about the alleged summon. [note the word alleged is used here because i have no proof as yet]. the parking lot was dark and scary. after parking my car, i couldn't find the stairs or lift to the relevant floor. i went up the stairs only to find myself at the banquet hall, which is really dark and there was no one around, even though it was 11am. so i went down again. tried locating another stairs but still nowhere to be found. then there was this pak guard (finally) so i asked him and he directed me to the stairs. he told me to go up the stairs, there will be a lift, go to Ground floor. i finally arrived at Ground floor and went to the Kaunter Bayaran. luckily there were not many people (told ya people won't go running to pay their kompaun). i said to the lady that i wanted to check my summon because it was last year and i have no copy of the summon. she told me to go to Bahagian Penguatkuasaan on the 12th Floor. so up i went. there was this two ladies at the kaunter so i said i want to see the status of my summon. she went and checked and after 5 minutes or so, she came and tell me, "saman akak xde dalam sistem la." i bet you can expect my reaction. i said, "xde dalam sistem? macamana boleh xde dalam sistem? kalau xde, macamana boleh dapat surat ni?" she replied, "mungkin belum masuk sistem lagi kot." "xkan la xmasuk sistem lagi. awak tengok bila tarikh kesalahan ni. dah setahun lebih, x masuk sistem lagi?" "itu saya xpasti la kak tapi nyatanya dalam sistem xde." "ok kalau xde dalam sistem, mesti ada fail ke apa kan. saya nak tengok carbon copy saman ni sebab saya xde copy saman ni. kalau xde bukti, macamana saya nak bayar, kan?" she replied, "xde la kak, sebab mungkin diaorang xhantar sini lagi." i took a deep breath and said, "xhantar sini lagi? mana perginya? kesalahannya kat area2 sini. HQ kat sini, so xkan la dah setahun lebih xsampai2 lagi kot. bawak pergi mana saman2 tu?" i think they cannot tahan me already so they told me to go to level 2, Bahagian Undang-Undang. yeah, send me all around people! off i the door, it was written "SILA SENTUH KAD DI SINI. PAS BOLEH DIDAPATI DARIPADA PIHAK SEKURITI DI TINGKAT BAWAH" and of course those bimbos up there did not have the courtesy to tell me lah kan! so i had to go down and get the card from the guard and then went up again, regardless that i'm using the lift.
speaking of the lifts, it is the most stupid system i've ever come across (so far). imagine that they have eight lifts, 4 on each side. the stupid thing was, this 4 lifts yang sederet goes to certain floors, while the other deret goes to certain floors. and the gaps between the lifts are quite far and there was even a 'lane' in the middle. so when i pressed the button on this side of the lift, i won't be able to know if the lift is open on the other side because it is far and there's no sound. there were a few times i missed the lift because the other side's lift was open and i didn't notice it. no wonder the light went off and i had to press time and again. confused? i was too but the point is it is stupid.
anyway i went to Bahagian Undang-Undang but before that i called up a friend asking if there are any of our friends who are in Bahagian Undang-Undang MBSA so she gave me her friend's number. who knows i might be able to pull some strings and get further reduction (dah macam sale pulak). nobody was at the kaunter but there was a card written "SILA TEKAN LOCENG" which i did but the loceng was rosak and the button went tergolek2! i had to pick it up and screw it back on and then baru ada bunyi. a young chap came out so i told him yada yada yada. he went and check and said that there's nothing he can do about it. he doesn't know/doesn't have the carbon copy of the summon but he printed out a copy of the summon, just like what i received in the kompaun. what the heck for, right? he told me that i could deal with the officer but of course the officer was not in. i was not surprised, at all. i said to him, "kalau xde copy saman, macamana saya nak bayar? kot2 korang main tembak je. pastu dan2 buat 50% diskaun. lepas raya pulak tu. siapa nak bayar lepas2 raya ni?" fyi, the campaign started from 2 September to 31 October. then the other guy (my friend's friend) said, "sebenarnya kempen ni dah dua bulan dah. dari bulan puasa hari tu." clever answer. NOT! i retorted and said, "haaa lagi la! ada ke nak raya suruh orang bayar saman? pastu lepas raya? ni taktik je ni. sebabnya siapa je nak bayar saman sebelum raya dan selepas raya. pastu last2 orang x bayar, korang keluarkan notis, pastu orang terpaksa bayar full jugak, kan?" i almost, almost see them blush hahaha. they told me to write a letter or something but i said by the time my letter reaches the hands of the relevant person, the campaign will be over already. and to cover their malu (i think) they said, "kalau macam tu akak jumpa datuk bandar la." wahhhhh sempat perli i pulak!!! so i said, "aah ye. sedangkan pegawai pun xde inikan pulak datuk bandar." since i know the conversation is going nowhere, i left. without paying, of course.
so now i need your opinion/suggestion. should i or should i not pay the kompaun? the campaign is ending real soon. to pay or to ignore? if i pay, skema gila! and membazir! i'm sure there are a lot of other people who's kompaun is more than mine. but then if i don't pay, what if later on they tell me to pay? by the time surely i'm gonna have to pay full. does anyone here receive the kompaun too? anyone? btw, the total payable is RM55 (after discount). but still!!!


twayblade said...

i faced the same situation not long ago. my supposedly car was caught speeding at butterworth at the time and day i was driving up the banjaran titiwangsan going to ktan for my wedding at hubby's side. what i did was:-

1. took some photos of my car plus number plate and road tax
2. my bro (he owned the car btw) wrote a letter to butterworth OCPD demanding explanation and proof and probably a pic of the car speeding. he also attached some evidence saying that i was definitely not in penang at that time
3. bout a month later, received reply from the OCPD, summons withdrawn. a case of curik nombor plate and mistaken identity.

so u better check with MBSA whether it's really your car or not. but then u have to come up with some bukti la prove that you were not in shah alam that time. good luck!!!

Arief Arf said...

tak payah bayar. buat dek je sudah.
kalau dah dalam system sume pun xde, bwatpe nak bayar?
n mane taw, nanti ade mega sale, 80% diskaun ke ape ke, baru la bayar..

ps: im not responsible for the saman, ok.seriously.

farahlily said...

man i hate pergi bayar saman. lebih2 lagi kalau tu bukan saman kita.

once my dad dapat surat saman, he said it's my car sbb dapat saman mbsj. so i pergi bayar (and he was nice enough to give me money, sbb dia tau i student yg takde duit).

skali rupanye saman kete adik i.

just bcuz number kete lebih kurang.

giler hampehs. dahla sampai nak sesat carik MBSJ tuhhhh!!!

grrrrrrrr :p

iZa doRa said...

babe..i got the same kompaun..and my total saman was was 300 and after the discount it amounts to 150...and yeah they say my kesalahan was in 2006.....i am contemplating too..either to pay or to juz buat tak tau..coz by rite when summon is not served...its not complete kan...but then if no more discount my saman will be bloody 300...sux laa....and i called..they say they cant check if the saman tu dikeluarkan bile and siape..and asked me to check for the particulars on the letter which was received..serious they're all not helping...what do we do now babesy??

Za'im said...

kalo i dapat saman from MBSA, bila i cek dgn MBSA, it's in the system all the time.

Should i say hooray?

semua saman tu zaman stadi kat itm dolu lah.

but, if it's not in the system, then ignore jela kot. my one is in the system.

anyways, ive met the dato bandar. masa zaman keter i kena tow dgn mbsa parking tepi tasik sbb nak pi pkns. nak dapat reduction towing compound katanya.

hmmm, i miss the stupidity of shah alam.

Izyan Darling said...

twayblade, arief arf, farahlily, iza dora & za'im,

thank u for ur feedback. i guess im not gonna pay the kompaun. well at least for now. yelah, macam rugi je kalau bayar memandangkan dorang pun x dapat detect dalam system. karang dah bayar i won't be surprised kalau dorang cakap belum bayar. oh well, i shall wait and see. but then xkan la dorang beriya nak 'kejar' i yang saman satu ni je kan? baikla pergi kejar orang yang berpuluh2 saman tu. berbaloi la jugak. =P anyway thanks again everybody.

Hotstuff said...

Why don't u highlight this in the newspapers? Must let all know how sloppy they are - not deserving their people the runaround, upstairs, downstairs like u have all the time in da world. The cheek to ask you to see the mayor!!! Got the names of those you talk to? to use as evidence? Ni buatkan I hot ni! Hentam je jgn bagi muka!

Izyan Darling said...

that's a good idea. maybe i should highlight it in the papers. kalau u hot, imagine la i nye hot macamana masa deal dgn dorang. eughhh!

~ohara~ said...

i have like 100 i tak pnah byr..saman dblkl or majlis perbandaran ni..just ignore far..dh 2 yrs..heheh..x de apa lagi yg jd..klu sama trafik tu lain ceta laa

Izyan Darling said...

uishhhh banyaknyaaaa saman u!! i ni baru dapat satu dah cuak but now dah dengar cite u, xpelah. i memang xde plan nak bayar pun. hopefully they'll forget about it and strike out je. hehe.